• Published 12th Apr 2021
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Good Morning Equestria - Quoterific

Equestria's newest chat show to all creatures

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Chapter 87- To Qualify In

“We are outside Rainbow Falls today to give you all a very special edition to the show,” Pinkie Pie exclaimed in excitement.

“To those who may not know yet, the Equestria Games are back, this time decided to be hosted in the city of Manehattan. However, in order to get your way into the games, you need to officially qualify,” Autumn picked up the lines from Pinkie.

“Ponyville’s pride and joy would definitely have to be the relay, with Bulk Biceps, Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash representing the team for Ponyville,” Silverstream clapped her claws together in excitement, “We are here to see if they will qualify again to reach the Games in Manehattan.”

“They will have some fierce competition,” Gabby observed from their commentary booth, “Spitfire, Soarin and Fleetfoot are the favourites to instantly qualify, which is no surprise as they are Wonderbolts.”

“Speaking of the Wonderbolts, one of them has agreed to come and talk to us just before they take to the starting line,” Autumn waved one of the members over, “Soarin! Great to see you again. Hoping for a clean qualification rate here at Rainbow Falls?”

“Sure do!” Soarin nodded eagerly, “It’s a great honour to represent Cloudsdale, but we will be routing for the other teams to qualify as well, and we promise that we have learned our lesson from the last time we were here.”

“What do you mean by that, for our fellow audience to understand?” Silverstream asked as she pushed the microphone closer to Soarin sop that he can tell his tale.

“We pushed Rainbow Dash’s loyalty more than we pushed ourselves towards the Games that team,” Soarin sighed, “We made her feel that winning was all she wanted from us, without her thinking for what Ponyville wanted. I even faked my injuries so that Rainbow could be in our team.”

“Wow, now that’s a foul,” Gabby half-joked. Soarin nodded in shame.

“But we have learned our lesson,” Soarin smiled, “Winning doesn’t matter in any games, as long as you stick with your friends and team, you will be able to help everypony fly higher than just by doing it by yourself.”

It was then that an airhorn rang out across the field, signalling the representatives from Cloudsdale to take their place.

“Well,” Silverstream observed, “There’s your team’s cue. Good luck out there!”

“Thanks!” Soarin thanked as he made his way to his mark.

“So here’s how it plays out,” Pinkie said with a stern tone, “Fleetfoot is the first relay runner with the golden horseshoe. She will fly through the moving hoops and turn a corner, which is where Soarin will take the horseshoe. Soarin will do another set of moving hoops and turning onto the second corner. Spitfire will take the final lap of the race, flying high to reach the finish line, hopefully within the qualified time.”
“They will get penalised if they hit one of the hoops or if one of them doesn’t pass the horseshoe correctly,” Gabby added as they turned to the field. The Wonderbolts had taken their position and were waiting the for blow of the whistle. At the finish line, the official adjudicator was ready. Be blew the whistle and started the timer.

“And Fleetfoot if off, working those wings as fast as she can!” Silverstream started the commentary.

“She gracefully passes from the hoops with ease and sharply turns the corner. Soarin has his hoof stretched out and waiting, and Fleetfoot passes the horseshoe to him confidently,” Gabby continued off from Silverstream. It seemed they were in their own relay of commentaries.

“Soarin does the same through the hoops, their extensive Wonderbolts’ training proving effective with their agility and speed to match,” Autumn eyes followed Soarin’s movements through the air,” He flies smoothly round the corner on onto the main and last member of the team, Spitfire.

“She takes the horseshow securely in her grip and speeds upwards through the final hoops, and she crosses the finish line with ease!” Pinkie finished as Spitfire effortlessly flew through. The adjudicator stopped the clock and inspected the time.

“Cloudsdale qualifies!” She cried out so everypony down below could hear him. There was a cheer and stomping of hooves on the ground as they cheered for the Cloudsdale representatives.

“Next up, is our team for Ponyville,” Pinkie squeed in excitement, “Let’s talk to them right now before they start the qualifying race. Dashie, over here!” Pinkie waved to get her friend’s attention. Rainbow picked up on it and quickly trotted over to them.

“Ready to go?” Silverstream asked her professor.

“The Wonderbolts sure are tough stuff,” Rainbow quipped, “But the awesome Rainbow Dash, oh, alongside the awesome team from Ponyville has totally got this covered.”

“Are you sure. Fluttershy is not the fastest of flyers and Bulk, well, have you seen the size of his wings against his, well, bulky body?” Gabby glanced behind Rainbow at the other teammates. At that remarked, Rainbow’s eyes narrowed and she pressed her muzzle again Gabby’s beak.

“Now listen here,” Rainbow said sternly, causing Gabby to gulp, “They are the most driven and confident teammates a pony athlete could ask for. What they lack in wing power and speed they make it up with drive. If you think that I would have better luck with another team, then I have learned my lesson from last time. I am sticking by them, whether we qualify or not. Understood?” Gabby nodded quickly. Luckily for her, the whistle sounded again for Team Ponyville to take their positions.

“This time, Bulk will take the first leg of the relay, followed by Fluttershy with Rainbow Dash finishing the relay,” Pinkie explained. Once again the judicator gave a loud blow on the whistle and started counting on the stopwatch.

“Bulk flies slowly but smoothly through the hoops. He’s out of the final one, where he turned the corner with ease and passes it to Fluttershy. Oh, phew she just caught it before it fell, and now she’s off,” Autumn breathed a sigh of relief.

“Fluttershy seems to fly through the hoops with more pace than Bulk,” Silverstream smiled as she observed the shy’s pegasus’ movements, “She’s out of the hoop now and makes her way around the corner. She places it softly in Rainbow Dash and she’s off.”

“It all rests on Rainbow Dash now as she completes the final leg of the race,” Gabby had a talons crossed, “She makes it through the upward hoops and she smoothly finishes it through the finish line! This is going to be a close one!” The judicator stopped the stopwatch and inspected the time closely to see if it was in the red danger zone. After a long double-check, he gave a firm nod and turned to the waiting audience.

“Ponyville qualifies!” There was a loud cheer and a group hug from the flyers once the news was given.

“And there you go, every creature,” Pinkie clapped her hooves together, hugging Marble tightly as usual, “Equestria Games, here we go!”

“Thank you for joining us, live from Rainbow Falls. Hope you enjoyed the show and we will see you back again soon!” Autumn finished off.

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