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Oliver "Oli" Madsen prides himself as being one of the earliest fans of the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic cartoon that aired the previous fall. Despite choosing to end his education after high school, he looks forward to a fun party and music-filled summer.

One day, Oli obtains a strange, but familiar looking book from a flea market whose blank pages mysteriously fill with text in a language he can somehow understand. Through the book's magic, Oli inadvertently transports himself to a land populated with characters he thought would only ever exist behind a screen.

This event will forever change the lives of Oli, his family, and his friends, both old and new...


My 10th Anniversary story and tribute of sorts to the series and the fandom.

Links to Images Used for Cover Art:


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One of the perks of having a home on the outskirts of Maretime Bay are the nearby trails I get to myself to jog through. Looks like I'll be sharing them today.


For Bicyclette’s 'A Thousand Words' contest

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Lettuce “Letty” Leaf is an earth pony mare from Manehattan who has successfully registered to be one of the first ponies to live on Earth as part of the Equestrian Placement and Initiation Program (EPIP) formed by the governments of Equestria and the countries on planet Earth.

Dave Becker is a 30-year-old freelance video editor in Batavia, IL whose mother helps him successfully apply to sponsor Letty and provide her with a home at his newly purchased apartment, hoping to take advantage of the financial incentives that come with it.

Upon her moving in, Dave does his best to make Letty feel at home as Letty begins starting her life on Earth. As they each navigate their new lives and unique situation together and on their own, a friendship quickly blossoms.

Link to art of pony, with some obvious touch-ups done by me in Adobe After Effects.

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This story is a sequel to Pokémon Eclipse

Set roughly one year after the events of Pokémon Eclipse, Twilight Sparkle has opened her School of Friendship (SoF) to the creatures of Equestria and beyond. After a successful first year, the school expands to the world of Pokémon in the newly-created commune of Poniose Town outside of Lumiose City in the Kalos region. There, Equestrians can experience the Pokémon world first-hand while humans are able to integrate themselves with their otherworldly neighbors.

Together, Twilight and SoF Pokémon teacher Sam Brier begin inviting select human students to Poniose Town with the intent to enroll them into the school, among whom are teenaged trainers Mikael Wallström and Jacqui Sweeney. The two form a friendship with each other as well as a motley group of Equestrian students and trainers-in-training, all of whom are excited to take part in Chaser Battles, a new, more-extreme style of Pokémon battle that is taking the Pokémon world by storm.

Meanwhile, the Champions of each Pokémon League all over the world, including Alolan champion Alice Brier, are systematically defeated from their titles in quick succession. The newest Champions quickly begin sponsoring select Chaser Battle teams to dominate the Pokémon world and push back against Equestria, whose ideals of love and friendship they believe to be invading on their ideals of power and overwhelming strength. Sam and Alice begin working with Mikael, Jacqui, and their new friends to mold them into the best trainers possible to battle against the new Champions and their chasers and maintain peace between the two worlds.


Link to Artwork Credits

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Jay Jepsen has recently found success as a children’s book author with his debut, “The Monster From My Closet,” the story of the unlikely friendship formed between a boy and a creature he found lurking in his room one fateful night. Returning to his old hometown, he is given permission by his childhood house’s latest owner to revisit the place he once called home. Upon finding his room, he decides to wait around to catch up with an old friend...

Closet pic found on Google, credit for Discord head belongs to MLP FiM: Discord Puppeteer by AlexCroft1991.

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Gallus the griffin nearly sabotaged his friends’ opportunity to return home to their families for the holidays due to his own lack of one. Though his friends opted to stay in Ponyville with him, Sandbar recognized that this was only a temporary fix for a more permanent problem. On the morning of Hearth's Warming, Sandbar gives Gallus a present that he hopes will make his Hearth's Warming, as well as the rest of his life, the best it can possibly be.

Written because I wanted to write a Hearth’s Warming story that wasn’t so much in the same vein as Die Hard like Lion Hearted was. Plus, I’m planning another story involving the Young Six in the near future and I thought this story would be a good way to dip my toes in with them, so to speak. Happy holidays, everyone!

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Toby was looking forward to a very interesting project for his English class: writing to a complete stranger somewhere in the country to learn about them. However, through some anomaly, his letters make their way to Twilight Sparkle, an alicorn princess in the land of Equestria.

Though confused over how this is possible, Toby and Twilight decide to continue writing to each other, getting to learn all about each other and developing a strong friendship through only their written words.


Inspired by the movie Her as well as a short story I read in middle-school, along with a since-deleted story called Pen Pals by user Justin Daniels.

Just something I’d update now and then.

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Best friends Laurel and Yanny finally realize their dream of opening up their business in Ponyville... at least they would if ponies would stop mishearing their names.

I regret much.

My 6th anniversary story that I'm releasing early because I didn't want anyone to do this story before me.

*Featured on 5/20/18,* you guys are the best.

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This story is a sequel to Yu-Gi-Oh! Friendship is Magic

Also a crossover with the now non-existent The Guardian of Equestria by David-ism

After a strange incident, a drafter from New York named Eli and 4 shady Number hunters arrive in Equestria around the same time as the members of Lamss, who are visiting Equestria to compete in the 3rd annual EFDC. When the others learn of Eli's true identity, it's up to him, the members of Lamss, and their pony friends to stop the Number hunters from stealing all of the precious Numbers. However, something more sinister surfaces that threatens all of Equestria...


This story was originally written between January and May of 2012 on Pony Fiction Archive back when I had no clue how to format my stories nor properly play Yu-Gi-Oh!. When I first joined the site five years ago, I also sought to release this story as well, but decided against it after seeing the initially negative reaction.

I did my best to salvage what I could for a quick haha and to commemorate my fifth year on the site, but yes, this is what I was writing before FIMFiction saved my ass into helping me become the borderline mediocre author that I am today.

Try to enjoy; it will be a challenge.

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Ten years after the events of Pokémon Sun and Moon, two teenaged siblings from the Kalos region move to Melemele Island in the Alola region with their family. Both are eager to partake in and complete the famous Island Trials for the chance to challenge the fearsome Pokémon League, and they each set off on their journey, each one with a Pokémon from home in tow.

Very shortly after, wormholes similar to the ones the Ultra Beasts came from appear all over Alola, only this time, magical creatures calling themselves "ponies" emerge from them. The two siblings come across two of them and agree to keep them safe and help find the rest of her friends along their travels, all while evading forces who wish to use the ponies for their own power-hungry ways, as well as solving the mystery of their appearance.


Playing Pokémon Sun/Moon (or watching/reading an entire play/walkthrough) is not a prerequisite for reading this story, though many references to the events of those games (among others) will be made.

Rated Teen for language and Pokémon violence.

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