• Published 12th Apr 2021
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Good Morning Equestria - Quoterific

Equestria's newest chat show to all creatures

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Chapter 68- Rising Up

"We are joined today by two lovely bakers from Ponyville, who are going to tell us about their story on how they came into the world of baking and some of the fun times from Sugarcube Corner,” Pinkie Pie declared with enthusiasm, “They have been kind enough to employ me at Sugarcube Corner for quite some time, so I wanted to say a super-duper big thank you for all they have done and this was the best way I could.” She smiled to the guests, who smiled back in gratitude.

“So without further ado,” Silverstream started off, “Please welcome to the show Mr and Mrs Cake!”

“Thank you for inviting us, Pinkie,” Mrs Cake thanked in sincere gratitude, “Pinkie was practically begging us to come along and tell you creatures about all the shenanigans that has happened in our humble shop.”

“So where to begin?” Gabby asked the pair.

“I guess the first major even that has happened at our store was when Princess Celestia arrived for a tea party with the Ponyville residents,” Mrs Cake started off, “It was a packed event, with Spike managing the food for us with his Dragonfire.”

“It would have been alright if it weren’t for a certain pony eating Princes Celestia’s cake right in front of her,” Mr Cake chuckled as he and his wife turned to Pinkie with a knowing smirk. All the pink pony could do was chuckle sheepishly.

“However, we did get a good laugh when Princess Celestia pulled a prank on us,” Mrs Cake chuckled as she recalled the princess’ joke.

“That sounds like you all had fun,” Autumn complimented, “Now let’s talk about foals.”

“Having twins was one thing,” Mr Cake continued, “But try having one who was a pegasus, who was a really strong flyer, and a unicorn with strong magical outbursts!”

“Or trying having a baby alicorn with both at the same time!” Pinkie spoke out loud.

Every creature looked at her with deadpanned looks.

“Anyway, Pinkie Pie, once again, came in, this tine wanting to be their babysitter, and we told her that it was a big responsibility,” Mrs Cake explained, which Pinkie nodded her head to.

“I underestimated, what a BIG responsibility it was. I had to resolve to dumping flour on my head in order to make them happy,” Pinkie told her story, “But now, me and the twins are on good terms and we love to spend time with each other.”

“That would explain why we were on a flour shortage for the next week,” Mr Cake rubbed his chin in thought.

“Then were was the MMMM, or Marzipan Mascarpone Meringue Madness. It was originally for the Canterlot Dessert Contest. It was an awkward scenario to say the least. We won with some other competitors, but when Pinkie came back, we asked for the ribbon. She said to wait for a few hours. It took forever to get the stink off of it,” Mrs Cake rolled her eyes.

Every creature’s face turned a shade of green upon hearing that.

“That’s a little too much information there, Honey-Bun,” Mr Cake nudged his wife.

“I think that’s enough of your stories in Ponyville,” Silverstream squeezed, “Why don’t you tell us how you got into baking.”

“That would be me,” Mrs Cake raised a hoof, “It’s all thanks to Applejack’s, Applebloom’s and Big Macintosh’s mother Pear Butter. Just like Applebloom, she help me find my talent in baking. She'd be my taste-tester, help with the decorating, and prep new ingredients. Over the years, I perfected my recipes,” She recited what she told the Apples about their mother, “I met Mr Cake here, and used their mother’s skills to pass on baking skills from her to him. It took off from there, and we got married.”

“I was not the best baker at the time, but we worked hard to get my skills to perfection. We moved to Ponyville when because of the zap apple jam seasons. We wanted to see what it would do to our business. What we didn’t expect was for our business to boom. Pear Butter helped with most of the zap apple prep, though, which helped a lot. Sugarcube Corner is always busy at zap apple season,” Mrs Cake continued.

“Well, thank you, Mr and Mrs Cake spending your time with us outside the bakery to be with us. We better let you go before something happens to your foals,” Silverstream finished off.

“Thank you for having us again and it was a delight,” Mr Cake thanked the hosts.

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