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Magic School Days - Dogger807

When the CMC asked Discord to help them attend magic school, he pulled an owl out of his hat. Only he didn't exactly have a hat. Which was okay, since their new school had a singing one laying around. Where the hay was Hogwarts anyway?

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Chapter 54: Party Hearty

In the barnyard of Sweet Apple Acres, the uninitiated received a glimpse of what it meant to live in the magical land of Equestria. As the rainbow-hued vapor cone dissipated into fading pastels, the intangibles came to the fore. Every structure projected a mute greeting. Every plant seemed to smile. Even the land itself felt welcoming. Those who were native to this place knew the feeling well. The visitors would have a hard time putting the ambiance into words. If asked, the youngest among them would say it best; they were home.

The cloud overshadowed the silver lining with a sacrilegious wail. "Why am I a horse?!?!"

The specialness of the moment was truly gone. Professor McGonagall focused on the speaker and said in a controlled tone, "Mr. Malfoy, while I empathize with your disorientation, I must insist that you moderate your outbursts."

"Yes, professor," the small lime-green colt said in an obviously strained tone, "but, why am I a horse? Where am I? How could I walk into the shower and end up on a farm dodging a giant dog?"

“You’re not a horse.” Diamond Tiara sniffed, trotting up to stand in front of Draco. “You’re a pony, an earth pony worthy of carrying on my name.”

Only pure confusion kept Draco from proverbially putting his hoof into his mouth. As the paradigm shift completly stripped the gears of his thought process, he managed to sputter, "H . . . how?!"

“The ring I put on your finger, silly.” Sweetie Belle said, claiming a new ring from the pile Discord had left.

“Ooh,” Susan Bones said hurrying over to the jewelry herself. “I wanna be a pony, too.”

Hanna squealed in delight before she followed Susan’s lead while Daphne sauntered over with feigned nonchalance as she joined the other two girls.

“How do I change back?” Draco asked.

“You just concentrate, but you might want to have your clothes at hand before you try,” Hermione said.

“Just enjoy all your new senses,” Dean said, flapping his wings to hover in place. “You’ll love it once you get used to it.”

Meanwhile, Magah deliberately positioned herself between the foals and the three-headed dog who was still begging for belly rubs. “Baaaa ddd?” she questioned.

“Dean’s right,” Harry said as he hovered next to his herdmate.

“Besides,” Silver Spoon said, moving to stand next to Draco, “you make a cute colt.”

Apple Bloom added, "Can't you feel the magic coming in through your hooves?"

Draco made a face. "I don't think that's magic I'm stepping in."

It took little time for Susan to slip a ring on a finger, and even less for a pudgy earth pony filly to appear. “I’m pink!” she exclaimed enthusiastically.

"Fuchsia," observed Dean.

“I’ve got wings!” Hanna proclaimed, mirroring Susan’s joy while spreading new tangerine appendages.

Daphne examined her pale-yellow hoof without comment, seemingly oblivious to the horn sticking out of her forehead.

Sparing a glance at the newest ponies, Apple Bloom ambled over and collected the remaining rings from the ground. “Here ya go,” she said offering one to Percy before going to Professor McGonagall then to Paola before finally offering one to Parvati’s twin sister.

Padma beamed brightly as she accepted the band. After placing it on her finger she shrank and stood as a black pegasus sporting a dark blue mane. In fact, she looked exactly like her sister but with the colors reversed.

“Hey!” Ginny uttered as the connection was finally made in her mind.

Meanwhile, Paola walked over to Sweetie Belle, rolling the ring she had been given over in her hand. “I’m afraid, I’m going to have to decline,” she said, handing her ring to the filly. “I am not willing to risk this at this time.”

“Don’t ya worry,” Applejack said. “It ain’t going to hurt you none.”

“Perhaps.” Paola returned, “but I’m not willing to risk my child on untested magics.”

“Oh!” Applejack said. “Ah, can see where you would think that. Congratulations! Ah'm sure they'll be a special foal.”

“Thank you.” Paola grinned.

Professor McGonagall placed her ring on her finger and felt a familiar sensation as she shrank. Bewildered, she said, “Meow?”


“Lyra! For buck's sake! No!”

Eagerly, Button Mash cantered alongside his mother as the two made their way toward the bakery. A party planned by Pinkie Pie was always a treasured event, even one put together as quickly as this one was supposedly to have been. He could almost taste the cherry peppermint cupcakes remembered from the last one she had thrown. If he were lucky, there would be plenty waiting when he arrived. Then there were the games. Button Mash just adored the games the pink party pony produced. The afternoon was guaranteed to be exciting.

When his mother opened the door, Button Mash rushed forward in his eagerness to scout out the refreshments.

“Baby pony!” a voice shrieked and he found himself scooped up from behind by an unseen assailant and cuddled while restrained in a tight hug.

“Rosie!” an exasperated mare’s voice snapped. “Put him down this instant. He’s not a pet. He’s a person.”

“But mum.” Button Mash managed to squirm around to face his captor. He was shocked to find a human filly wearing a defiant pout.

“Don’t ‘but mum’ me, young lady. You’re being rude.”

“But mum,” Rosie repeated, holding Button Mash up for show, “baby pony!”

“I’m not a baby!” Button protested loudly.

“You’re a cute baby pony,” Rosie cooed as she snuggled with him.

“Moooooom!” Button wailed.

Richard Brown looked down at the eager green unicorn staring back up at him expectantly. “No, I don’t think I shall take off my robe and pants so you may examine my legs more closely. Neither shall my wife.”

Well above the ground, a pegasus sat on a cloud and hugged her quarry firmly to her barrel. It had been over five minutes and not a word had been spoken. Eventually, the smaller, trapped pegasus asked, “Dash?”

“Hello, squirt,” Rainbow Dash said, not loosening her grip in the slightest.

Scootaloo said, “Um. Hello.” She was sure this was the longest hug she had every experienced.

“I missed you,” Rainbow confided.

Unable to move, Scootaloo said, “Um, I missed you too.”

Rainbow didn’t answer; she just continued to hold the filly.

Baffled, Scootaloo basked in the affection.

The trot to Sugarcube Corner was enough to bring Twilight fully awake. Whatever it was that Pinkie had done had been enough to worry the mayor. Twilight was aware that the diplomatic pony was even more accustomed to Pinkie's antics than she was herself. Worry caused visions of everything from carnivorous pastries to visiting dignitaries being doused with frosting. The latter was highly probable, if stories of the pink mare’s last appearance at day court were anything to go by.

Luna was still asking when it would be feasible for Pinkie to attend night court. Twilight was almost sure that was one of the night princess’s rare jokes. After all, court couldn’t be that boring.

Of course, foreseeing future foolery from the frustratingly festive full-fledged faux filly would fundamentally finish in frustration. It was therefore a trepidatious Twilight who trotted to the Cake's trendy trattoria.

“Woah,” Spike said from her side. “That’s a lot of humans.”

Astonished by the sheer number of primates present, Twilight quickly surveyed the foreigners animatedly conversing with the local ponies arriving for a party. She let a frown creep over her muzzle when her first scan came up empty. After a second attempt, she gave up and let out an impassioned shout. “Pinkie!”

“Yes, Twilight?!” Pinkie called, pronking out from the back of the shop. “I’m so glad you woke up in time! I was starting to worry that you and Spike might miss the fun!”

“Pinkie!” Twilight waved at the gathering, garnering the attention of every creature present. “How could you?”

“What?” Pinkie asked, scrutinizing the guests. “Celestia thought it would be a good idea to invite Hermione’s friends and family to a party in her honor.”

“How could you?” Twilight repeated, holding back her frustration.

“Relax Twilight,” Pinkie said dismissively. “Everything is going to work out just fine.”

“How could you?” Twilight repeated a third time, once again waving at the gathered humans, who were starting to frown in return. “You invited all of these humans and not one of them is Sirius Black. How could you? How could you forget to include him?”

“Ooooh,” Pinkie said as the humans relaxed. “I did send him an invitation, but the owls couldn’t find him. Mysteeeerious.” She then sat on her haunches and pointed an accusatory hoof at Twilight. “Also, you’ve got it bad.”

On a cloud perched two pegasi, locked in an embrace, one unwilling to move, the other unable. Silence was their witness as storge smiled upon them.

After some coaxing, the Hogswarts group proceeded to make their way toward town. It had taken an extraordinary promise to persuade Fluffy to stay behind despite his overwhelming desire to accompany the large group.

As they walked, Draco still looked around in confusion. He had a filly pressed solidly against either side and he was uncertain if they were trying to help him walk or if they just wanted to show their affection.

A part of Draco’s mind tracked the activities going on around him. Professor McGonagall was walking up front, conversing with both Professor Flitwick’s woman and a large orange pony preposterously wearing a hat that belonged in a sideshow. It appeared that the rings didn’t work as desired on the transfiguration professor, and she had opted to stay human.

Behind Draco, the Weasley prefect walked as a cream-colored unicorn with red mane and tail. He was bigger than the first years, but not as large as the orange pony up front. In turn, the prefect was strolling alongside the gigantic pure white unicorn that was Belle’s pet.

Meanwhile, the Gryffindors, the Hufflepuffs, and even Greengrass were flitting all over the place in a chaotic three-dimensional mass, with several of them trying to earn their wings. Even Hope had spontaneously reappeared to join in the fun.

As Draco staggered along, the weight of the last couple weeks came crashing down. He had lost everything that had given his life meaning. His father, his mother, his wealth, his betrothment, they were all gone. He should have been elated at his betrothal to the heir of the Slytherin, but the honor was his future bride's; he was the trophy spouse to be displayed like a new toy. What stuck in his craw was that she wasn't even really human. What did that make him? Why did the law allow Ritter to bind him to such an abomination?

He was doomed. Would the Malfoy name even live on? It was she who would head the family; there was no way any of their children could be purebloods. Would they even be human or would they be tainted by that horse's blood? Would the House of Malfoy end with the clip clop of tiny hooves? There was nothing he could do but suffer and curse his fate. Even his dignity had been stripped away; he was sure everyone was laughing at his recent exposure. All that he had left was his pride, pride that demanded that he fulfill his obligations with all the composure he could muster. He would be damned if he gave that up; it was the only piece of himself that was left.

“Rainbow Dash?” Scootaloo ventured. “Shouldn’t we head to the party?”

“Yeah.” Rainbow loosened her hold and set Scootaloo onto the cloud. “Yeah, we’ll head over soon.”

“Are?” Scootaloo was having difficulty fitting her mental image with the mare in front of her. “Are you all right?”

“I am now,” Rainbow said smiling dreamily at Scootaloo.

“Are you sure?” Scootaloo narrowed her eyes suspiciously. “You’re acting weird.”

“It’s nothing.” Rainbow gestured dismissively. “I’m just really glad to see you.”

“Are you sure that’s all?” Scootaloo pressed.

“Yes.” Rainbow shifted uncomfortably under the smaller pegasus’ gaze. “I . . . um . . . I’ve been thinking of getting a place in town.”

“What?” Scootaloo gasped. “Why? You have a wonderful house already. I love your house.”

“It’s just that.” Rainbow rubbed the back of her head with a forehoof. “It’s just that I want a place you can get to easily. You know how hard it is for you to get that far off the ground.”

“That’s not true!” Scootaloo loudly objected, flapping her wings to gain some altitude. “That’s not true anymore!”

It was Rainbow Dash’s turn to gasp. Her eyes slowly widened as comprehension fought its way into her mind. “You’re . . . You’re . . .”

“Professor Snape made a potion that fixed me.” Scootaloo beamed, hovering above the cloud. “I can get to your house all on my own now.”

“That’s . . . that’s . . .. AWESOME!!!!!” Rainbow jumped from the cloud and joined Scootaloo in the air. Laughing, the two began an aerial ballet as Scootaloo reasserted her birthright, all thoughts of the party forgotten.

“Twilight Sparkle?” A human walked over holding out his hand. “Arthur Weasley. Pleased to meet you in person.”

“Arthur Weasley.” Twilight held out a hoof in greeting. “Welcome to Ponyville.”

“Thank you.” Arthur took the hoof and gave it a gentle shake. “Please allow me to introduce Xenophilius Lovegood, our current Minister.”

“Hello, Xenophilius Lovegood.” Twilight once again offered her hoof. “Welcome to Ponyville. I hope you enjoy your visit.”

“I’m sure that I will.” The blonde human politely shook her appendage. “Though, I must admit being surprised to find that our hosts are a previously unencountered people.”

“Discord is involved,” Twilight answered. “Expect surprises.”

“Lyra! Stop trying to get the humans to remove their clothes, you're making them uncomfortable.” Bon Bon’s voice could be heard from the other side of the bakery.

“It’s a valid scientific inquiry,” Lyra protested.

“I predict some interesting culture shock,” Arthur said, turning toward the disturbance.

“Aaaaah! Dragon!” came an alarmed cry from another direction.

“Very interesting,” Twilight agreed.

Sirius Black looked up from the book he was skimming and smirked at Narcissa and Remus, who had come downstairs for the first time that day. “You two missed all of the excitement.”

“I dare say we had our own excitement to contend with.” Narcissa returned contentedly with a sly smile.

“Mum!” Nymphadora whined, lowering the book she had been searching. “Aunt Nissy is doing it again.”

“Hush, dear,” Andi said, not abandoning her own book. “You are old enough to be making your own comments of that nature.”


“Don’t ‘mum’ me. Whatever happened to that nice Weasley boy you used to keep going on about?”

“Charlie moved to Romania,” Nymphadora said as if her mother should have already known.

“Well, owl him and let him know that your mother is ready for some grandchildren. I’ll wager that will have him coming at a run,” Andi said.

“Mum!” Nymphadora gasped.

“You said there was some excitement?” Remus felt an urgent need to change the subject.

Sirius didn’t try to hide his amusement. “Yes, the owl wards are all wonky. Well, it’s more like someone has taught their owls how to apparate.”

Ted, who had also been nose deep in a book, said. “I wouldn’t call it apparating. It was more like they were flying from somewhere we couldn’t see. Once they were in view, they turned around and flew back the way they came. A few seconds later, they would repeat the process. They kept going until they finally gave up.”

“We’re trying to figure out how they found us in the first place,” Andi added. “Sirius is having his mail routed through his lawyers for a reason, you know.”

“As interesting as that sounds,” Narcissa said, guiding Remus toward the kitchen, “we need some sustenance. We’ll help you research once we’ve had a bite.”

Remus playfully swatted at Narcissa. "Not that kind of bite."

Sirius grunted his acceptance before turning his nose back toward his book.

The Hogwarts group had started to collect an entourage of curious onlookers as soon as they entered the town. The locals were happy to see Professor McGonagall again, and the novelty of a princess-sized unicorn brought gasps of astonishment.

In fact, the crowd had grown so large that Apple Bloom started to gripe, “Ah can’t even see Sugarcube Corner through all these ponies,”

“Calm down, Apple.” Harry said, flittering a few meters over her head. “If you’re talking about that building that looks good enough to eat, we’ll be there soon enough.”

“Ah know,” Apple Bloom said, stomping a hoof for emphasis. “But, y'all would think these ponies had never seen a unicorn before.”

“Speaking of unicorns,” Dean said, pointing a hoof, “here comes one now, and she doesn’t look like she’s going to stop for the crowd.”

“Sweetie Belle!” came a desperate cry. Without warning, a glow delimited the path between the huntress and her prey. The unfortunate individuals caught within were levitated away and left hanging where they could chat with the pegasi. “Sweetie Beeeeeeeelle!” came the voice anew before a white and purple blur pounced on the crusader in question.

Magah gave a high piercing whinny as she charged at the attacker. She stopped short, inches from riving the black-streaked face of the assailant. She could sense no malice from her rival, there was only relief and love.

It took Sweetie Belle several seconds to respond to the onslaught. “Rarity!” she squeaked. “Get off, you’re embarrassing me!”

“Sweetie Belle!” Rarity sobbed, clutching the smaller unicorn, tears streaming from her eyes. “I had thought I lost youuuuuuuuuu!” She then let out a heart-wrenching wail.

“Okay,” Lavender said, watching her friend being smothered, “note to self, do not stand between Sweetie Belle and her mother.”

“Actually,” Apple Bloom started before another shout rent the air.

“Apple Bloom,” thundered a stallion’s voice, and the ground started to quake like a bowl of jelly. The source was so shocking that more than a few ponies were stunned into immobility. Fortunately, this did not include any who were standing between Apple Bloom and the now-stampeding red stallion.

The rush to get out of the way was punctuated by Orange Swirl, who lifted off the ground so fast that she left a swirling orange contrail for the first time in her life. Moreover, a couple of unicorns discovered that they could, despite the lack of training, teleport, given proper motivation.

Instinctively, Magah gave a primal screech as she threw herself bodily at the one who threatened her foal. A stamp that would have shattered concrete instead sent Magah reeling as maternal instinct met solid muscle. The red stallion didn't even blink as the unicorn landed in a heap.

“Don’t you ever run off like that, without telling anypony, ever again,” the large red stallion scolded, amazing the crowd with his eloquence.

“The food!” Clouded Hope exclaimed excitedly as Magah rolled to her hooves and reared menacingly.

“The food kin wait 'til we git to the party.” Apple Bloom snarled from within the hug she was receiving.

Seamus added, “Right now, we need Sweetie Belle to control her pet unicorn.”

“I’m kind of busy here,” Sweetie Belle returned, “and she’s not my pet.”

Rarity’s sobs halted abruptly. “Her pet what?”

“You know,” Padma opined, “it does sound pretty bad when you say it like that.”

“Gee, you don’t say,” Parvati deadpanned as Ginny rushed toward Magah, issuing soothing noises.

“And here I was thinking Apple Bloom had the most unusual pet imaginable, with Fluffy.” Rarity levitated Sweetie Bell at foreleg length to stare at her. “You just had to go and try to outdo her, didn’t you?”

“To be fair,” Neville interrupted, “Sweetie has had Magah longer. If anything, Apple Bloom is trying to outdo her.”

“You’re not helping!” Sweetie whined.

“Baby pony!” a cry announced and Hermione, the first through the door, found herself being snuggled by an unfamiliar little girl.

“Rosie!” a woman cried in irritation as she prepared to rescue yet another pony from her daughter.

Dean rushed to hover in front of the girl before saying. “Rosie, put Hermione down. I swear I’m going to give you such a smack!”

“Pink baby pony!” Rosie declared, and Dean realized his mistake as Hermione went flying over his sister’s shoulder.

“Fuchsia!” he countered even as his younger sibling snatched him out of the air.

“Fuchsia?” Dean’s mother questioned as she watched her two children reunite.

“Eh,” Parvati said from down near her feet. “He’s still in denial.”

“It’s his way of dealing with being pink,” Harry added.

“Fuchsia,” came the outraged retort. “I’m fuchsia, and don’t you forget it! Rosie put me down!”

“So?” Button Mash said from where he was relaxing in Rosie’s sister’s lap. “Does this happen often?”

“More than I’d care to admit,” Sweetie answered, laying back her ears.

“I don’t hear you complaining anymore,” Peppermint Twist said, jealously eyeing Button having his ears scratched by the human girl, before sending another glare towards Snails, who was lounging in Amy’s lap.

“Mum!” Abagail cried gleefully, flying over to land on Elisa’s head. “You wouldn’t believe the week I’ve had.”

“I couldn’t have been near as crazy as mine,” Elisa said, reaching up to pull her transformed daughter into a hug, kissing her on the snout.

“Daddy!” came a dual pair of shouts. Xenophilius and Arthur soon had their arms full of fluffy goodness.

“Butterfly, I see you’ve had a productive couple of days.” Xenophilius said lovingly.

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Ouch, Ginny, mind the horn. That hurt.” Arthur grunted as he rubbed his chin.

“My little girl!” Molly beamed, claiming the little unicorn from her husband. “Where’s your brother?”

Arthur pointed at the two foals who were rapidly depleting the nearest refreshment table. “I’d wager he’s the one without a bow in his hair.”

“Daddy!” exclaimed yet another voice, homing in on her target. “Mother! Look, this is my colt, Draco Malfoy.”

Having been bodily dragged over by his betrothed, Draco found himself looking up at a pair of ponies, the female of whom had an expression that would not have been misplaced on his own father. Reflexively, his mother’s training took hold. “Sir. Ma'am.” Draco greeted with an acknowledging nod of his head and click of his hind hooves before offering a forehoof.

“Well,” Spoiled Rich sniffed. “He seems polite enough. I do hope he is of proper breeding.”

“The Malfoys have always been of impeccable stock,” Draco informed her haughtily.

Narrowing her eyes, Spoiled asked, "Are there unicorns or pegasi in your family?"

With an aristocratic sneer, Draco replied, "No unicorns. No pegasi. My blood is pure."

“Good, my daughter deserves nothing less.”

“Dear, now is not the time,” Filthy Rich interjected. “Let the children have their fun. It is a party, after all.”

Spoiled relented. “You heard your father, go mingle.”

Magah stood just inside the doorway, unsure how to react to all of the individuals handling her charges. She didn’t sense any ill intent; instead there was more joy and love than she'd ever experienced. The herd was scattered all around the room, apparently happy. She did not let appearances assuage her maternal instincts; she was determined to track each one of her charges. For reassurance, she edged closer to the young unicorn who had once been the grabby human.

In the middle of the room, Pinkie Pie bounced into the air, clapping her forehooves together for attention. “All right, everycreature,” she announced as she poked gravity in the eye. “Now that the guest of honor has arrived, let’s party!”

Tonks just had to get out of the house. The antics were uncomfortably intimate, and everyone else seemed intent on taunting her. It seemed as though they wanted to compound the grief she received as a result of her name. Her mother was being absolutely insufferable; had she no idea the trouble she had caused? Sirius was worse, insisting on calling her by her much-hated given name of Nymphadora. There was only so much the girl could take. Head of house or not, Sirius was on a collision course with a tongue-lashing; soon, not even Andromeda's presence would save him.

Whatever her parents' motivation may have been, Nymphadora hated giving out her name. It seemed everyone she met got the wrong impression. She was a normal witch, not some hormone-fueled mass of insatiable desires. Her ability to change her appearance only added fuel to the fire as every boy, and more than a few girls, had asked her to mold herself into their ideal beauty and let them feel their way through a date.

She had hoped that Charlie would be different. In the end, he only wanted the same thing everyone else did. He even had the gall to point out the model. Her heart had been crushed when she realized that he was a pervert, just like every other boy in school. Was it asking to much for someone to like her for who she was and not for what she could become?

Despite her disappointments, she still yearned for the sort of relationship that every other girl seemed to have. There must be a soulmate for her, someone with whom she could connect beyond the physical level, someone who would see her as a person, not a toy to be shaped to their desires. Alas, there was no hope; her reputation was known throughout the wizarding community, and there was no way to change it.

These were tough times. When times get tough, the tough get shopping, and that is what Tonks decided to do.

Now that she was officially a member of House Black, she had been given a stipend that was modest in the ironic sense. The funds easily dwarfed the pittance she received for her current position, and they put even the salary of a full auror to shame. While she had always cherished the idea of going into law enforcement, she now found that she had the time to reflect upon what she truly wanted to do with her life. Realistically, she didn't need to work for a living, but a life of leisure rankled her sensibilities. Perhaps she should simply take a break to travel and explore what the world had to offer.

Her job in the Ministry had its frustrations. Between the hegemony and the rampant nepotism, she felt like a token half-blood, despite the mandates that all be treated equally. Some of the purebloods went as far as belittling her for her heritage. It was an open question as to whether she still wanted to pursue this career path, but, for now, any change would simply leave her adrift.

She found herself lost in thought as she meandered the length of Diagon Alley and back, paying little heed to what lay behind the windows that she perused. Only the voice of a friend prevented her from wearing a rut in the cobblestones.

Turning to face the hail, Tonks responded, "Oh, wotcher, Clementine." She stood to the side of the road as her friend hurried to catch up. "I haven't seen you for donkey's years. Up to something dodgy?"

"Wotcher, Tonks," echoed Clementine. "Better to be doing something dodgy than to bimble about the alley looking down in the mouth."

“Me?” Tonks said, using her shapeshifting powers to grow her lips into a ridiculous smile. “Down in the mouth? Never.”

“Go on, pull the other one,” Clementine scoffed. “Don’t act like I can’t tell you’re needing a friend right now.”

“Really, I’m chipper and all that,” Tonks protested.

“Bollocks,” Clementine snorted. “I haven’t seen you that downtrodden since you broke it off with Charlie.”

Tonks’ comically large lips fell into a frown. “Leave off, Clem. I don’t want to talk about it.”

“Have it your way. But, you’re coming with me.”

“Oh? And where are we going?”

“We’re going to meet up with my boyfriend.” Clementine practically bounced with glee at the declaration.

“Sounds like you don’t need me to tag along and ruin the mood.”

“Nonsense, Jason wants to introduce me to his best mate. It’s only fair that I bring one of my own along.” Clementine grabbed Tonks’ hand and started to drag her along. “We’re going to see a movie.”

“You always did love Muggle Studies." Her eyes narrowed, "He's not a muggle, is he?”

Shaking her head, Clementine responded, "No, he's a squib who needed help finding his way in here."

As Tonks let her friend lead her from the alley, she giggled. "That's a relief. You can't imagine what the Ministry would do to a mixed couple."

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