• Published 12th Apr 2021
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Good Morning Equestria - Quoterific

Equestria's newest chat show to all creatures

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Chapter 26- Face The Music

Applejack hurried back to the barn after her early morning shift. She had one destination in mind, and that was the radio. Somepony close was on the show this morning, and she was not missing it for the world. Having a quick breakfast of strong morning coffee and toast with applesauce, she switched on the device to listen to her foalhood friend on Good Morning Equestria.

"Dear listeners, we are joined by not one, but two great musicians of our time!" Pinkie hinted with so much optimism, her mane suddenly went up on its ends, "My mane is feeling extra-frazzled today!"

"Please welcome to the show, Songbird Serenade and Countess Coloratura!" Every creature clapped as the two singers smiled and waved at them.

"We're pleased you asked to join us today," Songbird started off, "After the success of the Friendship Festival, I have been touring for a while and it's nice to settle down for a nice normal conversation."

"Believe us," Autumn warned, "There is no definition of normal when you're in the same room as Pinkie Pie."

"Me?" Pinkie asked, "What don't you get about me?" Every creature in the room facehoofed.

"Moving on, let's start off with you Countess Coloratura," Gabby started things off, only for Coloratura to wave a hoof at her.

"Please, call me Rara. I got that name from a pony who saw nothing but my fame and talent. Rara is the name I got from somepony close who saw me as a friend, not by my fame," Rara waved a hoof.

"Applejack?" Autumn asked.

"Yes, we used to be friends since summer camp, I then travelled to Manehattan to perfect my music. That was when I unfortunately met Svengallop. He turned me into a different kind of singer than the one Applejack knew me back at the camp. He just wanted to spotlight for himself. It was thanks you Applejack that I saw how much I changed, and that being myself, I cannot go wrong."

"I take it you were close?" Applebloom came down the stairs to help herself with some breakfast.

"Like two seeds in an apple core, we were," Applejack hummed, "Seeing her with Savengallop, she was unrecognisable. Glad that she broke contract and started back to soloing. Best decision I think."

"And what about you Songbird? What has the music business taught you?" Gabby asked the other singer.

"I have learned something during the Battle of Canterlot," Songbird spoke up, "In the darkest times, music can be found. While I was trapped, singing took me away from all the bad. I was a literal songbird in a cage, singing for those who were downtrodden. Shame one of his henchmen rattled the cage to quiet me, but in that moment, I felt peace against all that was bad at the moment."

"Now let's get into some good stuff," Silverstream continued, "How would you feel about a collaboration?" Both stars looked at each other with some thought, before both smiling at the prospect.

"That may actually work," Songbird thought it through.

"I'm down for that," Rara answered back.

"Looking forward for a releasing song from you two soon," Pinkie clapped her hooves excitedly. Marble just rolled her eyes at her sister's usual excitement.

"How about you help us with some musical lessons?" Pinkie asked. The two singers looked at each other with uncertainty.

"Not the yovidaphone!" Silverstream cried out.

"Aw, why?" Pinkie gave a pout

"Just because!" Autumn interjected, causing both singers to look at each other with confusion.

"What's a yovidaphone?" Songbird asked.

"You don't want to know," Gabby warned them. Marble nodded her head with fear and dread at what her sister has in mind.

"How about a flugelhorn?" Pinkie said, pulling out the strange trumpet she played at the Crystal Empire, "I managed to get it right at the jousting, but the other times not so much." She took a deep breath before any creature could stop her.

What came out of the radio was a loud, muffled sound of Pinkie screaming the name of the instrument. It echoed out of the barn. Applejack was knocked off her seat, whilst Applebloom managed to somehow end up with half of her body lodged in the ceiling. What came outside was a horrible sound of splats which made Applejack recall a similar incident with the cursed instrument from Yakyakistan. Applejack got her sister down be her emergency lasso, before running outside to see what damaged has been done. Applejack almost fainted at the sight.

Every apple within the orchard was turned into a pile of mush and applesauce. it dribbled down the trunks into the baskets that were supposed to catch the actual fruits of their labour. Applejack sighed before turning to Applebloom.

"Go wake up Granny and Big Mac," She instructed to her little sister, "Applesauce Season came early again."

"I think they're already awake with a sound like that," Applebloom said before turning to tell them what happened. Applejack turned back to their prized family orchard.

"This is the yovidaphone thingy all over again."

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