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Magic School Days - Dogger807

When the CMC asked Discord to help them attend magic school, he pulled an owl out of his hat. Only he didn't exactly have a hat. Which was okay, since their new school had a singing one laying around. Where the hay was Hogwarts anyway?

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Chapter 57: The Forgotten

As head of the DMLE, Amelia Bones found that there were some days when she absolutely hated her job. As the last line of defense against major magical threats, an auror's job was not an easy one. Their leader's was even more difficult. In addition to all of the casework, Amelia had to contend with the endless annoyance of politics both inside and outside her organization. The sea change within the Ministry had left her stuck in her office on what was to have been her day off. The status quo would have left her as happy as she could have been. Now, she found herself on the horns of a dilemma. Going strictly by the book, she would be forced to do something she knew to be wrong, all in the name of justice. Her frown deepened. Justice would not be served by what she was being forced to do.

With a sigh, she turned her attention back to the opened file folder on her desk. Her orders had been to interrogate all of the former Death Eaters who had been exonerated due to the Imperious Curse defense. Any found to have falsely claimed to have been under compulsion were to have their cases reopened and to be subjected to summary execution.

While the possessed doll incident had provided a welcomed, if painful, respite from dragnet, the last few days had sorely taxed her aurors. Bounty hunters had helpfully retrieved some that were beyond the Ministry's authority. Her senior personnel had a particularly difficult time as cross-examination of the prisoners forced them to relive viscerally disturbing memories of the war.

Corruption within the Ministry had been as widespread as she had feared. Without exception, the prisoners had paid their proverbial pieces of silver to tip the scales of justice in their favor. The hatred and bigotry they all had espoused had become more pronounced with each passing second from the defeat of their leader. There was no doubt that they all were deserving of the fate that awaited, all, except for one.

There was no question that his actions from his youth were inexcusable. He had taken parents from their children. He had taken children from their parents. Although he was a minor player in the grand scheme, his crimes were no less severe. Despite the recent rescue from the Reaper, there was no way anyone could restore what he had taken; for that reason, there was no statute of limitations on murder. The deaths of innocents demanded retribution.

What troubled Amelia was that the one was no longer the man he used to be. He was living proof of Dumbledore's contention that people could reform, given a second chance. The man had a muggle-born wife and young children. By all accounts, he loved them all dearly. By all accounts, he had truly repented. No Death Eater would have sullied his blood by consorting with anyone other than a pureblood.

There was no doubt the man would have to pay for his crimes. There was no doubt that innocents would suffer if the sentence were carried out. Amelia looked at the stack of death warrants that she had stamped. She looked again at the document in the folder. Indecisively, she held her stamp over the paper. Did the cries for justice outweigh the pleas for mercy?

On days like today, Amelia really hated her job.

When the first-year herd meandered into the Gryffindor common room, they found that it had again been expanded to accommodate the entirety of the Hufflepuff student body. They had invited themselves over to partake in watching the only telly in the school, absorbing the story as intently as their Gryffindor classmates.

Without taking his eyes off the screen, the seventh-year male prefect cast a quick ventriloquism charm. "We were beginning to wonder when you lot were going to turn up." He pointed to a sturdy box that was giving a steady series of thumps. With each impact, one of the sides bowed before repairing itself. "In the future, please don't leave your pet soap lying about the common room."

"Sorry," said Lavender as she retrieved her conscience. She followed the rest of the herd as they and the twins trudged to the base of the stairs to the girls' dorm.

Parvati motioned for the others to wait. "I'll go get my trunk. I am so ready for a nap."

“Good food will do that to you.” Scootaloo agreed with a wide yawn.

“By the way.” George asked. “Have you seen Percy?”

“We’ve been looking for him all afternoon.” Fred finished.

“Doh!” said several of the first years and Philomena started laughing.

The reception in the Slytherin common room was positively frigid when Diamond Tiara opened the door. She and her de facto herd faced a gantlet of books, quills, and scrolls. Pointing at Draco, one of the seventh-year students demanded, "What sort of Slytherin are you? You're the betrothed of the Primus. You're supposed to be looking out for her."

"Where have you been?" another seventh-year demanded. "We've got two weeks of material to cover, and we only what's left of tonight to do it."

A third upper-year student chimed in, "There is no way we can let our Primus fall behind in her studies."

“We won’t let our Primus be anything less than the top of her year,” a fifth-year student added.

“You have an obligation to show the other houses Slytherin is clearly superior,” yet another upper year stated firmly.

“We are going to work with you until you have the material memorized and mastered,” a sixth-year added.

Many hands grabbed Draco as he tried to slip away. "You are going to help us!" the crowd proclaimed.

Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon looked at the unified front and sighed.

Bristle, a yellow earth pony mare, hesitantly leaned into him and asked hopefully, "Don't you find it romantic?"

From behind, a rust red pegasus mare who had introduced herself as Gracious Tact, added, "The colts here have named this place 'Lover's Leap'. It's the perfect place to take your special somepony."

Percy replied, "I'll take your word for it."

“It’s your word we’re interested in,” proclaimed the tan unicorn mare, Dainty Lace. She moved closer to lean firmly into Percy’s left side. “We’re showing you around Ponyville, after all. Don't you like what you see?”

“Errr,” Percy said as he started to feel like a slab of meat caught between two starving wolves. “It was really nice of you to give me this tour.”

“Our pleasure,” Bristle huskily assured him.

“Let’s go to our favorite glade inside the Whitetail Woods,” Gracious Tact suggested. “We can show you what it really means to be a stallion.”

“Errr,” Percy repeated when there was a ball of flame several meters in front of him. “Oh look! That’s my transportation. It must be time for me to go back and take care of my prefect duties. Sorry to cut this short, but I have a job to do. I’ll owl you. Goodbye!” he blurted as he took a flying leap off the cliff. Philomena gave an indignant squawk as he landed on her before the she had a chance to orient herself to her new surroundings.

The three mares were treated to the spectacle of another ball of flame before quiet ruled the nearly empty park.

“Darn!” Dainty Lace commented disappointedly with a gesture that looked remarkably like a human snapping their fingers. “We almost had him.”

In stately Black Manor, Sirius shared what was supposed to be quiet time with family and soon-to-be-family.

“Wait a minute.” Narcissa said, looking up from the book she was reading. “You said the owls who got past the wards flew in from nowhere?”

“Yes,” Sirius replied, not looking up from his own book.

“And one of them was wearing a satchel?” Narcissa prodded.

“Yes,” Sirius repeated with some irritation.

“Like the one who delivered Miss Sparkle to the meeting the other day?” Narcissa asked.

Sirius looked up from his tome with a look of dismay. “Doh!”

“Sirius, you are an idiot,” Narcissa informed her cousin.

“I’ll have you know I was concentrating on looking after my godson. I wasn’t paying attention to the owl.”

“An idiot,” Narcissa groused, closing her book. “A complete and utter idiot.”

Wisely exercising his mastery of language, Remus remained silent.

Mercilessly, Celestia brought the dawn of a new day to Ponyville. From her seat at the kitchen table, Twilight Sparkle wearily steadied the mug of coffee on the table in front of her with her forehooves as she slurped the energizing elixir. The enticing aromas of sliced tomatoes cooked with soy and barley sausage promised a hearty breakfast. Her number one assistant was clearly showing his worth. Wait a minute. If Spike was at the stove cooking breakfast, then who was sitting next to . . .

“I’m ready!” Lyra buoyantly announced, wearing a set of saddle bags and a vast grin.

Twilight looked at the mint mare with little comprehension. “Huh?”

“For our trip to the human world,” Lyra said, bouncing. “I can’t wait! Hurry up with your coffee, let’s go! We can eat breakfast there. I want to experience their cuisine.”

Twilight stared at Lyra dumbly, quite the accomplishment for such a smart mare.

“You said we were going to explore their world later this week. It’s Monday morning, so it’s later,” Lyra announced.

Without a word, Twilight turned to look at Spike, silently seeking succor.

“Don’t look at me like that,” Spike said, flipping eggs in the pan. “You’ve done the exact same thing to me more times than I care to remember.”

Monday morning was a special type of misery in the suburban house. The joy of the weekend had to be set aside for the drudgery of turning time into money. The only thing that made it remotely bearable was the blessing from the Altar of Morning, the extract of cinnamon roast beans, drowned in sugar and light cream.

The ritual to dispel the torment put husband and wife at the dining table with the offerings neatly arrayed between them. Aside from a brief benediction, little was said. For a couple this close, communication at this time was better served without clumsy words. Besides, since neither was a morning person, it let them extend the illusion that they did not yet need to face the day.

In the companionable silence, the flaps of muffled wings clearly announced the arrival of visitors.

“Good morning,” Emma said as two owls alit on the back of an empty dining room chair. “Looks like you’re just in time for some bacon.”

“I hope you brought apple turnovers,” Dan quipped, reaching for the letter the bag-wielding bird carried.


“Well this is a pretty pickle.” Dan said after reading the letter. “Says here, they want us to tap the bag with our wand and say some magic words. Pity we don’t have wands.”

“I’ll bet horns work,” Emma said, getting out of her chair and transforming.

“Worth a try,” Dan admitted as he watched his wife place her front hooves on the table so she could reach properly.

“What are the words?” the unicorn in the room asked.

“Ex dimittere,” Dan responded.

“Here goes,” Emma said as she stretched to place her horn on the owl’s bag. “Ex dimittere.”

The bag regurgitated its breakfast with retching that would have made a fraternity brother proud. Now, three unicorns graced the room. One lay on her back with her forehooves over her eyes to mask her embarrassment. The second stood on her hind legs with forehooves over her ears to block the sudden noise. The third stood on three legs with a forehoof over her mouth in eager anticipation.

“That was no less unpleasant from this side.” Dan commented.

“Yeah, we might need to find a better mode of travel,” Twilight acquiesced from where she lay on her back.

“Good morning, Emma Granger, Dan Granger,” Lyra called happily, retrieving saddle bags from the ground. “Please don’t mind us; we just needed somepony to let us out before we go exploring.”

“If you could point us toward Sirius Black’s house, we’ll get out of your mane,” Twilight said. “Professor McGonagall suggested him as a guide.”

“We have no idea where he lives,” Emma admitted.

“Oh,” Twilight said dejectedly.

“Getting an early start?” Dan asked, before taking a sip from his mug. “The sun’s not even up yet.”

Twilight’s ears shot forward as she raised her muzzle and inhaled deeply. “Lyra,” she gasped. “Humans have coffee!”

“Would you care for a cup?” Emma asked, shifting forms to retake her spot at the table.

“Yes please,” Twilight replied eagerly as she sat up on her haunches and brought her forehooves back toward her shoulders. She did not wag her tail like a dog.

“Twilight,” Lyra scolded. “Remember, we’re going to find the bank, get galleons, then find a restaurant. You can get coffee there.”

“I think you may have miscalculated the scale of your logistics,” Dan said, taking another sip. “The bank you’re thinking of is a good hour from here, and you'll need to know the secret to get through the wall.”

“There you go, Lyra,” Twilight said, clambering onto a seat of her own. “Coffee now, walk to bank later. And how did you get here Owlowiscious?”


“A good walk before breakfast will work up our appetites,” Lyra countered.

“Lyra, coffee now, walk later,” Twilight grated.


“Why don’t you join us for breakfast instead?” Dan suggested.

“But,” Lyra repeated.

“You wanted to eat what humans eat for breakfast,” Twilight said. “Well, these humans have just invited us to breakfast, and they have coffee.”

“I think you might be addicted to that stuff,” Lyra muttered as she cantered around the table to take the last seat.

“I’m not addicted,” Twilight objected. "I can quit any time I want."

“Keep telling yourself that,” Emma said, heading toward the kitchen to retrieve a couple more plates and coffee mugs. “How about you, Lyra? Would you like juice or maybe milk?”

Lyra perked up at the offer. “Is it human milk?”

“What?” Emma stopped mid-step.

“Is it human milk?” Lyra repeated. “With udders that big, you must have to milk yourself at least once a day. I’ll bet your fingers are wonderful for that.” The green unicorn pantomimed as she sat up on her chair. "You would not believe how much of a pain it is to squeeze and pull with these."

Dan gracefully squirted coffee out of his nostrils. Luckily, he managed to aim for the mug he was still holding.

Monday morning meant more work for Professor McGonagall. Word of the new visitors had reached her when she returned from the party, but she had wanted to give them a chance to settle in before getting down to business. As the morning sun began to burn away the dawn, Professor McGonagall stopped before a portrait of a distinguished looking young wizard. “Good morning Eric. I trust there have been no incidents?” she said to the painting.

“Good morning, Professor,” The man in the portrait replied. “Our guests haven’t left their chambers since arriving. I assume the elves brought them their suppers directly.”

“Good, good,” Minerva said. “If you would, please.”

“But of course,” the face in the painting said, swinging open to reveal the entrance to a common room.

“Thank you.” Minerva replied, entering the chamber to find it occupied. Seven ponies were huddled together, poring over scrolls. The professor noted a lack of tribal diversity among them. With a hint of surprise, she asked the seven, "All of you are unicorns?"

Looking up from her studies, a khaki pony with a dark red mane answered. "Yes, ma'am. Graduates of Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns."

“I see,” Minerva said, reaching into a robe pocket. “Allow me to introduce myself. I am Deputy Headmistress Minerva McGonagall. I understand you were all thrown into this circumstance with little or no warning, but let me assure you that all efforts shall be made to meet reasonable accommodations.”

Her announcement was met with smiles and the undivided attention of the room’s occupants.

“First, transfiguration rings have been provided for each of you.” Professor McGonagall extracted a handful of jewelry from her pocket. “When you leave these chambers, you will be expected to take human form and wear clothing. It is improper for humans to walk around in public without coverings.”

Minerva paused to let the information sink in. “To that end, you each will need a full wardrobe. You will also need a wand, as well as various sundries. This necessitates a trip to Diagon Alley. Fortunately, Madam Hooch has graciously volunteered to accompany you after breakfast. You shall each acquire a vault from the goblins, and the yearly salary agreed upon by Princess Celestia shall be made available to you. Be aware that although your room and board here has already been paid, these funds are meant to last you for the entire year, so spend wisely.”

A white pony raised a hoof politely.

“Yes Miss . . .” Professor McGonagall nodded at her.

“Resonate Wave,” the young unicorn said. “Will we be able to have bits sent from home? A salary is appreciated, but I, for one, have means of my own to draw upon.”

Minerva noted that two of the other mares nodded their heads in agreement. “At this time there is not an official exchange rate. Monies are being provided by the families of some of our Equestrian students. They have determined a fair exchange. This includes a small transaction fee, more to give a round number than to bring profits.”

“Who determined this?” a teal pony asked.

“Miss Twilight Sparkle did the calculations,” Minerva answered.

The ponies all nodded, obviously happy with this revelation.

“Now, if you would each step forward, I shall present you with your rings,” the lone human in the room said.

The unicorns watched with intense interest as Emma Granger pulled a strange device from the wall. It had two bulbs connected by a curved handle, and it was tethered by a coiled cord. Emma pressed one bulb to her ear, positioning the bulb on the end with the tether next to her mouth. She touched a series of button near the thing's resting place. After a moment, she started talking. What could she be talking to?

Emma finished with, "Goodbye, I'll see you tomorrow." She returned the device to the hook from which she had taken it, eliciting a sharp click of protest. “That’s that,” she said. “My appointments for today shall be rescheduled.”

“It’s been a long time since you’ve played hooky,” Dan commented. “You deserve the break.”

“We don’t want to get you in trouble,” Twilight protested. “Please don’t let us intrude on your responsibilities.”

“Dan and I own our own practice,” Emma replied. “Being your own boss means you can take a day off every now and again.”

“Thank you for showing us around,” Lyra said, examining the object Emma had been talking into. “I can’t wait to see all of the wonders you humans have to offer.” Then, pointing her hoof at the object. “What exactly is this called. What’s it’s range? How does it work?”

Emma noticed Twilight perk her own ears waiting for the answers, practically dancing in place with ill-concealed interest. “It’s called a telephone. You can talk to anyone in the world who has one of their own. It works with electric pulses.”

“Anypony in the world?” Twilight's eyes narrowed. “Surely you’re exaggerating. Electrical signals degrade with distance.”

“We have a complete network,” Dan said pocketing a jingling ring of strange keys. “It connects just about everyone in the world. There are few exceptions to the rule.”

“Really?” Twilight said, not convinced but still excited over the possibilities. “Do you have a way to transmit electric pulses without losing power over distance?”

“I don't know the details,” Dan answered. "I know we can talk to any phone around the world with little delay. It's been explained to me as being like a giant cat with its tail where you are and its head wherever in the world you want to talk. You step on its tail here, and it yowls there."

“Hold up, don’t leave just yet,” Emma said to her husband. She then turned to the two ponies. “Both of you can change into humans, right?”

“I can,” Twilight said. “Lyra can’t.”

“Dan, lend her your ring,” Emma said with a pointed look.

Lyra looked at the ring in Dan’s palm as he held it out to her. “Don’t humans like ponies?” she asked, sounding heartbroken.

“Most people think humans are the only intelligent animal on the planet,” Dan said reassuringly. “If you go out as a pony, the whole world will be watching your every move within five minutes, and that is by no means an exaggeration. Your problem would be that they like you too much.”

“Oh.” Lyra zealously plucked the ring from Dan’s hand with her magic. “How does this work?”

“Just stick it in your mouth,” Twilight said. “Then concentrate on being human.”

“I have hands!” were Lyra’s next words a few seconds later.

As Lyra proceeded to examine every nuance of her new form, Twilight refilled the mugs with a bit of telekinesis. “I think we have time for another cup of coffee.”

“That pink monstrosity of an outfit has got to go,” Emma commented as she grabbed the mug that Twilight floated over.

The seven were quite surprised when they activated their rings. The naked truth was that the animagus spell in the transformation rings was significantly different than what Celestia had cobbled together. With modesty, they could now say they looked like a bubblegum band.

“I don’t know; I kind of like it,” a leggy young woman with golden yellow hair said, twirling in place to show off her new attire. "I'm pretty in pink."

“Barbie, your sense of fashion is beyond questionable.” Resonate Wave admonished.

“Barbie?” Professor McGonagall questioned, turning a questioning gaze on the new woman.

“Yes, my parents have tons of Griffon friends.” The yellow haired apprentice answered, somberly. “They named me in honor of an acquaintance who gave her life saving my father’s.”

A solitary unicorn sat at her dining table enjoying scones with apple preserves when an owl landed on the kitchen counter.

“Good morning, darling,” she said after a sip of tea. “Would you care for some breakfast? I’m afraid I don’t have any meat, but I do have some owl treats on hoof, and, of course, plenty of tea.”

The owl just looked at her and held out a thick envelope which it clutched by the twine tied around it. The bird wore a strange harness displaying a strange crest.

“I see, you're all business,” Rarity said, using her magic to retrieve the envelope. “Are you sure I couldn’t talk you into a light repast?”

Its job done, the owl took off and left the way it had come.

“How rude,” Rarity said, examining the envelope. It had the same crest embossed on it. “I do hope this isn’t more bad news.”

Three former unicorns exited the front door of a large suburban house. The one with purple hair with a pink streak said, “You don’t have any expansion work on your home?”

“Actually, only a very small subset of our population can use magic,” Emma said, locking the door behind herself. “In fact, most of the world is unaware that real magic even exists.”

“How is that even possible?” Lyra asked. “Especially if your communications are even half as good as you claim?”

“The magic users keep themselves hidden,” Emma answered. “They call it the Statute of Secrecy. I, for one, don’t think they can keep it up for much longer.”

“Why would they do that?” Twilight asked.

“We have a rocky history,” Emma admitted. “They originally did it for safety. Now, I think it’s more tradition than anything else.”

“You mean you’ve done all this without magic?” Twilight gestured at the neighborhood.

“Yes,” Emma said.

“Amazing.” Twilight looked around, drinking in the sights.

“Twilight, they have go-carts,” Lyra said, watching a car roar down the street in front of the house.

“What is that road made of?” Twilight said, her attention elsewhere. “It’s even more uniform than the cobblestones in Canterlot.”

“Canterlot?” Emma asked. “You have a town called Canterlot?”

“Yes, it’s our capital city,” Twilight said.

“How bizarre,” Emma said walking up to a go-cart sitting on the small road leading up to her house. “The road is made out of black top.”

“That name is somewhat unimaginative.” Lyra declared moving to stand next to Emma.

“But accurate.” Twilight said, moving to Emma’s other side.

“Lyra, you want to get in on the other side.” Emma placed a key in the door of the go-cart. “Twilight, if you would please get in back.”

“Wouldn’t it be quicker to walk?” Lyra asked, following Emma’s directions.

“No,” Emma answered.

Parvati yawned broadly before snuggling back into the pony pile to get a few more minutes of sleep before they had to get up for classes. They had all collapsed in bed as soon as possible, sleeping through supper and all of the night.

As she lay there, Parvati was plagued by the sense that something important was missing. Grumbling, she raised her head to scan her surroundings. Still half asleep, she prodded the nearest bundle of fur with a hoof. “Seamus? Where’s Magah?”

Rarity opened her front door to see who was knocking at such an early hour. “Oh, Mayor Mare. What a pleasant surprise. What brings you here at such a dreadful hour?”

In response, the mayor stepped to the side and pointed with a hoof.

“Oh my,” Rarity brought a dainty hoof to her mouth. “Wherever did she obtain such a hideous lampshade?”

“I don’t know,” Mayor Mare said, “but she refuses to take it off her head.”

“Philomena,” Hermione called out groggily. “Would you mind going and fetching Magah?”

“How fast are we going?!” Lyra asked with a death grip on the dashboard in front of her.

“About a hundred and twelve kilometers per hour.” Emma replied, casually suppressing her laughter.

“What’s a kilometer?” Twilight shouted with her own death grip on the back of Lyra’s seat.

Surprised, Emma replied, "You're not on the metric system?"

“How could they forget their pet unicorn?” Mare Mayor said, studying the reeling larger mare. “How can they even have a pet unicorn?!”

Her rant was cut off by a flash of fire.

“Good morning, Philomena,” Rarity called out cheerfully, waving.

Philomena trilled a reply before disappearing in another ball of flames.

Mayor Mare sighed and lowered her ears. “I hope that’s the most exciting thing I have to deal with today.”

The screaming brought Cheerilee charging out of the schoolhouse in time to witness the monstrosity trap the entirety of her class against the side of the building. Frantically, Cheerilee rushed forward as wails of terror punctuated the horror as one of the three heads lowered menacingly to . . . drop a stick in front of the cowering foals?

The shock caused Cheerilee to stumble and face plant, coming to a skidding halt. Meanwhile, Zipporwhill inched forward to pick up the stick. “Fetch!” she cried, flinging the piece of wood as far as she could.

Amazingly or predictably, depending on expectations, the large mass of muscle dashed after the offering, wagging its tail the entire time.

“Will you look at that?” Zipporwhill said. “He just wanted to play.” She turned to address the rest of the class only to find a blank wall behind her. “Hey! Where did everypony go . . . urk!”

Zipporwill didn’t register that Cheerilee was carrying her until after the front door to the school had slammed shut.

“Mayor! Rarity!” Rumble yelled, diving down, flailing his hooves in alarm. “Come quick! A giant three-headed dog has everypony trapped in the school!”

“Oh, you’ve met Fluffy,” Rarity said.

“Fluffy?!” The Mayor and Rumble echoed each other.

“Apple Bloom’s new pet,” Rarity offered as an answer.

“Fluffy?!” The Mayor and Rumble reiterated, incredulity evident in their voices.

“Yes, he seems scary at first, but is genuinely rather friendly.”

“Fluffy?!” came the chorus yet again, this time at a higher octave.

“Well, friendly, unless you happen to be a timber wolf. That’s a different story entirely.”

Carefully, Cheerilee peeked out the window. “He’s still out there.” She whispered loudly, gesturing for the foals to stay back. She needn’t have bothered, as everypony else was huddled in the corner furthest from the ongoing drama.

“Somehow, I just know the Crusaders are behind this,” one of the foals buried in the pile said. “It’s been a couple weeks since their last incident.”

“That’s absurd,” another foal countered. “They're not even in Ponyville. Besides, they had an incident yesterday.”

“That was a false alarm,” Dinky noted. “They’re due for a good one.”

“That’s not true.” Yet another foal argued. “The singing the other day falls under the Crusaders’ tally.”

“Fair enough.” Agreed Dinky.

Berry Punch smacked her lips as she woke from what she thought was the best night of her life. She had been so sure that she was doomed to spend the rest of her life alone when somepony showed her how special she was. She was unsure of the details, but she could swear that she hadn't gone to bed alone. There was no denying, however, that she was now the only one in her bed.

Was it all a dream? Maybe she was meant to stay unattached. Oh, well.

Wait a minute . . . Where was her lampshade?

Watching the first-years enter the Great Hall for breakfast, Professor Goodman noticed an anomaly. Putting down his fork, he hurried over to challenge them.

“Miss Belle.” He said as he walked up. “Is your unicorn drunk?”

“Maybe?” Sweetie Belle answered.

The belch that followed rattled every window in the Great Hall. There was now no doubt about Magah's inebriation.

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