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Good Morning Equestria - Quoterific

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Chapter 75- Let The Bells Ring

“We are in the town hall of Ponyville to cover a very special event with very special permission,” Pinkie welcome very creature to the special day, “We are going to give you a special cover of a wedding happening right here! I feel like a party canon ready to explode.” Marble tried her best to contain her sister in the best way she can.

“And you all must be wondering, whose wedding we have been given permission? Well, the answer would be Lyra Heartstrings and Bonbon!” Silverstream told their listeners, “The whole town is here, taking up all the seats and filling the balconies. Am I correct in saying that it was the same as Cranky Doodle and Matailda’s wedding?” Silverstream asked Pinkie Pie, knowing how she practically knows everypony in the town.

“That is correct, but last time, Derpy locked us out of the wedding!” Pinkie giggled, causing the others who laughs, “There were even indoor flameless fireworks, courtesy of the Doctor.”

“Sounds like it was a hectic day,” Autumn contemplated.

“That and there was a bugbear from the Everfree Forest we had to take on,” Pinkie nonchalantly said, causing the others to swivel their heads around.

“A bugbear?” Gabby questioned in surprise.

“I know, right?!” Pinkie exclaimed, “Let’s talk about the décor of the place, because it’s really eye-catching, as Rarity would put it. The whole hall has been decorated with colours of the lucky new couple.”

“R-right,” Gabby stuttered, trying to get back to the main topic, “They have chosen to decorate the hall with the colours Lyra and Bonbon as Pinkie said, but what’s important that there is equal amounts of each of the colours. There isn’t one dominating over the other. Like love, they are shared equally, and all courtesy of Rarity’s eye for detail.”

Just then Mayor Mare appeared before the main stage, looking through book of officiations to see everything was in order. Lyra and Bonbon appeared on either side of the stage, each one wearing their robes, made by Rarity who was smiling at her works in the audience. They were looking at each other with such love that that only Cadance would truly know. Their chosen musicians were Octavia and DJ PON-3, who were a big hit at Cranky’s and Matilda’s wedding and were asking to provide the opening and first dance music, both immediately jumping at the opportunity.

Taking a deep breath, Octavia opened her piece, Vinyl coming in gently on the DJ set. Lyra and Bonbon kept eye contact as they walked to each other to the centre of the stage. Each step brought them closer and closer together. Eventually, the music died down, ending perfectly as both Lyra and Bonbon made it.

“And now, Mayor Mare will give the opening speech,” Autumn observed to their listeners.

“Ladies and gentlecotls,” Mayor Mare declared, “We are gathered here today to officiate the tying of bonds between Lyra Heartstings and Bonbon,” Mayor Mare smiled, “Unlike a previous wedding, they met in Ponyville, letting love take its time. Why don’t we let them tell us their tale instead.” She nodded to the about-to-be couple, which Lyra started first.
“We met when Trixie first appeared in Ponyville,” Lyra explained, still maintaining eye contact with Bonbon, “We spent time together since then, though one such date was interrupted because of the parasprite invasion.” Both gigged before Bonbon continued.

“We had such fun bouncing on the rooftops to Pinkie Pie’s Smile Song, if I recall correctly,” Bonbon continued, causing Pinkie to squee loudly. There was chuckling amongst the crowd at that.

“Our biggest test was when our friendship was tested during Matilda’s and Cranky’s wedding,” Lyra chuckled, “We learnt together that it’s alright to hide secrets for each other, even the deep, dark ones.” Lyra winked at her partner who winked back knowingly. The audience looked at each other in confusion.

“We celebrated Hearth’s Warming together, but it was after that when we just seem to drift closer and closer,” Bonbon told on, “We just clicked at everything. Sang the same songs, laughed at the same jokes, bought the same-“

“We get the picture, move on from the sappiness!” Rainbow shouted from the audience, causing hard glares from the crowd. Lyra glared back, before clearing her throat and finishing off.

“I guess that is something that clicked when we surprised each other with the same proposal. We were in love, oblivious to the world around us, even to Discord’s antics around Ponyville,” Lyra concluded.

“And now here you two stand together,” Mayor Mare rounded off, “You have found it, believed in it, fought for it, waited for it, and now here you two stand, ready to commit to it.” She then opened a box, revealing a horn ring for Lyra and an official necklace for Bonbon.”

“Do, Lyra Heartstrings, take Bonbon to be your lawfully wedded partner?” Mayor Mare asked smiling.

“I do,” Lyra answered without skipping a beat.

“And do you, Bonbon, take Lyra Heartstrings to be your lawfully partner?” Mayor Mare turned to Bonbon.

“I do!” Bonbon practically declared.

“Then I am pleased to declare that you are now officially married, you may now kiss!” Mayor Mare declared. The crowed cheered wildly as the new couple locked lips.

“Well then every creature,” Gabby smiled as they observed the new couple’s moment together, “That’s how a wedding’s done in Ponyville.”

“Absolutely,” Pinkie added, “Even with a monster for the Everfree Forest.”

“Seriously, you got to tell us what happened,” Silverstream answered, but a hoof met her beak.

“Let’s not spoil the moment,” Pinkie smiled as Marble pulled Pinkie’s hoof from Silverstream, “But it’s goodbye from all of us from Ponyville’s Town Hall. Thank you for listening!”

Author's Note:

A little celebration for Pride Month.
Love freely ^^

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