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It's the greatest show time!


Best friends Laurel and Yanny finally realize their dream of opening up their business in Ponyville... at least they would if ponies would stop mishearing their names.

I regret much.

My 6th anniversary story that I'm releasing early because I didn't want anyone to do this story before me.

*Featured on 5/20/18,* you guys are the best.

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You sneaky bastard

You just earned yourself an upvote

Okay, that was amusingly cute. :heart:

I just want to hug both of them.

If Laurel had a lower voice people would hear it. I always hear Yanny

The hell was up with all the covfefes in this story?

8936572 Despite all the negative press yanny

It was only a matter of time.

8936581 Also a matter of my desperate wish to board this hype train first.

No shame, bruh. Gotta cash in while you can.

Despite all the negative press laurel

Is there some kind of in joke I'm not getting?


This happened pretty quick. Very interesting phenomenon( doot doo doot doot doot) I hear laurel myself.

8936709 It’s not really an in-joke, this is basically the blue-and-black/white-and-gold dress illusion thing all over again.

Just look up “Laurel and Yanny” and have as much fun as you possibly can.

It's alright, I'm "George" to most anyone who talks to me on the phone, even though that's not even close to my real name. Just something about how I say it, and what little muddling the phone does, makes it come across as George. Unless I over-enunciate.

The best was when a coworker called in after heading out for lunch. She'd heard me answer the phone just before leaving, and I answered her call a couple minutes later. She always laughed about the George thing, but was shocked just how much of a difference it actually made to hear me say it over the phone. "It does sound like 'George'!"

That was adorable!

And yeah, gotta get 'dem hype train points while you can.

Thanks, I hate it.

Jokes aside, this is actually a pretty good story. And I could definitely believe Discord would be up to something like this.

Glad to hear best Crusader hears the same thing as me, too. :scootangel:

Wow... that certainly didn't take long at all. This whole debate started... what, a week ago? And it's already found pony form? Huh... gonna have to give this a read later when I have more time

P.S.- My apologies for the duplicate comment; I'm currently having network issues, so it submitted my comment twice

Comment posted by Mystic Thunder deleted May 20th, 2018

8937301 Frankly surprised I was the first to.

The laurel and Yanny audio illusion was made by having two specific frequencies chosen, which are very different but sound similar to the human ear. The word Yanny was spoken in the higher frequency, laurel was spoken in the lower frequency. It depends which one your brain is more adapted to, lower frequency sounds, or higher frequency sounds, as to which one you'll hear.

At least, that's one explanation. It could also be the best trick discord ever played.

“Say it! Say my name!”

I'm surprised you didn't sneak in a "the dress" reference into this. :rainbowlaugh:

Ha! Discord antics... best explanation that I wish was actually the case for the real auditory illusion.

BTW, I was in the "both" camp on the actual illusion. Laurel was the one that popped harder, but Yanny was also clearly present over the top of that... I blame several years of Marching Band and all the ear training that came with that for my ability to hear both

This story makes so much sense in the MLP universe! But for the record, it was revealed that the recording was saying Laurel. But I still hear Yanny.:rainbowlaugh:

I almost want to dislike you on principle.



Alright. For you, three bucks.”


This is the first I've heard of this whole Laurel vs Yanny thing, admittedly.

...is it weird that I can hear it both ways? :rainbowderp:

Of course it was Discord :rainbowlaugh: I honestly don't know how I did NOT see that coming.

... Also, I actually hear "Jerry" :twilightoops:

Oh, she's not talking about bits :trollestia:

My sister swore she heard Harry. I heard Laurel on my car radio and Yanny when I played it on my phone.

A radio has a lower bitrate and can end up lowering the total data of a soundwave. So a lower frequency would cause you to hear laural, and since cell phones usually don't have a DAC or whatnot as well as cheaper speakers, the a higher frequency and some noise can cause you to hear yanny. Though the original soundclip is laurel with random higher frequencies overlayed on it.

Discord would be proud.

Faved and thumbed-up this one.

This surely felt like Discord shenanigans... until I saw the video.

Laurel for me it is!:rainbowlaugh:

If laurel and yanny sound the same when they spoke it, why is sweetie and scootaloo able to hear it differently when they say laurel and yanny to each other?

Different voices i guess

8937949 Hey, hey! No!

Not on my wholesome, Christian horsefic!

Good thing I'm Christian, because I just Christianed all over that fic:trollestia:

Comment posted by Fabian Corcair deleted Jun 4th, 2018

Commandment #7: You shall not commit adultery

27 You have heard that it was said, ‘Do not commit adultery.’ 28 But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman to lust after her has already committed adultery with her in his heart. (Matthew 5:27-28)
I have no idea if you're trolling or something but harlotry is a sin.:trixieshiftright:

Comment posted by Fabian Corcair deleted Jun 4th, 2018

ok hate the trend, LOVE this fic

“So, he’s going to eat glue…”

Aaaand we all know where glue comes from.

Discord, does Fluttershy know ?
I think that even Fluttershy will find that disturbing.

The fact that you gave actual good backstories for ponies in a stupid joke fic makes my heart so happy. I kinda want to see more of them now!

Author Interviewer

Man, that was some Twilight Zone shit. c.c

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