• Published 2nd Aug 2018
  • 4,521 Views, 818 Comments

Letters From a Friend - moviemaster8510

A young man forms a long-distance relationship with Twilight Sparkle through a series of letters they send to each other through a magical anomaly.

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You couldn't have caught me at a better time. I'm leaving to take the L in just a half hour, and I'll probably be off once I put this letter in the mailbox. Might go around the Loop once and get some good pics there before I meet up with my friends. Depending on what time I get home and how awake I feel, I may not send out another letter until tomorrow morning, but granted you're able to send that book over, I'm going to try and read at least one of those stories before I go to bed tonight.

Even if I do send another letter before I go to sleep, I can't imagine you'll be up yourself to read it, so I'll bid you a good night right here, and we'll continue talking more tomorrow.


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