• Published 12th Apr 2021
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Good Morning Equestria - Quoterific

Equestria's newest chat show to all creatures

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Chapter 76- Judge Of It All

“Welcome back to our show every creature!” Pinkie Pie welcomed every creature back to the most popular radio show in all of Equestria, “And today, we are joined by a very special guest who will talking about what it means to be the judge of things.”

“This is a pony who will get by without anything up to her standard,” Autumn explained, urging their listeners to guess who their special guest was.

“She is best known for the official judge of the Equestria Games, as well as the flag carrier judge. She has a certain eye for detail,” Silverstream continued, until Gabby finished her off.

“So please welcome to the show, Ms. Harshwhinny!” Gabby welcome the most sought after judge in all of Equestria. Every creature welcome her to the show.

“Thank you, thank you!” Ms. Harshwhinny waved a hoof to the hosts, “It is my utmost pleasure to be invited to such a show as a pony like me to be hearing about so often.” Silverstream chuckled.

“You speak so proper!” She tried to hold back her laughs, which Pinkie tried to give the signal to ‘cut it out’. Ms. Harshwhinny, to her credit, ignored Silverstream’s remark.

“It’s called professionalism, my feathered hippogriff,” Ms. Harshwhinny answered, rolling her Rs that would make Trixie impressed, “When you are one of the top judges in all of Equestria, it is important to retain your public images. You need presentation and presence, letting every creature around you hand onto every word that comes out of your mouth. The climax is the best part. The ability to hold the suspense until they are on the edge of their seats the art of great stage presence to get every creatures’ eyes on you.”

“Speaking of judging,” Gabby moved on, “What do you look for in a host city for the Equestria Games?”

“There are certain criteria that cities much make in order to be even considered a candidate,” Ms. Harshwhinny puffed out her chest, “First is stadium capacity and facilities, as we need a large capacity as possible with the facilities for both spectators and athletes. Then I look for something that represents the city itself. It’s culture, past and mottos.”

“Why did you choose the Crystal Empire then?” Pinkie asked before she let out a gasp, “You missed out on my friends’ cheering act! You ant to see it for your-“ Marble immediately put a hoof to Pinkie’s mouth, silencing her outburst. Ms. Harshwhinny looked at the pink party pony with an uncertain expression on her face.

“The reason for choosing the Crystal Empire was because of its motto, Love Shines Beyond the Past, courtesy of Princess Cadance and Prince Consort Shining Armor,” Ms. Harshwhinny explained, “I’m pretty certain Princess Twilight Sparkle has taught you what has transpired in the Crystal Empire,” She turned to Silverstream who rolled her eyes and gave a steely glare to the defeated Tyrant King of the North.

“I will not forgive King Sombra for destroying the Tree of Harmony,” She said through clenched teeth.

“And for,” Pinkie hinted.
“Taking over the Crystal Empire and enslaving its habitants, where he was turned to shadow and banished to the Arctic North. However, he placed a curse upon the Empire which caused it to banish until now, with Sombra returning with it. He was ultimately stopped when Spike gave Cadance the Crystal Heart, Twilight sacrificing her task for the sake of the Empire,” Silverstream answered with an impressive motor mouth.

“Can you imagine it in the history books?” Pinkie Pie laughed, “An Empire saved by throwing your wife?” The others got a good laugh at that, though Ms. Harshwhinny had a strong poker face.

“Yes indeed,” Ms. Harshwhinny sighed, “Anyway, the motto fitted the Equestria Games and the Crystal Empire’s culture well. Moving on from the dark times into a better day. Twilight and her friends may have messed up the greetings and welcome, but after hearing from a second perspective, it showed how much things have changed for me and the Empire itself.”

“Now let’s talk about the flag carrying competition,” Silverstream pressed on, “What made the Cutie Mark Crusaders’ performance stand out to you?”

“It was a perfect representation of what makes up Equestria, its citizens. They displayed the unification of the Three Tribes with simplicity, but with elegance! It was simply the best piece for a flag carrying routine I have ever seen. It showed us you are not just by your limitations, but what you do with them that makes you special.”

“Scootaloo, if you are hearing this, you should be proud,” Gabby mentioned, “You got a comment from the most critical pony in all of Equestria!”

“Thank you so very much for your tips on being a good judge, Ms. Harshwhinny,” Pinkie Pie thanked their guest, “And thank you all for tuning in for the day. Hope to see you all again soon!”

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