• Published 12th Apr 2021
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Good Morning Equestria - Quoterific

Equestria's newest chat show to all creatures

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Chapter 48- All Creatures Great And Small

"Silverstream, why don't you invite your friends from the School of Friendship to our show?" Pinkie suggested to the hippogriff to the crowded studio room for today's show. Silverstream simply nodded with her usual excitement.

"In the studio today we have my friends from Twilights' School of Friendship. they are Yona the yak, Gallus the griffon, Sandbar the pony, Ocellus the changeling and Smolder the dragon. So guys, what do you think of the studio?" She asked her friends as they looked around.

"It looks amazing," Ocellus said.

"For pony standards, it's alright," Smolder simply shrugged.

"Yona like this place," Yona said in her usual third person.

"Could be cooler," Gallus simply put his compliment.

"Totally cool, dudes," Sandbar said.

"And how has school treated you so far?" Gabby asked the group, "How did you all meet?"

"Let's just say our first day of school didn't go so smoothly," Sandbar rubbed the back of his head upon reflection, "Twilight was so obsessed over some book by the EEA, that's the Equestrian Education Association by the way, that she made our first day of school quite a rough one." The other's nodded with agreement.

"Being the first time seeing different creatures together, we didn't know what to think of each other," Ocellus continued, "It was when we ran away from school that she started to bond, seeing we are not so different after all."

"When Chancellor Neighsay closed the school, we still wanted to hang out," Smolder said, "We ran away from our kingdoms, unintentionally threatening our kingdoms to start a war, and we hid in the...What was it called again, Ocellus?" She turned the knowledgeable one of the group.

"The Castle of the Two Sisters," Ocellus, but chuckled sheepishly, "But it turns out the Everfree Forest wasn't the best place to hide. Got attack from strange creatures from the Everfree Forest, Twilight and her friends saved us, reopened the school with new rules made by herself and the rest you know of."

"What happened then?" Autumn asked.

"We learnt about the consequences of rivalry with Rainbow Dash and Applejack, learnt about traditions and gave our friend here a proper holiday to celebrate," Every creature gave Gallus a group hug, who groaned.

"I'm lucky there isn't a camera in the studio," Gallus groaned. However, his prayers were called short when there was a flash and a mechanical sound. The students and hosts turned to Pinkie who had, somehow being Pinkie, got a camera out of nowhere.

"That's a keeper," Pinkie gave her usual smile. Silverstream decided to continue to save his friend from embarrassment.

"Then we save Equestria from Cozy Glow when she planned to drain Equestria's magic, with help from the Tree of Harmony, which tested us with our worst fears before," Ocellus said.

"Yona friends became heroes for that day, and we showed Cozy!" Yona gave a strong telling, which the others laughed.

"And you showed us something about the true meaning of friendship too," Pinkie said, turning to Sandbar and Yona, "By being yourself in front of your friends." Yona and Sandbar looked and blushed together, "Where's my camera again."

"Don't!" Sandbar and Yona shrieked in horror.

"Anyway," Smolder continued, "Fluttershy taught diversity to the dragons during Dragon Hatching Season finally united all the kingdoms together to face Chrysalis, Tirek and Cozy Glow."

"Sounds like you guys had your own adventures, like me and my friends," Pinkie gave a big smile.

"One adventure leads to another, so the story continues with all of us," Autumn smiled.

"And we are still learning about friendship along the way," Sandbar smiled at the group. Silverstream wiped a tear and held a microphone.

"We are done for today, every creature. Hope to see you all again soon!"

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