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A tribute rock band, Lamss, from the Pokemon world has crash landed in Equestria. While there, they meet the cast of the show, and even teach them of the card game Duel Monsters. With no other option for them to return home, Princess Celestia opens a duel tournament with the grand prize being the granting of one wish. The members of Lamss and their new friends must fight strong opponents to win the tournament so Lamss can return to their home world.

I understand that the crossover elements maybe a little strange and that the pacing may be slow in the beginning, but I'd like it if you read at least 4 chapters before you make your ratings.

Chapters (43)
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Comments ( 23 )

Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, and pony mash-up?

Excuse me, I have to fap off this boner.
Added to "read later" list.

I agree give me 20-30 min and i'll be back.:twilightblush:

652580 You don't know how happy that makes me. I always assumed that people hear Pokemon/Pony/Yu-Gi-Oh! and go, "That's seems a little out there." To see such positive reactions so quickly really makes my night.

Best of luck to you with this, but I'm going to give it a miss. Too much OC everywhere, and while the pokemon games are fun I never found it a remotely compelling setting for stories, or a setting inclined to produce interesting characters. As for yu-gi-oh, I stopped liking that around... damn, has it really been coming up on 8 years since I stopped playing that? Man, I'm getting old :P

Anyway yeah, not my cup of tea, best of luck with it though. Also, bravo for the total length.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand done all in 1 go now to sleep:ajsleepy:

652754 You ain't seen nothing. I still have two more arcs of this, the next of which is almost double this one's length.

652754 Plus, usually, if I don't like something and I find that something in the title of a fanfiction, you don't HAVE to read it.

Oh sweet Celestia... Why did I not read this earlier?!!!!!!!!

Awesome story and epic duels. Makes me think what is the recipe for each characters decks:trollestia:


Sir. you seem to be a bit stupid. the title is Yu-Gi-Oh. Pidgey is a pokemon.

1241108 Yeah, this was supposed to be a Yu-Gi-Oh!/MLP/Pokemon crossover. I have fully abandoned this series after I realized how fucking stupid I was for starting it.





Ummm.... Ireally like the story but, can you cut it up some? It makes it hard to read if its in blocks like this

Sorry, didnt know you stopped this.

Spread out your paragraphs, nobody likes looking at a wall of text.
try to space it out.
also, talking, take this example
"blahblahblah" X said.
"blahablahblah" Y replied
"blahblahblah" X said. "blahablahblah" Y replied

lol this is so good

this is so intense

i like it

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