• Published 12th Apr 2021
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Good Morning Equestria - Quoterific

Equestria's newest chat show to all creatures

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Chapter 91- In Stitches

“We are joined today by a very special guest with us today,” Pinkie jumped and down in her seat, Marble trying hard to control her sister, “We went on this super-duper crazy trip in the balloon and went to the place called Hope Hollow. However, this town was more than hopeful, as the whole place was super-duper dull, but not like dull as is boring dull. I meant like dull as in all grey and colourless and-“ Gabby put a talon to Pinkie’s hyper-motor mouth.

“Pinkie, I think our listeners will be slightly confused about what you’re saying.” Gabby explained, “Why don’t you try and take a deep breath, and say it all slowly?” Pinkie, unable to speak with a talon to the mouth, hummed and nodded in acknowledgement.

“Good, now let’s continue from there,” Gabby slowly released her grip from Pinkie Pie’s mouth. Marble gave the griffon a thankful smile.

“So we tried to figure out what is going on around there, which was caused by some weird magic mumbo-jumbo that Twilight figured out, as usual. We needed this Rainbow Festival to bring the community back together which was the cause of this whole colourless problem,” Pinkie finished off slower than before.

“Much better,” Autumn smiled, “Now we are here today with a very special guest from Hope Hollow, who is here with us today. So please put your hooves, claws and talons together for Kerfuffle.” The pegasus waved a hoof at every creature as they clapped to welcome their special guest.

“I'm Kerfuffle! Spelled like it sounds, with a double "ffff" for the "fuff"!” Kerfuffle blew a raspberry as she explained how to spell her names, before giggling wryly and sighed, “I should really stop talking now.”

“No don’t, the reason this is a chat show is to talk, silly,” Pinkie joked. Silverstream, with her boundless curiosity, was focused on her prosthetic hindleg.

“Um, Kerfuffle, I don’t want to intrude or anything, but what happened to your…” Silverstream trailed off as she hinted at her back leg. It was then that the other creatures and Marble noticed what was wrong, their eyes widening.

“Don’t fret about it,” Keruffle chuckled, “When the Rainbow Festival became popular and we started getting more visitors from outside Hope Hollow, I’ve been asked that question more than once. I don’t want to go into any gruesome details for a chat show, but let’s say it involved some lying piece of fabric, a trip and a switched on sewing machine. You can probably piece it all together from there.”

“I think we can,” Gabby’s face shivered as the others shifted uncomfortably in their seats. Marble and Autumn’s faces turned a delightful shade of green.

“The hospital unfortunately said there was nothing to do to fix my leg, but a good friend of mine from Hope Hollow, Torque Wrench, made me this lovely prosthetic leg that works a treat. It took a lot of rehabilitation and therapy, but I’m back at the sewing, safely I might add now, doing what I love. Petunia comes along to maintain my leg. She’s a lifesaver, literally,” Kerfuffle finished off, “But enough about me before I ramble on and on again. This is a chat and share so right?”

“You’re right,” Pinkie Pie was about ready to explode in excitement, “You’ve been improving your works after we last met, and you’re thinking about expanding your fashion to more than just ponies right?” The other creatures perked up in interest whilst Kerfuffle nodded.

“I brought with me some special items of clothing that I made as gifts for all of you creatures. Think of it as a way of saying thank you for all the great talks you’ve done so far and to many more to come.” Every creature gave an ‘aww’ at the kind gesture.

“You really didn’t have to,” Autumn waved a hoof, but Kerfuffle stopped her.

“I was inspired by Rarity. I was copying her design ideas when we first met, but she encouraged me to open up about my own designs. I was inspired, not by her work, but by her generosity to see that my works wasn’t just a waste of talent and good fabric,” Kerfuffle smiled warmly, “Now let’s see what I have for all of you fine creatures.” From behind her seat, she pulled out a case opened it up, she rummaged around.

“First is something I have for Gabby,” Kerfuffle started off, the griffon smiling in excitement, “Knowing I cold it is up in Griffonstone, I knitted this lovely winter scarf and hat, mimicking the traditional clothes of the place.” She pulled up a royal red scarf and had with golden accents on the edges. Gabby took it off her hooves and put them on.

“So cosy,” Gabby cooed as she snuggled into the scarf and hat. Kerfuffle then turned to Autumn.

“For you Autumn, I made this special wool that is fire resistant. I call it, A Burning Passion.” She pulled out a flowing dress, decorated in a fire pattern, flames around the border and whips of smoke flowing around the middle, “The wool is only found on a plant close to the Dragonlands, where it gets it’s fireproof properties.”

Autumn’s eyes lit up as she took the dress. She put it on immediately, admiring the stitchwork and detail.

“It’s wonderful,” She complimented before lightly setting a hoof on fire and touching the dress. There were no scorch marks or holes at point of contact. Autumn smiled giddily at that.

“Now for you Marble,” Kerfuffle smiled at Pinkie’s sister, “I went for a pink and white stripped scarf when the winter hits in western Equestria. Hope it’s to your liking,” She pulled out a long scarf which Autumn used her magic to wrap around Marble’s neck comfortably. Marble sighed and snuggled into the scarf happily.

“For Silverstream, I went for an ocean-themed wing and fin warmers. They have a crashing wave-like pattern of light and dark blues on the fin-warmers and a cloudy sky theme on the others. I think you will love them. You can even use them underwater as they are waterproof too.” Silverstream squeed in excitement as Kerfuffle got out a pair of each.

“These are wonderful!” Pinkie gave her thanks, “And I have the ones you gave me still in my room! Well, before every creature starts getting too excited than me, I think we will call it there for today. Thank you so very much to Kerfuffle for coming along and we all hope to see you again soon!”

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