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Good Morning Equestria - Quoterific

Equestria's newest chat show to all creatures

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Chapter 77- Pranking Points Pt.1

"Welcome one and all to Good Morning Equestria, and I am the always awesome Rainbow Dash,” The prismatic pegasus introduced every creature to the show, “So the equally awesome hosts of G.M.E. has invited me, yours truly, to give you tips on how to be the best pranker there is.”

“Remember, Dashie,” Pinkie reminded her friend before she took over the limelight, “This show isn’t just you, you know?”

“Yeah, yeah, I learnt my lesson,” Rainbow waved a hoof.

“So,” Silverstream started, “What is the art of a good prank?”

“The first is misdirection,” Rainbow gave her tips, “Like a good magician, but not like Trixie’s predictable stage tricks, you need something that will draw your target for just a moment, before Bang! You get them right in the face.”

“Like when you misdirected Rarity from the actual cake to the sewing machine cake?” Pinkie Pie asked.

“I really outdone myself that time,” Rainbow laughed, “Sweetie Belle even complicated that the sewing machine cake was better than the cake, cake.”

Rarity, hearing and remember that moment, glared at Sweetie Belle from her working desk.

“What?” Sweetie Belle shrugged, “It was!”

“It ruined my fabric with crumbs and jam!” Rarity grumbled.

“Another misdirection example was when I switched Twilight’s ink with invisible ink when she was doing some egghead science project. Caused her potions to explode,” Rainbow chuckled at that, “I added another pot of invisible ink to Princess Celestia when she was writing her friendship report about me and my time with Gilda,” Rainbow told another story.

“You pranked the Princess,” Silverstream gasped, “Skystar always like to take small jabs at Queen Novo, but that’s because their mother and daughter, so that’s acceptable. Is it okay with your princess?” Silverstream asked with worry.

“No need to worry,” Rainbow reassured, “She may not come off as it, but she can be rather playful when she wants to be to lighten the mood. She once played a small prank on Mr and Mrs Cake.”

“The Princess of the Sun and Equestria pulled a prank?” Gabby asked in confusion.

“Mr and Mrs Cake kept refilling her cup when she was done with it. To lighten the mood, she faked a sip, causing them to overflow the teacup,” Rainbow Dash explained, causing the others to chuckle.

“Didn’t expect that from the Princess,” Autumn pointed out.

“As I said,” Rainbow countered, “She may be a princess, but that doesn’t mean she can’t let loose and enjoy things like us.”
“I remember she screamed like a proper fan at a buckball game held at the School of Friendship,” Silverstream noting, causing every creature to look at her in surprise. Rainbow decided to carry on from there.

“Then you come to the repeated pranks, something that they have to repeat again and again without them noticing it. Like how I pranked Gilda with those relightable candles, how repeating Spike to send multiple scrolls to Princess Celestia,” Rainbow continued with her pranking pointers.

“Goodness, how many scrolls did Spike send to the Princess?” Gabby asked in amazement.

“Enough to flood the whole throne room is what I think,” Rainbow nonchalantly replied, inspecting her hoof daintily. The others were in shock of that.

“That must have been a lot of paper to clear out,” Autumn remarked. Marble nodded in agreement.

“There are pranks that you either go big or go home,” Rainbow mentioned, “It made be hard work, but the effort is totally worth it. Applejack thought she could out prank the prankster by setting up some booby pranks to think I can get past them. Unfortunately, I am just as agile as I am quick. I managed to move her, and the bed, to the pig pen.”

“Well, that was a dirty surprise,” Silverstream tsked.

“Well,” Rainbow countered, “You either go big or go home. Like how me and Pinkie Pie painted the whole of Sweet Apple Acres’ orchards whilst Applejack was in the family barn. To say she was surprised she an understatement.”

“Took me forever to rub and wash all the paint off,” Applejack grumbled, turning towards the radio with annoyance on her face.

“And then there are the simple ones, like the ones I did at Gilda’s party. You know what I mean, don’t you Pinkie, right?” The party planner nodded her head quickly. Marble was soon their to restrain her energetic sister with a firm press on the head.

“Electric buttons, relightable candles, cups with holes, spicy treats and explosions!” Pinkie Pie listed on the top of her memory.

“And finally, there are the group efforts. After the whole of Ponyville got tired of my pranks, they took one on me. I was going to prank the town with cookies that makes your mouth all rainbow. So they made me think that they have turned into rainbow-mouthed zombies,” Rainbow chuckled at that.

“Planned by yours truly,” Pinkie puffed her chest proudly.

“I wish the school was part of it,” Silverstream sighed, “What would have been so cool, pranking the prankster!”

“I learned a valuable lesson that night. A good prank is one that can be shared with every creature, and not one where you’re the only one laughing,” Rainbow rounded off, which every creature nodded.

“And that’s our time every creature,” Autumn concluded, “We will be back again soon with more talks and laughter. So it’s good by from the Ponyville Studio.”

High above in Canterlot Castle, the two Royal Sisters looked at each other with determined faces as they stared down each other. Then Celestia Spoke.

“Prank War? Winner has to take care of the nobles’ paperwork for a week?” Celestia challenged her sister.

“As they say,” Luna remarked, “It is on.”

Author's Note:

Snow Storm1437 suggested a chapter on this, so here it goes in the best way I can do it.

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