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Jay Jepsen has recently found success as a children’s book author with his debut, “The Monster From My Closet,” the story of the unlikely friendship formed between a boy and a creature he found lurking in his room one fateful night. Returning to his old hometown, he is given permission by his childhood house’s latest owner to revisit the place he once called home. Upon finding his room, he decides to wait around to catch up with an old friend...

Closet pic found on Google, credit for Discord head belongs to MLP FiM: Discord Puppeteer by AlexCroft1991.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 23 )

I really REALLY enjoyed this! Got a little misty eyed at the end but it was a wonderfully written little adventure.

This needs a LOT more attention.

Okay, I admit it. I cried.

A wonderfully cheery story. We need a sequel you know, this is too lovely to leave just like this.

Nice one!

This was really sweet and nice.
I wish I had a monster in my closet...

I’d love to see a sequel to this, him trying to reestablish his friendship, or maybe a prequel where we see it start firsthand. I’d love to help out if you decide to, I edit quite.

Delightfully cute and unique concept. :twilightsmile:

Farewells are always hard

I love this so much. The feels you packed into a single chapter fic are incredible. Really hoping to see a sequel or even just more stories by you in the future.

:raritydespair: Ah shit dude, this made me feel so many different things, but I love it. Now if you'll excuse me, Im going to clutch a picture of 2011 Edge and cry.

You know, it's not "good bye". It's see you later.

And there are rules, you know. If you bring your best friend, Discord gets to bring his.

This look like something that Trevor Henderson would make

Fantastic work, master.

Very fortunate indeed.

A truley sweet and touching fic, well done!

Made me think of this...

I loved the fic.

Instead of more EqG, can we get this made into a cartoon? Because this beats most of what's out there.

This right here... this is the stuff stories are meant to made from. Nice and wholesome. All it's missing is a soft goodbye musical piece at the end.

Of course, this is Discord. Goodbye was never really permanent for him.

This was quite the wonderful read. Wonderful magical and left a grin on my face.

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