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This story is a sequel to Days of Wasp and Spider

Believed dead by their creators, the ponies that will become Celestia and Luna have broken their mental conditioning and escaped into the wilderness. Here they plan the revolution that will free all ponykind, knowing that it is only a matter of time before their ruse is discovered.

Back in their underground arcologies, the ponies' erstwhile masters deal with the consequences of the escape, all the while unaware that something lurking at the bottom of space-time wants them all dead.

A Soot-Covered World, book 2.
Canon species only/no humans.
This story has nothing to do with the Holocaust.
Art by InLucidReverie, used with permission.

Chapters (46)

This story is a sequel to Innavedr

Rainbow Dash and her companions fly east.

Chapters (200)

It was only natural that introspection would come in the wake of something as monumental as a royal wedding. With the festivities of Shining Armor's betrothal long since past, Twilight has come to realize that there exists a tremendous gap in her studies of friendship, that being that she doesn't really have any stallion friends. That's likely because pursuing platonic relations with the opposite gender is rather difficult when there's a growing desire in her heart for something deeper than her friends can provide.

After an afternoon of disturbed study time and unexpected dental catastrophe, the last thing Twilight would have expected was for opportunity to come knocking in the form of a quiet stallion reading in her library. Enraptured by the chance to expand her education, Twilight bumbles into the newcomer's life without the faintest notion of the depth of the pony's loss. Though her faith in friendship is strong, it will take more than her magic to undo the scars of his past, and keep a heart once filled with wonder from succumbing to the power of doubt.

Set after the events of the season three pilot and before Twilight is crowned princess.

Chapters (5)

This story is a sequel to The Golden Armor

It's more of a continuation than a sequel, but whatever.

Comet is the leader of Princess Celestia's personal guard. Angel is the leader of Princess Luna's.

Comet is awake during the day. Angel stays up all night.

Comet likes using a halberd. Angel excels at using claws.

Comet is a pegasus. Angel is a bat pony.

Together, they take on all the twists and turns life hands them. However, things don't always go as planned.

Cover art by Equestria Prevails.
Proofread by jmartkdr and Feather Scratch

Chapters (3)

They can stare for… a really long time.

Chapters (11)

They take… really long bubble baths.

An indirect sequel to “My Little Staring Contest: Alicorns can stare for a very long time.”

Chapters (25)

Comet takes his job too seriously. Angel doesn't take anything seriously.

Comet joined to protect kingdom and princess(es). Angel joined for adventure and danger.

Comet isn't interested in mares. Angel can't stop talking about stallions.

Comet is a pegasus. Angel is a bat pony.

Together, this unlikely duo goes through life as Royal Guards from basic training to fully fledged guardsponies. Who knows? Maybe they'll even start to get along.

Cover art by slawomiro.

Chapters (30)

Hey there. Name's Discord. I'm the janitor at a high school. I clean up after bratty teenagers and the odd drama queen or two that turns into a demon and wrecks up the school. Ain't my job grand?

Birthday gift to my bro Skeeter The Lurker, a really rad dude everyone should check out!

Awesome art from the greatly talented ManiacPaint, who you should definitely check out for more good art!

Chapters (6)

Many millennia ago, Pokemon used to roam the world of Equestria freely. Then, one day, they simply vanished... One day, a crazed stallion decided to mess with something that should have been left alone. With Pokemon suddenly appearing in Equestria once more, how will Equestria cope with change, especially when the Pokemon appear to be more than what the myths said?

(Formerly known as "Faraway World of Our Dreams".)

This idea came to mind when I saw all of the Human-turned Pokemon in Equestria fics, and I thought, “Hey, maybe I can make a unique spin on it!” So that’s how this came to be. Hopefully, aside from a random twist here and there, you’ll enjoy a (relatively) realistic take on HiE as Pokemon. Will update sporadically, whenever I get ideas and have time to write.

Disclaimer: I do NOT own Pokemon, nor do I own My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. They are owned by Nintendo and Hasbro respectively. I claim no credit, ownership, etc, and ask that you support the official shows.

Chapters (42)

Twilight saw a strange stallion that came into Ponyville. One that came every week and nopony seemed to talk with. She made it her job to greet this strange stallion, but things didn't work how she thought they would. When he comes to the village with a nearly-dead stallion from the Everfree, he just raises more questions. Questions that seem to have a link to Celestia. Worse, this stallion has a whole host of issues caused by a past nopony that knows about wants to talk about. What happened to him, and what issues does he carry?

Then Shining Armor stumbles ass over teakettle into this stallion's largest problem. Now he has to try and fix what he caused while avoiding anypony knowing that it's there, for his sake and the sake of the stallion.

Oh, yeah, then Cadance shows up. Things get pretty interesting.

AN: This is story is not guaranteed to update. I might cancel at any moment, fair warning.

Chapters (9)