• Published 12th Apr 2021
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Good Morning Equestria - Quoterific

Equestria's newest chat show to all creatures

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Chapter 52- Noble Of Nobles

"Well creatures, today we have a very special guest with you all. From the capital city Canterlot, he is going to talk about the ins and outs of high society," Gabby said, "It will certainly give Griffonstone a run for their bits, which griffons will probably squabble over for."

"Please welcome to the show, Fancy Pants!" Autumn Blaze said introduced the classiest of Canterlot ponies to the show, who waved politely.

"I see, it is a privilege to be on your little morning talk show. You are a rather colourful bunch, which I hope you don't mind me saying," Fancy looked around at the creatures sitting with him at the main hosting table.

"Believe me, some are more colourful than others in more ways than one," Silverstream clapped her claws together, "Now please talk to us on your go to guide on how to make it big in Canterlot!" She gave an excited giggle, which Fancy Pants smiled in his usual polite gentlecolt way.

"You just have to know who everypony is in Canterlot. It's all about connections with the ones at the top, I'm afraid. Rarity interested me when Princess Celestia invited her to stay at the castle," Fancy rubbed a chin in memory.

"Technically, it was Princess Celestia's pupil, Twilight Sparkle, who had connections with both Rarity and the Princess to invite her to Canterlot to stay. It was through Twilight that she managed to get access to the main hall, which was the same hall used to host the Grand Galloping Gala, to celebrate her birthday. It was the position of Twilight's birthday that it was next to your garden party," Pinkie linked the ponies breathlessly. Every creature looked at her with stunned expressions.

"Whoa, that's a look of connections," Autumn tapped her hoof in thought.

"You don't say," Fancy, "Anyway, the next thing you need to so is look about. Stand out from the crowd in your own way, but be reserved. In Canterlot, the last thing you need to do is cause some scandal in front of some higher celebrity or class pony."

"So no party canons?" Pinkie asked, right on cue, coloured party canons that reflected the creatures's colours appeared next them and fired, confetti flying around the studio. Every creature just gave a small glare at Pinkie, who giggled sheepishly.

"Best not," Fancy looked around at the colourful explosion, "Think charm. Think polish. Think edge."

"Sounds very strict really," Gabby said, "Griffonstone would take forever to follow that sort of style."

"Remember when Yona tried it with Rarity? That didn't go so well to plan," Silversteam chuckled.

"Those poor, poor cupcakes," Pinkie sobbed ramosely, "And I didn't manage to take a single bite. They were all nothing but a pile of yak-smashed messed that night." Pinkie began to cry waterfalls and crashed into Marble, who blushed and tried to pry her crying twin sister off of her.

"Compose yourself, Pinkie," Fancy tried to comfort her, "The best thing you can do is try to stay calm when there is madness all around. Believe me, being followed by mares wanting your attention can be tiresome, even for me. However, you must be a true gentlecolt, no matter what the conditions are."

"Think of it like royalty. Being adored all the time must be exhausting," Silverstream added in, "Being related to Princess Skystar and Queen Novo, they talk nonstop about how they would love to take a break from duties.

"They should do what Princess Celestia and Princes Luna did and take a break from it all. Their break together could have lasted longer, if Twilight didn't break some magical amulet that helped her control the sun and moon whilst they were gone," Pinkie giggled, "As if it wasn't a terrifyingly, big responsibility."

"Not helping, Pinkie," Autumn tried to tell her. Marble nodded at Autumn's message.

"Next, you need to look apart. A good outfit the screams ponies and creatures to look at you is a must in order to make it big in high society. It must be your signature style," Fancy told the group.

"Like this?" Pinkie reached into her mane and pulled out her party outfit she wore for Rainbow's Birth-iversary.

"Well, that's one way to make a statement," Fancy chuckled nervously, "But what Rarity taught me is to simply be the best self and never forget the roots of where you're from. That was something I seem to have forgotten in my pursuit of all that glitters in the big city."

"Well, there you go every creature," Gabby rounded off, "And that's how to make it big in the big city. Thank you to Fancy Pants for being on the show, and that is all for today creatures. Hope that you will tune in next time. Bye for now!"

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