• Published 2nd Aug 2018
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Letters From a Friend - moviemaster8510

A young man forms a long-distance relationship with Twilight Sparkle through a series of letters they send to each other through a magical anomaly.

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I’m certain that your home is probably far more fantastic than mine (considering who I’m writing to here), but I actually received a text from my friend that we’re going to hang out at Navy Pier before the movie tonight. I guess that means less talking to each other then. Boo hoo. But that means I have an opportunity to take a lot of cool pictures of the city. Hooray!

Actually, while we’re on the subject of texts and pictures, we have these devices called phones, and most of them are small and advanced enough to fit inside of a pocket. The picture of myself that I sent you and the pictures I intend to take of Chicago today are taken with my phone, in fact. And when I say “text,” that means I can send a virtual message to one or more of my friends. They’re kind of like the letters we’re sending to each other, except it isn’t done through magic (or however it’s happening, but if I’m talking to a unalicorn on the other side of the universe or some other dimension, I’ll accept magic).

I’ll spare you the boring stuff now. The movie we’re seeing is called The Visit. These kids meet their grandparents for the first time, and the daughter is filming their stay as some kind of personal project. But the grandparents start acting super strangely; I don’t know, it’s a horror movie. I’m sure you have those too right?

Don’t want to feel like I’m rushing you, but if you can get my letter and send a response in the next couple of hours, I should be able to write back one more time before I have to meet up with my friends.

Hope to hear back.


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