• Published 12th Apr 2021
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Good Morning Equestria - Quoterific

Equestria's newest chat show to all creatures

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Chapter 62- Dream A Little Dream

"We are in the presence of a very special guest, from all the way from Canterlot itself," Pinkie gave a squee of excitement, "She is here to talk about everything about dreams and nightmares and some of the best things to help every creature some well rested rest."

"So please welcome her royal highness, Princes Luna to the show!" Every creature clapped their hooves together in welcome to the Lunar co-ruler of Equestria.

"It is a pleasure to be on your show, dear creatures from across the land," Luna said graciously.

"So tell us, what do you do every night?" Gabby started Luna off.

"Well, about from night court, the odd paperwork and catching up on my one-thousand years of absence, I make sure the night is peaceful but checking on everypony's dreams in Equestria," Luna smiled as she told them her routine.

"And what do you do? Go around every house in Equestria, knocking on their door in the middle of the night?" Gabby scratched her head in confusion.

"That would be a rather exhausting routine," Lune chuckled, "But in truth, I check restless minds by venturing into the Dream Realm."

"The Dream Realm?" Silverstream repeated, "What is that?"

"A place where minds meet and dream. It a complex place to simply describe by words. It s a plain of a connection of minds. I can sense dreams forming, even nightmares. If it's such a case, I can enter the dreamer to help calm their worries."

"Sounds like a busy night," Autumn thought out loud.

"Believe me, it is a rather tiring process, even for me. I wake up every morning with a craving for something strange," Luna answered with a huff.

"Like what? chocolate?" Pinkie perked up.

"Not for the mornings. I once had a whole pineapple, skin and all. There was also one morning when I had the banana peel rather than the whole fruit instead." This made the hosts have looks of horrified looks and disgust.

"You may think it sounds disturbing, but you should try it," Luna gave a sly smile.

"We'll take your word for it," Gabby chuckled and gave a wry smile.

"Have you discovered anything fun in other's dreams..." Pinkie gave a sly smile. Luna smirked back.

"I could start with a certain pink pony's dream about a certain stallion perhaps, sleeping together on a large bad of cake."

Dead silence. Silence that you were able to hear a pin drop. Every creature turned to Pinkie, whose face was beginning to turn from pink to bright red.

Then every creature started laughing.

"Fair point," Pinkie squeaked.

"Nothing to be ashamed about having a dream you most desire," Luna reassured, "I can tell you of a certain young dragon's crush for a white unicorn who resides in Ponyville."

In the Castle of Friendship, a certain Princess of Friendship looked down at his number one assisstant with a knowing face. Spike turned to the radio with the pleading look.

Don't talk about the ice-cream dream. Don't talk about the ice-cream dream was repeated again and again in his head.

"There was one certain dream of him presenting said white unicorn to a ice-cream house, though it was cut abruptly," Luna tapped her chin with a hoof.

"And now I'm ruined," Spike sighed. Twilight giggled.

"An ice-cream house does sound like a good idea. Think of how much ice-cream Rarity goes through when she's in full drama-mode," Twilight said between fits of laughter.

"Though there was this one time Twilight Sparkle was swimming in a sea of books," Luna hummed in thought.

At this Twilight turned her head to the radio in shock. It was Spike's turn to laugh. It was then a sound could be heard from the window.

"EGGHEAD!!!" A certain pegasus with a rainbow mane and tail shouted out.

Twilight groaned. This was going to be the talk of the town for some while.

"Though the funniest dreams I have seen have come from my dearest sister of mine."

Celestia's morning tea was spewed from out of her mouth. She wouldn't, Celestia thought in horror.

"You should see her in her dreams, stuffing her royal mouth with all sorts of sugary desserts," Luna laughed at her sisters' sweet dreams.

"I will be giving her double, if not, triple paperwork when she comes back after this one," Celestia groaned.

"Well, then. Any tips for having a good night's sleep?" Silverstream asked.

"Listen to something calming, like the sound of waves crashing to the shore, or the sweet scent of lavender helps as well. I hang them around the castle to help the maids and guards off-duty to have a peaceful slumber," Luna suggested.

"Well, I'm afraid that's all we have time for today, every creature," Autumn concluded, "Be sure to tune in next time!"

"And have wonderful, fantastic, dreams about all sorts of things like-"

"Pinkie." Luna said to the party pony, her horn lighting up.

"Yes?" Pinkie turned to the lunar princess.


Pinkie instantly felt limp and collapsed on top of Marble. She smiled and patted her sister's head.

"Thank you," Autumn sighed.

"You're quite welcome," Luna laughed.

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