• Published 12th Apr 2021
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Good Morning Equestria - Quoterific

Equestria's newest chat show to all creatures

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Chapter 1- Good Morning Equestria

Sleep. Something that seemed so simple and yet so blissful for a dragon sleeping in his cosy bed. It was a special place within the mind where you can relieve all the stress of a busy day, running around with a checklist in hand and constantly following behind a frantic lavender alicorn. A place where the whole you can make up anything, knowing that there is a guardian of the night and the Dream Realm, protecting you from the nightmares within. Nothing could be more perfect than-


Then again, there are certain things that would eventually bring you back to reality. Spike awoke with a yelp, accompanied by a similar scream from his neighbouring bed and a loud thump. Equestria's newest invention, the so-called radio, as been both a blessing and a cursed nuisance to those who now own this new piece of technology. Twilight Sparkle, being the lover to inventions, has installed one for the Castle of Friendship.

The invention now has a host of channels, but none more popular than Good Morning Equestria, hosted by Ponyville's very own pink party planner. However, she wasn't the only host of the show.

Twilight groaned and rubbed her sore head, but chuckled as she began to listen to the most popular radio show in Equestria.

"This is Pinkie Pie! What a lovely morning Celestia as given us and I hope you are all in tip-top shape to seize the day," Pinkie spoke in her usual bubbly self, as if she was in the very room. "Of course, I am not alone in the studio as I am joined by many creatures far and wide. Seriously, just me in the studio would be boring. So I'll let the others introduce themselves too."

"Hello everycreature. This is the one and only griffon Gabby. Hope you are all good and ready for a great day."

Gabby was known to the Princess of Friendship ever since the Cutie Mark Crusaders encounter and her problem of finding a purpose in her life. Even as far as asking for a cutie mark. The CMC talked to Gabby about being a part of the latest invention's new talk show. Since she was a deliverer, and this device can deliver things as well, it made sense. She and Pinkie hit it off from the start and she threw herself in with both talons.

"Coming from all the way from Seaquestria and Mount Aris, It is Silverstream. Hello mum and dad, you too Terramar. This is so exciting and positively the best invention and show ever!"

Silverstream practically begged to be on the new show, promising to make time for friendship lessons in between. Twilight was sceptical of course, being the organiser of things at the School of Friendship. However, she has become an overnight sensation from Equestria to the land of the hippogriffs. Twilight has always admired her interests in new things, so naturally she would want to try something new like a radio talk show.

"Hello, hi, welcome, gosh, so many words to greet some creature, This is Autumn Blaze. This is so exciting, what joy it is to be on the show. I have so much to say, and tell, and do and show and, oh, this is going to be just amazing!"

Autumn Blaze, Twilight knew just briefly after Applejack's and Fluttershy's friendship mission to the Peaks of Peril, homeland of the kirins. Applejack told everything about her to Twilight, who probably shouldn't have told everything about her to Pinkie Pie of all ponies. Autumn Blaze could rival the pink pony in a rambling of words that is enough to make Rainbow Dash bury her head in the earth. Their first encounter almost made the pegasus do just that.

"And this is my sister Marble Pie. She is super excited to be on the show and hopes you are all doing great this morning. Isn't that right, Marble?"

Nothing could be heard from the radio at first, but Twilight and Spike could just make out a hum of acknowledgement. Marble was an interesting choice. Pinkie thought that it would help bring her out of her shell some more. Twilight thought it would be better for Marble to work at her own pace, if Pinkie doesn't but-in every time she tries to have a moment to speak.

And that made up Equestria's popular radio show. Every morning, they would be awaken by the ever enthusiastic Pinkie and her crew, talking about the latest trends, news and more. Needless to say, both Twilight and Spike has enjoyed their talks. Sometimes it was a range of normal topics, the the borderline extreme and crazy. However, that's what happens when you gather the most talkative creatures from Equestria and beyond, get them in a studio room and let them ramble on whatever comes to mind.

Celestia have mercy upon the listeners' ears.

Author's Note:

Inspired the wonderful fanart of: https://www.deviantart.com/dstears/art/Good-Morning-Equestria-855427333
By artist: dstears

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