• Published 2nd Aug 2018
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Letters From a Friend - moviemaster8510

A young man forms a long-distance relationship with Twilight Sparkle through a series of letters they send to each other through a magical anomaly.

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First of all, no offense taken.

Second of all, no worries on the assignment. I put the original letter in a mailbox near the school, and assuming you didn’t get that one too, I’m going to safely assume it’s getting sent to the right place this time.

Third of all, sorry for the delay. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around this whole thing. Anyways, yes, I printed up a selfie of myself with this next letter. Here’s to hoping that interdimensional postage doesn’t have restrictions on pictures.

Anyways, it’s the weekend where I’m at, and if the weather is going to stay this gorgeous, I may just spend it sitting on my porch. Plus, I’ll have plenty of free time to write to you.

Look forward to your response. Honestly.


P.S. Also, if photographs indeed exist where you’re from, I’d like to have one of you, so that i know what and who I’m talking to.

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