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In life I received a minor enlightenment , everything is pointless but I refused to accept it and so I tried to search/seek another and I found that It's HOPE the one thing which bring us to continue.

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Twilight Sparkle has decided to start a vlog so that she can share some of her first experiences with you!

Told in 2nd person with only Twilight's lines to you and others.

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Three curious fillies...check
Owl delivered school letters ... check
Boy named Harry Potter ... check
Dash of Discord ... check

This can't possibly end well.

**Public safety notice::: Do not drive while spouse is reading latest chapter out loud. While this may considerably stroke the author's ego, in a guilt inducing manner, it may not be conducive for maintaining low insurance rates **

Taneysha has graciously consented to the use of this picture
Featured on August 2nd 2017 :pinkiehappy:

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This story is a sequel to Twilight Gets a Puppy, Season 6

The Sparkles have just finished a year long prank war with Celestia by order of ... pretty much everyone that currently exists and a few who don't, but this filler season brings more problems. Though the battle for Rahs' heart heats up, the cutiemark crusaders kick it into high gear to get Sweetiebelle her mark, Sunset sets things on fire, Pinkie Pie, there's another God Summit coming, an ancent pain in the ass returns, and some pony gets proposed to, all in this filler season of Twilight Gets a Puppy.

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We already know that this show is not perfect. Looking back we can all say that there are some episodes that for one reason or another completly bombed.

Naturally I'm sure many of us have wondered "What if that episode had been written differently?"

Well that question is about to be answered as I present the first offical rewrite of several episodes from Season 1, Season 2, and Season 3.

Now I want you all to know that the episodes that are rewritten are ones that I believe should've been written better. They are my opinion and I will not change them so if you don't like that an episode you thought was good is on the list then don't read. Remember you promised to love and tolerate.

Thank you,

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What if there were threats in Equestria that Twilight Sparkle and her friends missed? And someone else had to deal with them? Dr. Whooves becomes a therapist when his house bills become too high to pay with his current job, and he meets people who share their stories about the threats that went under the Mane Six's noses.

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Season 9 has come to a close, Cozy Glow, Tirek, and Chrysalis, the greatest threats Equestria has ever faced so far, have been taken down for good.

So far...

Even with all of the magic and power that exists within Equestria, no one is aware of what lies beyond it, just out of reach. Innumerable other worlds, each with their own unique laws and characters, all existing in parallel without ever knowing of each other...

All of this changes when an evil the universes have never seen appears, tearing holes in the fabric of reality itself and finally allowing these worlds to come into contact with one another, but at the cost of everything being in danger as the D@RkN3sS consumes everything it touches. All thanks to the transgressions of - [DATA ERROR].

Can Twilight and her friends, along with characters from their universe and beyond, stop what seems inevitable? Or is everything doomed to be consumed?

This is a story that revolves around the incredibly popular concept of "Learning with Pibby," which was first coined by Adult Swim in October 2021. The concept video features a glitch-like corruption that invades and destroys any world it happens to manifest in. As shown in the trailer, it threatens the existence of cartoons and animation as a whole. Of course, they can only use cartoons they own because of copyright laws. But that doesn't apply here, does it?

Welcome to When Darkness Falls, a story that follows Twilight, her friends, and many new ones, as they adventure to both survive and stop the corruption when it comes to their world.

To get the most context for what Learning with Pibby is, and to get a good idea of what to expect here, I'm going to leave a link to the official trailer HERE.

In future chapters, I will be making use of some rather unique concepts and takes to how the story is told, which depending on the reader may have mixed reaction. However, I have tried my best to make them understandable and enjoyable for everyone. These concepts aim to add a new dimension to the story and another layer of immersion for the reader.

There is also a ton of lore scattered throughout, both original lore written by me and other members of the Learning with Pibby community, as well as official lore from many of the TV shows that I use to inform the main storyline. Enough that they deserve their own blog posts rather than the Author's Notes because they'd be too long. Regardless, the Author's Notes still contain the bare minimum of what you need to understand the corresponding chapter. The blogs are more or less just for in-depth lore/explanation.

Credit to Marenlicious on Deviantart for the very fitting cover art.

High Res version cover art link: https://www.deviantart.com/marenlicious/art/Dusk-till-dawn-910529649

And a huge shoutout to the one person who’s helped me the most to stay motivated and confident in my work, ScorchingFlamesInc. Without them I might not have had the same level of motivation I did to finally finish this remaster. They also happen to be the author of another fic on this same concept, just a different take, which I very much recommend you check out (after you’re done here of course.)

Small Disclaimers:
-This story does change some of the main timeline of FiM, but is not an AU. Everything up until season nine is the same, but The Last Problem never happens for reasons that become evident early on.
-This story is set to be a crossover of massive proportions, and while there are only a few featured at the moment, there will be many, many characters and world’s of animation from the 90s to present day shown as either cameos or playing big roles in the grander storyline. This roster so far includes (updated as new chapters come out):
MLP: FiM, MLP: EQG, Learning with Pibby, The Fairly Oddparents and The Amazing World of Gumball.
-The tags on this story aren't indicative of what's already in the story. Rather, the tags are for safe measure, for things that aren't in the story yet, but will be down the road.

Comments and other feedback are greatly appreciated and encouraged. This story so far has proved to be a monumental task, especially for a first time writer such as myself, so your feedback and constructive criticisms are very much appreciated.

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When Princess Celestia's three most favorite students, her earth-pony adopted son Spike, the half dragon Twilight, and the latest ascended alicorn Light Heart, get in trouble, they are all sent to a mysterious country named MoonRacer.

Will the make friends?
Will they find love?
Or will they stay as they are?

Co-Writing with Light Heart101

Art by Shaslan
Full Size Art here

edit: editer is was Miner

Edit: MoonRacer is like Oz

Chapters (11)

A cynical and distrustful man has a drunken conversation at a bar with someone and finds himself waking up in a land of talking ponies the next day. The catch? He's now a Ninetales. "Great...where's the bar?"

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Starswirl the Bearded has been alone for so many years, for millennia. He has no idea how he came to be, but all he knows is the loneliness of being the only one of his kind. That is, till he stumbled upon a jar, a jar that can capture the essence of anything.
However, there are consequences to bringing about new life, consequences that require heroes. And heroes need Harmony.

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When Sunset returned to Equestria through the portal there was nothing left alive. Equis was essentially dead, until she returned, was transformed into an alicorn, and gained a new partner to take over the world... an empty world that needs rebuilding.

Set in the wasteland timeline Starlight Glimmer created.

Chapters (14)