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Good Morning Equestria - Quoterific

Equestria's newest chat show to all creatures

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Chapter 74- Sweet Disaster

"Luna, please, let me have this one chance!" Celestia whined on one side of the door leading to the Royal Kitchens. It has only been a dew days since Luna won the bake-off against her sister. Celestia managed fine for the last few days. However, her self-control was beginning to decline rapidly. She was having cravings for her cravings. Her sun was starting to look like a bright yellow cupcake that would match Pinkie’s fantasy of the sun being a burning marshmallow.

“Sister, it is for your own good!” Luna barked from the other side of the door. She had stationed two of her best guards on either side of the fridge. When both guards heard of their assignment, they were confused at first. They had better things to guard than a fridge in the corner of the Royal Kitchens. That, however, soon became apparent when the Solar Diarch came banging on the doors, her craving caving in.

“My own good will come when my tastebuds are sated by the flavour of sweetness!” Celestia whined some more, “And Pinkie Pie is going to do an icing tutorial for every creature for today’s show!”

“No means no!” Luna chided from the other side. It was then that the radio began to start.

“Welcome back to our show, every creature!” Pinkie Pie warmly invited every listener, “Today, we are in Sugarcube Corner with Mrs Cake, to tell us how to do various methods of icing with piping and knife skills. This will help every creature create the best decorated cake for every occasion!”

“Thank you Mrs Cake for letting us into our store,” Silverstream thanked their guest, both for the venue and for starring, “How long have you been doing this again?”

“Thanks to Applejack’s mother, Pear Butter, but Bright Mac always called her Buttercup. She helped me get my cutie mark with baking, helping me perfect my recipes over the years,” Mrs Cake smiled at the memories, wiping a tear from her eyes.

“So without further ado, let’s get icing!”

“Luna! It’s starting!” Celestia whined.

“I am displaying tough love for your royal image!” Luna said through gritted teeth.

“First are the tools. It’s helpful to have a rotating platform to help with moving the cake without ruining it or your hooves. Make sure the piping bag is tight and doesn’t leak and cause a mess. Spatulas can be used to smooth out patterns and remove any mistakes that you make.” Every creature nodded, eyeing the various tools for their session in the art of icing.

“I am showing you a simple pattern called petals. It is done with a piping bag and a small spatula. Start by piping dots in a vertical line next to each other. Then, using the spatula, you are going to scrape half of the dot off, leaving a trial mark behind it,” Mrs Cake gave the first demonstration, years of experience coming into work. The others stared in awe as they watched the master work, besides Pinkie who gave a knowing nod and smirk. She repeated each piping and scraping until she did it all the way round the cake.

“And that is how you do a petal pattern on the side of your cake,” Mrs Cake said proudly, “No magic, no fuss. I’m looking at you Starlight Glimmer.” She muttered the last sentence so the microphones couldn't hear that.

“Luna, Just one bag of icing!” Celestia pleaded desperately.

“You with an icing bag is like watching Pinkie Pie with a can of whipped cream!” Luna shivered, “It is messy and disturbing that even the nightmare I have witnessed cannot compare!”

“Now it’s time for you all to try!” Mrs Cake smiled, “Choose from an array of colours I have made of buttercream and get to work. Cakes are plain and on their rotating stands, already frosted for you all to try.” After thanking her for the preparations, they all got to work.

Silverstream chose a deep blue like the ocean, Marble a burning bright orange, Pinkie, obviously going for pink, Gabby going for a bright yellow and Autumn going for deep green. The radio was soon filled with the sound of laughing and the squeezing of piping bags.

“They are teasing me Luna!” Celestia wailed, “The sound of sweetness oozing out of their bags!”

“It’s all in your head!” Luna sighed. Both guards were at a stance.

Once every creature was done with the edge, Mrs Cake moved onto the top.

“Now we get to the art of writing with icing,” Mrs Cake explained, “You need controlled and swift movement. The thickness of the icing is key as well, as you don’t want thick or runny icing when writing. A small nozzle head is advised for better control as well. Best to do is to practice on some baking paper to get the flow of it.” Every creature complied, practicing their technique with their names before moving to their own cakes. The kitchen was filled with oozing icing once again. Once that was done, every creature admired their work.

“Thank you Mrs Cake for the wonderful demonstration session. We will be back soon, but-“


The kitchen was filled with a bright golden blinding light, causing every creature to cover their eyes. When the stars cleared for every creature to see again, they were in shock to find Princess Celestia in the centre of the kitchen. However, it was not the Celestia they knew. Her mane and tail were frazzled, moving awkwardly with her waving effect. Her eye had a nasty twitch and her crown was at an odd angle on her head. Every creature bowed in surprise.

“Princess Celestia?!” Mrs Cake shouted in shock, “What-how-why are you here?”

Celestia didn’t seem to pay her attention, instead, she was eyeing their creations.

“Can’t talk, must have cake.”

Before any creature could ask, Celestia dove head first and devoured the cakes like her life depended on it.

Back in Canterlot, Luna looked with wide eyes as she turned to the radio. Then her hoof met her face.

“OF COURSE SHE HAD TO TELEPORT THERE!” She roared in her Royal Canterlot Voice for all of the capital to hear.

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