• Published 12th Apr 2021
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Good Morning Equestria - Quoterific

Equestria's newest chat show to all creatures

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Chapter 58- Shine Like Diamonds

"We are really excited to have with us a very special musical guest on the show with us today!" Pinkie smiled her usual big smile when she gives out the news, "We had Countess Coloratura. We had Songbird Serenade, but now we are introducing the Pony of Pop. Please welcome to the show, Sapphire Shores!" Every creature clapped their appendages together for their musically talented guest.

"Creatures, please, the pleasure is all mine," Sapphire waved a hoof to thank them, "With Pinkie having connections to all the great musical talents, as well as Rarity being my main designer for all my show dresses, you should thank them."

"So, let's face the music, so to say," Autumn started off, "How did you get interested in the music world?"

"I guess you could say that my family in Canterlot were a well known jewellers and nobles came far and wide to get gifts for their special somepony, to simply to treat themselves, if they had the budget for it," Sapphire started off, "Strange enough, was wasn't so keen on all that glitters, wanting to find my own way to shine. Luckily I had a supporting and loving family, who instantly picked onto my musical skills. With the money from their shop, they got me the lessons I needed. That when my cutie mark and journey started."

"When did you start making it big?" Silverstream urged her on.

"It was hard making it to the big stage, I was a pecious gem among those who are already shining bright. I needed polish, which is where DJ PON-3 Studios helped me. With that polish and cutting, the Label helped me get to where I wanted. It was hard though, with my first album, In The Rough, got off to a rocky start. However, I was undeterred, and wanted to keep trying. It was at that point where I started to get noticed and receive critical acclaim," Sapphire continued from where she left off.

"And where did Rarity come into this?" Gabby wondered.

"I heard about her designs from fashion critic Hoity-Toity, and I just had to see her for myself along with her works. They caught my eye immediately. I fell in love with her particular line of diamond garments for my Sapphire Shores' Zigfilly Follies Tour and ordered her to make some more. She needed to head out to get some diamonds for that," Sapphire told her story.

"Took more trouble than needed," Pinkie muttered under her breath, recalling Rarity and their encounter with the Diamond Dogs. The others looked at each other and shrugged, probably thinking Pinkie was being Pinkie.

"After completely my order, with such precision and accuracy I might add, I offered her the role of my lead client, which she accepted with great enthusiasm. Have you heard her scream?!" Sapphire winced at that memory.

"Believe me, it was worst when she added remover potion to her mane," Pinkie sighed, "Ponyville shook like it had never been shook before. Not even from that stampede with cows."

"What happened?" Autumn asked

"Just read up on Photo Finish's article on the most fabulous manes in Equestria. That's a good place to start," Pinkie simply said. Sapphire continued on.

"The next job was for my tour and Rarity made me this gorgeous headpiece. However, just as she was about to hand me the box, her little sister, Sweetie Belle if my memory serves me right, ran away with it. I later learnt that she sabotaged it to make it fall without a key hidden stitch. To make it up, she sewed a dolphin in the middle."

"A dolphin!" Silverstream clapped her claws, "Why a dolphin! I love swimming with dolphins!"

"I had a dream swimming with them" Sapphire smiled at the young hippogriff.

"That still counts to me," Silverstream giggled.

"When is you next tour?" Autumn asked with enthusiasm.

"With Rarity's connections to fashion, there is also Pinkie's connections to music stars. I have manged to get a tour with other leading artists in Equestria. Coloratura, Songbird and I will be together in the summer!"

"Well that all sounds amazing!" Autumn, "We wish you luck that it will go smoothly and well with all of the other stars. That is all we have time for today and we hope you have enjoyed our very special guest, Sapphire Shores. Here's her song, Serves Her Right for you all!"

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