• Published 12th Apr 2021
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Good Morning Equestria - Quoterific

Equestria's newest chat show to all creatures

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Chapter 97- Hippogriff And Proud

"We welcome you all to a very special edition of Good Morning Equestria, coming to you live from Mount Aris!” Pinkie Pie welcomed their listeners enthusiastically, “We are here today to celebrate a special festival that happens in this kingdom. Silverstream, why don’t you shed some light on what is going on?” Silverstream nodded before turning to her microphone.

“We are here today to engage in the many activities of Glad to be a Hippogriff Day! Mount Aris was nothing more than a ghost town while we fled underwater to escape the Storm King, but Queen Novo understood that it was important to reclaim some of our culture and heritage back after his defeat,” Silverstream explained to both host and radio audience, “One of these is Glad to be a Hippogriff Day, a day that we celebrate what it means to be a hippogriff again.”

“Sounds like super fun!” Autumn looked around at the sight. Hippogriffs were observing the group, but they were also enjoying the activities the festival had to offer.

“Terramar complains that it’s a bit too repetitive, but I love it,” Silverstream said before dashing over to a booth and bringing back some food, “You guys have got to try this!” She held what looked like fruit on skewers.

“And what are these?” Gabby asked curiously as she, and the other hosts, took a skewer each.

“Roasted berries from the Harmonising Heights. They are so good, I buy them at every festival. Go ahead and try some!” Silverstream urged them to take a bite. The others looked at each other before shrugging and taking a hesitant bite. Their tastebuds were immediately assaulted by soft berries that have been roasted. Every creature gave a large, dreamy smile at the taste. Silverstream giggled.

“Thought you might like them,” Silverstream smirked. It was then something flew overhead. The group looked up together to see armoured hippogriffs flying in formation. The leader of the group was someone Silverstream recognised immediately.

“Daddy! Over here!” Silverstream called above. The leader, a blue hippogriff, looked down and spotted his daughter in the crowd. It wasn’t hard to miss since there were other creatures besides her. He motioned to the group that he was descending before turning and landing on the group. Silverstream ran up to him and gave a big hug before turning to the others.

“Every creature, this is my dad, Skybeak. Daddy you might know them as-“ Silverstream was interrupted by her father.

“The hosts of the Good Morning Equestria Show!” He then gave an ear-piercing shriek, causing the other creatures to cover their ears and the microphones to have background noise buzzing. Every griffon turned towards the direction of the sound.

“Every-griff, these are the hosts of the Good Morning Equestria Show, and Silverstream’s part of the hosting cast!” Skybeak excitedly introduced, “My own daughter as a show host! Who would have thought of it! My little girl’s all grown up!”

“Dad!” Silverstream whined, causing the other creatures to giggle, “This is what Terramar complains about. He was upset that Ocean Flow showed Princes Twilight his baby pictures!”

“Well thank you for the introduction,” Gabby said in order to save Silverstream from more embarrassment, “For every hippogriff who don’t know who are, I am Gabby, a griffon, Autumn Blaze, a kirin, and Marble and Pinkie Pie, who teaches Silverstream as well as her friends at the School of Friendship.” That earned another sound of curiosity from the crowd. Marble wasn’t too keen on the many stares at their, or her, direction.

“So then,” Skybeak turned to the group, “How are you liking your visit at Mount Aris?”

“It’s wonderful,” Autumn smiled, “It’s much more greener than the Peaks of Peril, my home by the way.” It was then that a fanfare of trumpets sounded. That got Skybeak’s attention.

“You’re just in time for the fun part as well!” Skybeak then turned to the audience, “Let us show some Mount Aris hospitality with our usual opening performance with our daily sky wrestling show!” With that, he took to the air, a challenger ready to try and catch him. The hosts watched in aw as the two battled it out. Then suddenly, Skybeak managed to get the upper-claw, tackling his challenger to the group. the group gave a loud cheer.

“This is just like the battles of old in Griffonstone!” Gabby complimented.

“Thank you,” Skybeak thanked, “Now who don’t you show them the rest of the festivities, Silverstream and I’ll catch up with you when the show’s over?” Silverstream nodded and led the group away from the main square.

“Here we have the ring toss. Terramar said that Twilight won and got a trophy there, and judging from my brother’s story, she was very happy about it.” The group giggled at that and decided to have a go as well. The aim of the game was simple, each coloured pole was a different number of points and you add up the total. It ranged from five to fifty points. Ultimately, it was Autumn who won the toss, and was given a trophy as a souvenir.

Silverstream continued to point at the various parts of Mount Aris that was restored, from the Harmonising Heights to the main gates and steps, right back round the square.

“Well, thank you for showing us around Mount Aris and the various activities and places,” Pinkie thanked her student, “And congratulations to Autumn for winning one of the games!” Autumn hugged her trophy, promising to place it somewhere proud in the studio.

“That is all we have time for on Good Morning Equestria, and we hope you enjoyed exploring Mount Aris with us on Glad to be a Hippogriff Day! We hope to see you all again soon back in Ponyville,” Gabby rounded up today’s show.

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