• Published 12th Apr 2021
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Good Morning Equestria - Quoterific

Equestria's newest chat show to all creatures

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Chapter 86- Written In The Stars

“We are outside today in the cool night air with a very special guest with us today,” Pinkie Pie clapped her hooves in usual excitement. She is the reason we are outside to explain and demonstrate her abilities to do with the night.”

“We do not need any creature to guess, so here she is, the Princess of the Night, Princess Luna,” Gabby announced in equal excitement, as she and others other creatures except Pinkie and Marble, bowed to the Lunar Princess. Luna smiled and waved a hoof.

“Please, no need to stand on ceremony. Any friend of Pinkie’s does not need to treat me with formality, I am here has you requested and I am looking forward to where this this is going to go,” Luna smiled. The other creatures rose from their bow.

“We are here tonight as we asked you about the different constellations of your night and to show us your abilities with the moon and stars,” Silverstream explained, which Luna nodded in understanding.

“That I can do,” Luna smiled with warm enthusiasm.

“But first,” Autumn started things smoothly, “What does the night mean to you?” Luna looked up to the starry night, as if the answers could ne found within the stars themselves.

“The night is a time when the stress of the day is relieved. After the stress and rush of the day, it melts away, and in its place is the relaxed pace of the night. I was jealous of ponies sleeping through my night, but it makes me realise how short-sighted my jealousy was. Dreams are a place of peace as well, and me being their protector in their sleep is something that I should be, and still, proud of,” Luna gave a lengthy explanation, though every creature was fixed to her speech.

“And now, let’s talk about your other ability, night-control,” Gabby moved them onto the main event, “Why don’t you start by telling us a few special constellations before we move onto your star-manipulation?” Luna nodded and started looking around the nights start. One constellation caught the princesses’ and she directed the group towards it. It was a large bright white one, surrounded by five stars of different colours.

“Wait,” Silverstream squinted her eyes before it dawned on her, “That constellation looks like-“

“You have guess correct, young hippogriff,” Luna chuckled, “It is know as the Harmony Constellation for obvious reasons. This is a constellation I have created to commemorate Twilight’s and her friends’ victories,” Luna nodded as she and the others stared at the pattern of stars in awe. The then pointed to another constellation, a particular one a particular shape.

“Those who know Rockhoof’s stories may be familiar with one where he tossed an ursa major into the sky, where it has been ever since,” Luna told them Rockhoof’s story, causing those who haven’t heard his story to make a sound of astonishment.

“I heard of that story when Twilight made Rockhoof Equestria’s official story teller,” Silverstream explained.

“Twilight Sparkle made this title?” Luna chuckled, “Good use of a princess title I must admit. Certain constellations a remain as other kingdoms hold them with special meaning. Other certain stars and constellations I leave from changing as many travellers of the vast deserts of Saddle Arabia and seas use them to help them navigate on their journey.” That caused Pinkie to giggle, much to Marble’s annoyance at her sister’s antics.

“And pray tell, what is so funny about what I said?” Luna looked at Pinkie for an answer.

“Why is Princess Luna called a GPS?” Pinkie joked, which Autumn picked up immediately.

“I don’t know. Why is Princess Luna called a GPS?” Autumn asked back.

“She’s a Global Princess System!” Pinkie completed the joke. There was dead silence before every creature burst out laughing. Luna’s eye twitched as she tried to hold back her laughter before she broke into a fit of giggles.

“That is a good one,” Luna complimented, “Now I think it’s time to describe my other ability. I can come up new constellations and pattern by simple moving stars around, such as colour, size and position. I think an example is best to show my ability. Does any creature want me to draw something in the sky?” Pinkie jumped up and down in excitement.

“A nice, big, delicious cupcake!” Pinkie declared, earning eyerolls from the group as they would have guessed what Pinkie requested. Luna simply nodded with a smile and activated her magic. She summoned the amount of stars needed for the picture and started forming the image. The others looked at the sky in awe. When a cupcake finally appeared, they clapped their hooves together.

“That was amazing!” Silverstream waved her hooves around in excitement, “Can you do a butterfly next?” Luna smiled and nodded. She channelled magic back through her horn, summoning the stars to form the image of a butterfly. Luna even animated it so it looked like it was flapping its wings in the starry sky. Luna let her magic fade, causing the stars to disperse back to their original place.

“I think it’s time we call it a night,” Gabby rounded the show off, “Thank you so much, Princess, for taking time off royal duties to show us your abilities. That is all we have time for this starry night, so from all of us and Princess Luna, it’s goodbye for now!”

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