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Good Morning Equestria - Quoterific

Equestria's newest chat show to all creatures

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Chapter 100- Rhythmic Gymnastics Pt.2

“Hello every listener and welcome back to the Equestria Games in Manehattan, partnering with the Reformed Unicorn Group so that you don’t miss every bit of action the games provide,” Gabby welcomed their listeners to the Games, “We are here at the Manehattan Gymnastics Centre, built jut for the Games, to see which lucky gymnast will win gold in the rhythmic gymnastics, specifically the ribbon routine.” Gabby looked out from her booth at the gymnasts who were warming up. The crowd was as lively as ever, all chatting about what they were going to see.

“As I said before, we are partnered with the R.U.G., so joining me in commentating this is Starlight,” Gabby welcomed the unicorn, nodded her head in acknowledgement, “So, Starlight, being that you live with Twilight and know that she’s really into her books, you must know who rhythmic gymnastics are judged.” Starlight chuckled at Gabby’s comment.

“It’s true that Twilight reads out loud a lot, and I have caught her reading many strange things, such as the Equestria Games and how different sports are judged,” Starlight smiled at remembering her time with Twilight in her library at the Castle of Friendship, “performances in rhythmic gymnastics are given by judges, who assess the performance and award a difficulty score and an execution score, which are combined to give the final score for the routine.”

“And whilst we have time before the event begins, what does difficulty and execution mean?” Gabby asked to let her continue.

“Difficulty is based on each element of the performance including leaps, jumps and use of apparatus. This difficulty score is unlimited,” Starlight answered simply, “However, execution is based on how well the routine was executed. This has a starting value of ten points. Difficulty and execution are combined and then is reduced for any penalties. Competitors can be penalised for anything from breaking the apparatus, to the time taken, to landing heavily on their hooves or claws.”

“Now that is strict,” Gabby mused. She then pulled out the list of competing nations:

1. Trottingham
2. Vanhoover
3. Neighpan
4. Las Pegasus
5. Mount Aris
6. Saddle Arabia

“We have quite the list of competing cities and kingdoms,” Gabby scrolled down the names, “Any of these we should look out for, Starlight?” She passed the list to Starlight, who took it in her magic.

“Las Pegasus is the main one to look out for,” Starlight explained, “They have produced many great gymnasts, who either go into performance for acrobatics, or want to become Equestria Games gymnasts. Every creature will be wishing Mount Aris for their debut, though land and water are different things.” It was then that a horn sounded around the stadium, calling the first gymnast to take their place. The adjudicators were seated, ready to begin judging.

“So then, this is it,” Starlight sighed happily, “We wish every gymnast the best of luck. First up is unicorn mare from Trottingham, who goes by the name of Star Dazzle. Hopefully she will dazzle the judges and get a good score with her routine.”

They watched as Star Dazzle took to the centre of the stage, with all eyes on her. She took a deep breath with the in her hoof as the music started up. She started with leaps around the edge of the stage, careful not to go over the edge and be penalised. The then ran and did a forward somersault into a half flip, the ribbon flying behind her. The crowed gave out a loud applause at that. She then sun in pirouettes along the length of the stage, landing in a split with front hooves waving gracefully. The music soon died down and she finished with flip, landing as lightly as she can muster. The crowd went wild as the music ended.

“Well that was a beautiful routine from Star Dazzle from Trottingham,” Starlight clapped her hooves. It will be a nervous wait to hear the judges scores. I think it was a beautiful routine though, though a bit heavy on the movement and first flip.”

“Well, the judges have their score, and it is… 36.783,” Gabby announced as the judges presented their final score, “That will be the target to beat.”

“Next to the stage is the Las Pegasus earth pony Pirouette,” Starlight announced next. The crowd quieted down to look at the next performer.

True to her name, Pirouette started with a lot of spins that would make any creature dizzy just by looking at her, with the ribbon flying around her in a coloured blur. She then went into several backflips, finishing just at the edge of the performing mat. She then charged forward doing several front flips, landing a bit hard, but proudly at one corner as the music finished. She did one final twirl with the ribbon as the music died down. There was a roar of applause in the stadium and the observation booth.

“Now that will definitely give he some difficulty points,” Starlight said as she looked at the judges panel, “And it seems to be so. With an impressive score of 38.127, she goes straight to first place.”

“Now we welcome a new kingdom to the event, Mount Aris, with fellow hippogriff Claw Cutter. Hopefully she will do her kingdom proud and have a good score,” Starlight observed as the hippogriff took to the stage.

The music started up and she danced around with twirls and flips. She then went into an air flip and rolled forward, finishing in a handstand with hindlegs in an impressive split. She then rolled into a standing position, ribbon in her beak throughout, waving it with a ghostly beauty. She finished with a bow at the centre of the stage, wings spread wide to capture the lights. The crowd went wild.

“Now that was a great debut performance,” Starlight clapped her hooves together, “And it seems the judges agree too.”

“With a score of 37.748, she goes straight to second place!” Gabby clapped her talons as well.

The other performances went smoothly, though Saddle Arable wasn’t so lucky, the performer going beyond the limit line, earning a score of 35.478. Neighpan surprised every creature by taking over Trottingham with 37.341, though enough only for third place. Even Vanhoover couldn’t compete that well against such a high standard at the start, securing a modest 36.887 points. Soon a clear winner was announced.

“At the end of an exciting day of gymnasts at the Manehattan Gymnastics Centre, first place goes to favourites Las Pegasus, the silver going to Mount Aris and bronze being taken by Neighpan,” Starlight looked at the leader board.

“We are going to end with the medals ceremony and national anthem of Las Pegasus,” Gabby concluded, “Hope you enjoyed this event of the Equestria Games, and the R.U.G. will cover the next event of the Games next time!”

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