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"Do the right thing. It will gratify some people and astonish the rest." - Mark Twain


The town of Hollow Shades, the home of the bat ponies, is in a bit of a pickle, as of recently.

As common knowledge suggests, if there is anything bat ponies love more than the night, it is mangoes.

And boy, you better believe they love themselves some mangoes.

But even for them, this problem is a bit too... big for them.

Operation B.A.M. commences.

This is an entry for the 2017 writing contest of the Bat ponies and Thestrals Group.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 31 )

I dunno, fam.

I dunno.

I love the internet.

Well that was...

I don't know, honestly.

Welcome to the next generation of comedy, friend.

:pinkiecrazy: I require help. :pinkiecrazy:


Sure, lets go with that.

but you also hate it sometimes

Even though parodying murder is not my cup of tea I felt the fun makes it up for me. I have to hold deep laughter cause my neighbours are fast asleep.

This was great! I loved it!

I have a mini story coming out, about a Bat Pony finding a Giant Pumpkin. So that added to the smiles, great job!:yay:

I dont even know about some of those.

The hell.


How the hell do you write such silly short stories? Seriously, any pointers...? Every time I'm trying to write some one-shot, it turns out like crap :twilightoops:

>implying this isn’t crap
>implying crappy short stories aren’t the greatest sort of short stories



>implying this isn’t crap

In comparison to some other stories I read here, this is pure gold :trollestia:

>implying crappy short stories aren’t the greatest sort of short stories

I would argue that depends on kind of um... 'crappiness' I guess... :twilightblush: ? Just read some of the stories made by evictus for example, and you will know what I mean.

In any case, I have no idea how you are able to just write such silly stuff, and still, make it funny... oh well...

You just do it, really. I dunno. I’m starting to wonder whether my blood has been replaced by memes and cancerous jokes at this point.



You just do it, really. I dunno.

No problem, I understand writing isn't an exact science, and it's hard to give real pointers... :twilightsmile:

I’m starting to wonder whether my blood has been replaced by memes and cancerous jokes at this point.

I'm a little rusty on the newest 'common' memes (it's mostly 'industrial' memes for me lately) so perhaps here lies the problem, hmm... Or I am just over-analyzing the damn thing :trollestia:

Probably the latter, honestly.

I dunno, really. I consider there to be about 3 different main archetypes of comedy:

1. Satire, which I believe is self-explanatory
2. Mainstream comedy, which is what you most often hear and see on TV and such (which is also often politically correct, mind you). It basically latches onto mainstream topics and jokes that are already viral.
3. Spontaneous, completely nonsensical comedy. You basically write or say whatever comes up in your head and try to make fun of it. The usual result is something that makes no sense whatsoever. As you might have noticed reading my comedy stories, nonsense and randomness is my thing, but I also use quite a bit of satire and mainstream comedy, aka memes.

No idea what you mean or what you’re referring but...

Understandable, have a nice day.

Oh damn, yeah, you’re right!

Sorry, silly me :pinkiecrazy:

remember reading this on a Manechat Voice Friday... good god it was the best

Heh, glad it was entertaining :moustache:

oh its Othynrix. Remember this dude? ;)

I came here wondering what the heck a B.A.M was.

Then I saw the chapter title.




No love for the original Ancient Greek comedy or the traditional Panto and Commedia Dell'arte? Or the children's gallows humor of the old Punch and Judy routines?

Kids these days. No respect for tradition.

Manzai has been catching on in the West recently, though Yanks perfected it with Groucho and Chico and Laurel and Hardy and Didi and Gogo.

Not just a Big Mango Problem; a Big Ass Mango Problem.

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