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Good Morning Equestria - Quoterific

Equestria's newest chat show to all creatures

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Chapter 99- Team Rowing Pt.1

“Coming to you live from the city of Manehattan, part of our ongoing coverage of the Equestria Games, alongside the Reformed Unicorn Group Podcast so you don’t miss any of the action!” Pinkie announced to their listeners who are eagerly waiting the first event of the Equestria Games.

“You join us on the river of Manehattan, waiting for the start of the rowing race. It is happening just near the train bridge,” Silverstream explained, “And as we said, partnering up with the R.U.G. and G.M.E., we are joined by Sunset Shimmer!” Silverstream welcomed their special co-host from the R.U.G.

“That is right every creature,” Sunset continued, “That way, we don’t miss any of the action the Equestria Games will have to offer. With games happening across this great city, we are splitting the hosts around the venues where sports are taking place.”

“So let’s turn our attention to our sport that we are commentating today, rowing,” Pinkie said, “Sunset, would you like to do that honour of talking us through what teams are competing for a coveted medal? What teams should we be looking out for?”

“With new kingdoms joining us, there has been big speculation over the favourites to win this race,” Sunset looked over at the list of competitors:

1. Baltimare
2. Prance
3. Manehattan
4. Mount Aris
5. Peaks of Peril
6. Germareny

“We have quite the list of competing kingdoms and cities of Equestria at this race,” Sunset scrutinized the list, “Obviously, being in Manehattan, the host city team will have the home advantage.”

“However, with a history of water and a navy at their side, Mount Aris will be the one to watch out for in the competition,” Silverstream clapped her claws together in excitement. Pinkie and Sunset looked at the hippogriff with knowing smiles.

“Guess you’ll be cheering for your home kingdom, right?” Sunset asked with a smile. Silverstream then pulled out the Mount Aris flag, complete with cap, shirt and skirt of the flag’s colours. She waved the flag around the studio like a true sports fan.

“You betcha! Mount Aris all the way!” Silverstream exclaimed loudly, “Seaspray is part of the team, leading the front. With a navy boss like him, we’re sure to win!” The other ponies in the commentary booth just smiled. At the waterfront, a crowd had gathered to watch the race, filling up rows upon rows of seats. They ate and drank as they waited for the rowing to begin, some waving flags for the team they are supporting. The noise was full of buzz and excitement.

“And so here we are with every creature, ready to watch the first event of the Games,” Sunset looked out, seeing the teams get into their boats. The race is two-thousand metres longs, so teamwork, stamina and drive is key. There will be five rowers per boat, working together to pull the boat forward along the river. The race stretches from the top to bottom of the city, finishing at the train bridge with beautiful views of the Statue of Libmarety.”

“We wish every creature the best of luck as we turn our attention to the river,” Pinkie said to their listeners as they looked across the water to the rowers. They were ready and waiting patiently with the oars in their hooves and claws, waiting for the magic flare from the unicorn to start.

“On your marks,” An Equestria Games unicorn judge ordered before charing her horn and shot a beam into the air. It exploded like a firework in the air, signalling the rowers to push forward.

“Manhattan has the early lead, pushing hard to keep that distance, but the team from Mount Aris isn’t going down without a good fight,” pinkie commentated with detailed attention on what was happening on the river.

“Meanwhile, the Peaks of Peril and Germany are battling out for third place, though they don’t have a strong rowing action to push for second. Prance and Balitmare are pushing up the rear. We are now entering the first few meters of the race now. They are now going under the bridge and onto a slight bend now.”

“Manehattan and Mount Aris are really pushing hard to take over the lead,” Silverstream was on the edge of her seat, “Mount Aris may have it though as their number is pushing past the other team.” She was waving her flag as she rooted for her team and kingdom.”

“We are now reaching the final leg of the race, going under the train bridge and out the other side,” Sunset observed, “Mount Aris now have a strong lead against Manehattan and it’s all a matter of not giving up now. Third place are still being contested between the Peaks of Peril and Germareny. It’s too hard to say for certain at this point.

“The race is drawing to its climax with the finishing line in sight. It’s all about the final push now!” Pinkie was finding hard to stay sill in her seat.

“And the winner is… Mount Aris!” Silverstream leapt for joy, “Manehattan takes the silver, the Peaks of Peril taking bronze, with Germareny finishing in fourth place!”

“A big congratulations to Mount Aris and the Peaks of Peril, who claim their first ever medals at the Equestria Games. You must be super pleased with your home kingdom, Silverstream.” Sunset turned to the over-the-moon hippogriff.

“Obviously,” Silverstream had tears of joy in her eyes, “Queen Novo will he show happy when the team returns home with their first medals. It will mark something good after years of hiding from the Storm King.”

Soon the teams got out of their boats, receiving cheers and claps from the spectators. the third, second and first placed teams were walked to the winning podium to have their medals presented to them. The third placed team, the Peaks of Peril, stepped on first, the kirins being presented with their bronze medals and bouquets. Manehattan accepted their silver and bouquets with smiles, proud to have represented their home city and having a medal nonetheless. Finally, Mount Aris was awarded their gold medals and the groups posed together for a picture and a sign of sportsmanship. The competitors and the crowd then stood for the flag raising and national anthem.

“Well, that completes the first event of the Games,” Sunset smiled as the anthem died down, “Hope you enjoyed the race and we hope you will be back for more coverage of the Equestria Games!”

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