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Magic School Days - Dogger807

When the CMC asked Discord to help them attend magic school, he pulled an owl out of his hat. Only he didn't exactly have a hat. Which was okay, since their new school had a singing one laying around. Where the hay was Hogwarts anyway?

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Chapter 38: Making Up for Lost Time

Sirius Black would freely admit that the aura of death and despair in the sterile hospital room left him with an uncomfortable sense of foreboding. Still, the rays of hope that permeated the building made it infinitely more welcoming than the little slice of hell that had once been his dwelling. After a week of being prodded and probed, he was more than ready to leave. He had no doubt that he'd need to return for periodic checkups, and there were innumerable torture sessions from the mind healers that he would need to endure to have any chance of resuming a normal life. However, he would be getting his first true taste of freedom soon.

Impatiently, Sirius fidgeted in one of the wingback chairs that had been left in his room for visitors. He was well and truly done with the bed, despite its comfort and warmth. His nervous energy induced indulgent smiles from his friend, who sat calmly in the other visitor chair. Together, they waited for the final paperwork to be completed so they could leave.

“McGonagall knows we’re coming?” Sirius asked again. Remus had long lost count of how many times his friend had repeated that question. Today, they would be reintroduced to their greatest and most important responsibility.

“Yes,” Remus calmly replied yet again as the door to the room opened, causing Sirius to jump from his chair in anticipation.

“Hello,” Andi said as she entered. Two other women followed her into the room. “Looks like they’ll be done in about thirty minutes, and you’ll be able to go.”

“Nissy!” Remus called, recognizing one of the trailing women.

Narcissa visibly perked up, giving the werewolf all of her attention. “Remus! I wasn’t aware you would be here. It’s been far too long.”

“Your husband warned me not to contact you,” Remus said bitterly as he stepped forward to be reunited with yet another old friend.

With an unladylike snort Narcissa snarled, “I am not surprised. He was always so possessive of his possessions, even those he wasn’t particularly fond of.” She, too, stepped forward, shyly smiling at Remus. “I missed you.”

“Narcissa.” Sirius formally acknowledged his kin.

“Sirius. It is good to see you,” she returned, ironically neglecting visual contact as her eyes greedily drank in every detail of her long-absent friend.

“Ahem,” Andi called for attention, and gestured to the other woman who accompanied her. “I’d like to introduce you to Alice Rutter.”

Remus waved absently as Sirius roguishly smiled and said, “Matt and Lucy’s girl. You certainly have grown into a beauty.” Then, with a bearing homophonic with his name, Sirius continued ceremoniously, “I cannot begin to thank you enough for what you have done for me. Words cannot convey the gratitude I hold for your actions. I am in your debt.” There was a pulse of magic, underscoring the gravity of his words.

Solemnly, Alice curtsied at the honor and replied just as formally, “You are most welcome. Let it be known that I renounce any debts that you consider owed to me. Though I would have done the same had I been made aware of your situation in another manner, my actions were the requested repayment of a favor. I was called upon to act by Discord of Equestria, who stated that he was acting as a messenger for the Spirit of Justice. As such, I can lay no claim to your gratitude.” As with Sirius, a pulse of magic punctuated her statement.

“I acknowledge that you operated as an agent for another,” Sirius stated. “Still, your parents were allies, and your actions have greatly benefited House Black. I formally extend the friendship of my House.”

“I humbly and gladly accept,” Alice said.

“So, mote it be,” Sirius intoned, and yet another quantum of magic was felt by all.

“Now that that’s out of the way,” Alice said, pointing at Remus and Narcissa, “what’s the story with those two? They haven’t stopped making eyes at each other this whole time.”

“They were friends back at school,” Sirius said

“Unlike me,” Andi sorrowfully said, “Nissy obeyed father and married the man he arranged for her instead of the man she loved.”

They continued to watch the newly-reunited friends stare at each other.

“So,” Sirius whispered, “how long do you suppose it will be before they remember there are other people in the room?”

“I’ve got a galleon on two minutes,” Andi said.

“You're on,” Sirius said. “My money’s on five.”

“I’m in for seven minutes,” Alice said.

“Noooooooooo!” The plaintive wail cut through the air as yet another tome plummeted toward molten rock.

“Hermione,” Dan called from the other side of the platform, where he was still looking over the edge. “Enough.”

“That wasn’t me,” Hermione protested.

“Then who?” Dan demanded.

“It was the book,” Emma informed him.

The third-year Ravenclaw gulped as the aggressor closed the distance between the two of them. He had been careless and had allowed himself to be trapped in an empty classroom. Somehow, he found himself backed into a corner.

Not sure how he would survive the encounter, he stammered, “Um, hi. Can I help you?”

“Yeeeees,” came the purred reply.

Conscious of the hand on the wall next to his head and the close proximity, he tried again. “Did you need help with your homework?”

“Nooo.” Again, with the purring.

He began to shiver with fear. “Then what?”

“I’ve been forced to watch for fifty years.” The purring was getting closer. “You’re mine. We’re just going to see how long it takes for you to realize it.”

“What?” he sputtered, feeling the hot breath caress the skin on his face

“Okay, I’m confused,” Abagail said, no longer wobbling on her borrowed broom. “I thought he said that he has been flying for ages.”

Staying close to the newbie, Ginny watched as her brother screamed and corkscrewed his way down the pitch, followed closely by the laughing twins, who descended in a more controlled manner. “This is new. His broom is just having a disagreement with him.”

“You can make brooms mad?” Abagail asked in surprise, turning to the littlest redhead.

“It would seem so,” Dean said from her other side, looking off in another direction. “I wish someone would catch that snitch, the way it keeps zipping all over the field is distracting.”

“I don’t see it.” Abagail shrugged, surveying the area Dean was studying.

“It’s right there.” Dean pointed. “Oh look, Sweetie and Parvati have pulled Neville out of the lake.

“You can make them out from over here?” Ginny asked, impressed.

“Yeah.” Dean nodded. “They can help pull Lavender and Wood out of the bushes on their way back.”

“Twilight, darling, are you in here?” Rarity’s voice reverberated through the ancient oak her friend called home. “I’ve received an owl earlier, and I have need of your assistance.”

“Does it involve killer dolls?” Twilight asked warily, cantering from the kitchen area.

“No.” Rarity shook her head. “But, it does involve Harry Potter. I just need you to represent me at a meeting later today, seeing that I’m not really supposed to put in an appearance quite yet.”

“Will Albus Dumbledore be attending?”

“There is that possibility,” Rarity confirmed.

“May I please borrow your bat?”

“I left it in the front room, just in case you asked.” Rarity said with a grin, “I’ve made some improvements.”

“Oh?” Twilight said, looking past her friend to observe the object in question. “You wrapped it in velvet?”

“Blood stains are so bothersome to get out of wood,” Rarity informed Twilight. “This way, I just have to remove and replace the covering.”

Twilight nodded in understanding. “And the sapphires?”

“Just because I have to be brutish doesn’t mean I can’t look fabulous in the process.”

“True,” Twilight relented, “but wouldn’t they stay attached better if they were flush with the wood?”

“Darling,” Rarity waved a dismissive hoof, “surely, you are familiar with concentrating force. These gems are harder than iron; so what if they happen to break off while fulfilling their purpose?”

“I'll make sure he gets the point -- or points.” Twilight raised a forehoof to rub her chin. “Would you like me to modify them so that they dispel standard magic shields?”

“If it wouldn’t be too much of a bother.”

“With as much effort as you’ve put into this, I’m surprised you haven’t given it a proper name yet,” Twilight commented.

“Don’t be silly.” Rarity pouted. “Frank was named days ago.”

“Frank?” Twilight raised an eyebrow.

“Yes, Frank.”

“So, when you start swinging it you're going to say something like, ‘Let me be Frank’?”

“The thought had never crossed my mind.”

“If you say so.”

“Pay up,” Alice said, sticking out her palm.

“You weren’t even close.” Andi shook her head.

“I was closest,” Alice countered.

“You just picked the biggest number,” Sirius disagreed, “and they’re still at it.”

“Will he recover?” Fluttershy asked Dr. Fauna as the yellow earth pony backed away from the patient.

“I don’t see why he wouldn’t,” Dr. Fauna said, comforting the skittish mare. “How he lost that much blood with no apparent wounds is beyond me. However, the worst is over; now, he just needs rest.”

“I’m so relieved to hear that.” Fluttershy beamed. “He seems like such a nice rat.”

“Coming from anypony else, that statement would be a joke,” Dr. Fauna commented. “Have you chosen a name for him yet?” She had her clipboard out and was already penning "Mr." and was waiting for something like "squeakers" or "nibbler" to finish it off.

“Wormtail,” Fluttershy said.

Dr. Fauna spat out her quill in surprise over the deviation from normal naming practices. “What?”

“One of the times he drifted into consciousness, he said his name was Wormtail,” Fluttershy admitted, with a small hint of disapproval. “We can’t just go around changing his name without permission, now can we?”

Dr. Fauna picked up the dusty quill with a measure of disgust before completing the form. “That’s a unique name. Sounds like he’s somepony’s lost pet.”

With a wistful expression, Elisa looked around her small apartment in wonder. After over a decade of bemoaning its cramped accommodations, she now found it was strangely empty. It now seemed much too big for her.

For the last eleven years, her daughter had been her constant companion. Now that Abagail was off at boarding school, it suddenly became clear to Elisa just how lonely her existence had been. Now, until the Christmas break, it would only be her in the apartment; she wouldn't see another soul there until Christmas break. The sudden isolation threatened to be the proverbial straw that would make her break down and cry.

Elisa had never been a social person; her upbringing had given her no opportunity to develop her social skills. Since her emancipation, her life had been devoted to raising her daughter, so there had been no need to develop friendships. Now that her sole duty had been obviated, she found herself adrift.

Numbly, she turned on the telly to distract herself from the hole in her life. She needed an anchor, any anchor, anything to let her know how she fit in. For the first time she could remember, she needed a purpose.

“So,” Alice remarked with a grin once everyone was paying attention again, “you two were a couple back at Hogwarts?”

Narcissa sighed, “My father would never have tolerated such a scandal. Remus and I were just friends, behind closed doors. My marriage contract would allow nothing more.”

Remus gave a fond smile. “We had some very special conversations back then.”

“Just conversations?” Andi rolled her eyes. “With the way you two reacted to seeing each other? Those must have been some pretty extraordinary conversations.”

“They were,” Narcissa agreed. “I am still bitter that they were forced to end.”

“Well, it isn’t too late to start them up again,” Sirius said, smirking at Remus.”

“Oh!” Alice suddenly widened her eyes. “I just realized where I’ve seen you before. Mr. Lupin, didn’t you save my mother’s life when the Death Eaters attacked that townhall meeting?”

“What?” Remus started. Then, with sadness saturating his voice he continued, “Ah, yes, me and some ‘friends’ did respond to that attack. Sirius and James helped beat back the attack, too, as matter of fact. Those monsters managed to kill fifteen good people that day. They killed a lot of good people afterwards.”

Alice paused as her train of thought was derailed. “They just kept killing,” she whispered, “and even after their master was dead, they still corrupted everything they touched.”

A solemn round of nods circled the room.

“I got them though,” Alice said firmly. “After all these years, I got some of them. Their deaths were much too quick and painless. They did not suffer nearly enough, but I got them.”

“Such hatred weighs down the soul,” Remus cautioned.

“Maybe,” Alice said, “but I got them, and I’ll get the rest, too.”

“Perhaps we should move on to less morbid topics,” Narcissa suggested.

“Right,” Alice said with a mischievous grin. “It’s time for presents.”

“You brought presents?” Sirius perked up. “You shouldn’t have.”

“Just one,” Alice said, “and it’s not for you.”

“Awww.” Sirius gave an exaggerated pout.

Smiling wider, Alice addressed the other man in the room. “Remus Lupin, in acknowledgment of the selfless service you have provided my family in the past, I hereby share with you some of my spoils of conquest. Narcissa Malfoy nee Black is now yours to do with as you please. I pass to you my claim upon her and any she had cared for, as well as a substantial dowry.”

“What?!” yelped everyone else in the room.

“That’s some present.” Sirius whistled, and held his hand about as high as his nose. “While you’re at it, I’d like a blonde about yeah high with a D-cup.”

“You know,” Alice said, “If you’re serious, I do have such a woman still under my aegis.”

Knowing his normal response would spring the trap, Sirius said, “Well, just for today, why don’t you call me Matthew instead.”

“If you change your mind, let me know,” Alice said heading for the door. “In the meantime, me and the girls are going to check on the status of your discharge. We’ll be right back.” The other two women started, and then quickly followed her out the room.

Once the door slammed shut, Remus turned to Sirius and asked, “What just happened?”

“You, my friend,” Sirius said coming over to slap his hand on Remus’ shoulder, “have been had.”

“What?” Remus sputtered.

“She’s devious,” Sirius continued. “She almost got me too. Did you see how fast she leapt for that opportunity? She was just waiting for me to say ‘My dear, I’m always Sirius’ and I almost did, too, out of sheer reflex.”

“What?” Remus repeated, still in shock.

Giggling like schoolgirls, three women made their way down the halls of St. Mungo's.

“Did you see the looks on their faces?” Andi asked, “They actually think the present was for Remus.”

“You’ll have to excuse them.” Narcissa said, “They’re just men; they don’t know any better.”

“True.” Alice giggled. “I do so hope you enjoy your gift.”

“I am sure that I shall.” Narcissa blushed. “Though I must protest at being treated like chattel.”

“Oh?” Alice looked at her. “Would you like for me to go back and annul the whole deal?”

“Don’t you dare.” Narcissa gasped. “Don’t you even dare think of it.”

“Minerva,” the headmaster called to his deputy as she made her way toward her office.

“Yes, Albus?” she asked, waiting for him to catch up.

“I understand that a meeting is about to take place in your chambers and thought it would be best if I attended,” Dumbledore said with a twinkle in his eye. “After all, Sirius has been in Azkaban for all these years, and there couldn’t be enough supervision for this reunion.”

“I’m afraid that is out of the question,” Minerva said, her lips pursed thin. “Mr. Potter’s guardian has submitted paperwork stating that you are not to have any contact with him. In fact, she will be sending a representative.”

Dumbledore tsked in dismissal, “I am the headmaster still; it is well within my responsibilities to see to the wellbeing of my students.”

“Yes, it is,” Minerva said narrowing her eyes at a sudden thought. “In this case, his wellbeing precludes your presence.”

“I must protest,” Dumbledore said.

“I am sorry, Albus.” Minerva stated firmly, “They are well within their rights to exclude you, and they have done so explicitly.”

“I am sure that I still have wisdom to share,” Dumbledore insisted. “Once we get past this misunderstanding, I’m sure we can all work together for the greater good.”

Minerva sighed and laid down the law. “Albus, your mishandling of Harry’s welfare has made you persona non grata with the ponies. You said yourself that we should not provoke them unnecessarily.”

Dumbledore frowned. At this point, if he removed the ponies from the school, they would take Harry with them when they left. That could not be allowed.

“Very well,” he relented, “I leave it to your capable hands then.” With those words he turned on his heels and stalked to his own office.

The tropical sun no longer beat down from above as they explored the rest of the contents of the trunk. The two wizards ruffled through the assorted contents as Hermione, much to her glee, was given leave to explore her new library. A quick scan produced a book entitled, “Read me first.” Not seeing any reason not to, Hermione opened it to do just that.

“Mum!” she exclaimed, producing a sealed envelope. “This one has a letter in it. Addressed to ‘my descendants’”

“That sounds promising,” Emma said from she was perusing the remaining titles. “Would you mind reading it out loud for everyone to hear?”

“Okay.” Hermione said, opening the envelope. Moody and Discord, their curiosity piqued, wandered over to listen.

Standing straighter, Hermione began reading.

Dear child of my children,

I greet you. My name was Lucinda Dalena Kirkland nee Lestrange. I say was, because I have written and rewritten this letter many times over the years, any hope that I might know who would finally open my trunk has passed. I only pray that it will one day be opened.

If you have not already deduced from the items surrounding you and titles of the books on the shelves, magic exists. The trunk is keyed to open for the first of my descendants to be able to control magic, something I, myself, have never been able to do.

Before we devolve into my history, let me warn you of the third shelf on the furthest bookcase. The books there are not moral. I have debated with myself, long and hard on whether to include them or see them destroyed. I hope you are the type of person who seeks goodness. If not, I charge you with burning those books this very instant. My brother has charmed the book you found this letter in so that you must reflect on your motives, before you may read any of the aforementioned books. The reason they are there is because, despite the curses and horrors they hold, they also, for the most part, hold the counter curses and cures as well.

With a massive scowl, Hermione stopped reading and turned her glare towards Discord.

“Well.” Discord said, chuckling slightly, “I don’t see myself living this one down for a while.”

Minerva surveyed her magically-expanded office and the people sitting in the wingback chairs. There had be some unanticipated additions. Sirius and Remus were, of course, expected. The two Black sisters and Miss Rutter were not.

Minerva cleared her throat, “Once the representative for Harry’s guardian arrives, we may begin. After we have a chance to get acquainted with each other, I will summon Mr. Potter,” she assured everyone present. “While we wait, would anyone care for some refreshments?”

“I am Harry’s guardian.” Sirius protested, fidgeting in his chair. Minerva was sure she saw Miss Rutter flinch at the declaration.

“Be that as it may,” Minerva gently admonished her former student, “Mrs. Belle has shown to care deeply for her new charge, and I do believe you will be able to find common ground with her. I recommend treating her envoy with respect as well as gratitude.”

“Don’t worry; anyone who has Harry’s best interest at heart has my gratitude,” Sirius said.

“Will Discord be coming?” Alice asked.

“I find it most likely that he will be,” Minerva said with a knowing look. Some children wore their hearts on their sleeves.

Alice beamed at the news and sat straighter in her chair, just as an owl flew into the room.

Recognizing the avian, Minerva reached for the letter he was holding.

“How did he get in?” Remus asked. “Your windows are closed.”

“He’s a very clever owl,” Minerva said quickly reading the letter, then with a raised eyebrow, she placed the tip of her wand on the pouch the owl was wearing and said, “Ex dimittere.”


“That’s an unprecedented manner of travel.” Narcissa said over the surprised silence.

“It certainly lacks in the dignity department,” the purple and pink haired woman on the floor commented, standing up.

“Is your hair naturally three toned?” Andi asked jealously.

“Yep,” the woman said, reaching into the pouch from which she had just emerged. “Hello, my name is Twilight Sparkle.”

“Miss Sparkle,” Minerva said with a small smile, “welcome, I am Minerva McGonagall. It is a pleasure to meet you in person.”

“Professor!” Twilight said pulling a velvet covered bat from the pouch. “I’m so glad to finally meet you as well.” The assembled adults stared at the small fortune in sapphires that studded her acquisition.

“You came prepared,” Remus noted as he watched her take a few awkward practice swings.

“I do tend to be detail orientated,” Twilight said frowning at her efforts.

“I think you’ll find that you’ll have better results and find it more comfortable if you keep your hands closer together,” Sirius said standing to get behind the woman, “Here let me show you.”

“Gah!” Twilight exclaimed, highly conscious of the sudden close proximity of the unfamiliar human stallion.

“There you go,” Sirius said, backing away. “Give it a swing now.”

Twilight promptly pulverized an innocent vase, forgetting to watch her bat instead of the stallion behind her as she swung.

“Um, I see,” Twilight said looking at the mess, her face as pink as the highlight in her hair, “basic leverage . . . I can fix this.”

Chortling, Remus waved his wand. “Reparo,” he intoned, and the porcelain fragments reintegrated into a priceless heirloom.

“Thank you,” Twilight said, turning to examine the other occupants of the room. She did not steal any glances back at the first stallion. “By the distinct lack of flowing white beards, I assume none of you are Albus Dumbledore?”

“He’s not here,” Andi confirmed, still eyeing the bat.

“When is he expected?” Twilight said with a hint of hope in her voice.

“He won’t be attending,” Minerva firmly stated.

“Are you positive?” Twilight asked, dejected.


Twilight sighed and put the bat back in the owl’s pouch.

“You seem awful determined to . . . um . . . meet him,” Andi ventured.

“If I don’t get my conversation with him in soon, I’m afraid I won’t get the chance,” Twilight stated, casually edging closer to the stallion to see if he would back away.

“Do all of your conversations involve gem-encrusted bats?” Narcissa inquired.

“No, this is a first for me.” Twilight admitted.

“May I ask what prompted this reaction, then?” Andi asked.

“What promp . . .” Twilight sputtered, “I take it none of you have read the medical report?”

“What medical report?” Sirius demanded, for the second time in one day evoking the gravitas that his name suggested.

The ambience was the unique flavor found in all family-owned Italian restaurants. It was something the big chains would never be able to recreate, no matter how hard they tried. Around the table topped by an unimaginative red and white cover sat a lunch party.

“I am so glad you let us treat you to lunch,” Emma said, ignoring her menu; she already knew what she wanted.

Moody grunted appreciatively as Discord smiled and diplomatically replied, “How could we deny you more time with your daughter? Besides, good food is always welcome.”

“And despite our daughter’s disappointment, we are appreciative of the trouble you went through over those books.” Dan said dipping a breadstick in some warm marinara sauce.

Hermione crossed her arms and continued to sulk.

“I am sorry that we upset you, Hermione,” Discord said, “but I won’t apologize for disposing of those atrocities.” Pulling a stack of pictures out of the pocket of this garishly ghastly jacket, he said with a grin, “Besides, I get to practice my dodging skills.”

The first-years had just entered the castle when the spell accosted one of their number.

“Mr. Potter, please report to my office immediately,” the silvery form of a cat said as Sweetie hid behind Parvati.

“Giiii?” Magah inquired, unsure why one of her charges was shivering at the sight of wholesome-feeling magic.

“Well,” Harry said, handing his broom to Neville, “looks like it’s about that time.”

Neville ogled the broomstick he had just been handed before saying, “I’m not sure if I want to hold two of these right now.” With that, he handed the extra to Ron.

Ron eeped and handed it to Seamus.

“Apple Bloom?” Scootaloo asked, holding out a hand to receive the redhead’s broom.

“Right,” Apple Bloom said entrusting her ride to her friend, “let’s go then, Harry.”

“You’re coming with?” Harry asked. “I think Professor McGonagall wants me to come alone.”

“Yer part of a herd now,” Apple Bloom said. “Y’all don’t ever have to face anything alone if you don't want. But if you don’t want me, Sweetie or Parvati would be happy to tag along. Any of your herdmates would be.”

“I didn’t mean it that way,” Harry quickly replied, a warm feeling filling his being. “Yes I want you to come with.”

“Then, let’s face this together.” Apple Bloom held out her hand for Harry to take. “Ah swear Ah will never fail to stand by yer side as long as y’all will have me.”

Unnoticed, magic pulsed.

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