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Good Morning Equestria - Quoterific

Equestria's newest chat show to all creatures

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Chapter 32- My Kingdom For A Cake Pt.1

"Is it true that Princess Celestia likes her desserts?" Silverstream asks.

High on a certain castle, perched precariously on a lonely mountain, the Princess of the Sun spat out her morning tea, which was very un-princess like. Her sister, feasting on her pancakes, turned towards the radio. This was about to be interesting, but for her only.

"And where did you get that idea from?" Pinkie asked with a knowing smile?

"I found this lying around from Ponyville Day School's Foal Free Press, with the headline Princess Celestia Just Like Us," Silverstream held up the headline from the Cutie Mark Crusaders attempt at journalism.

"I see old habits never fade away, isn't that right dear sister of mine," Luna giggled with a raised brow, which Celestia shot her sister one of her hot glares.

"Believe me," Pinkie said, "Our princess is never to far from a sugary treat. Our princess has a strong sweet tooth, as you can see from the picture."

"Princess Celestia, ruler of the sun, lover of desserts?" Gabby half-teased, "What to call her? Cake-Lestia?"

At that comment, Luna burst out into a fit of laughter,I collapsing onto the floor in a fit of giggles. All Celestia could do was hold her head in her hooves. Her dignity was going down the drain today.

"Princess Cake-Lestia, Princess of pastries!" Luna declared in her Royal Canterlot Voice so that the whole castle could hear it, "That is going down into my nickname list."

"I am never going to live this down for as long as I live," Celestia huffed.

"Would that be Celestia's downfall of an enemy uses a cake against her?" Autumn quipped, before doing a Celestia impression, "My cake! My cake! My kingdom for a cake!"

"What is wrong with every creature?" Celestia rolled her eyes, "I love a sweet treat as much as the next creature. Why is that surprising!"

"I think it's something to do with that picture of the newspaper. One good look and ponies will throw ideas of what you are in an instant," Luna had stopped her fit of laughter and was now rubbing her chin with a hoof in thought. Celestia raised a brow.

"Remember when Sunset Shimmer introduced us to an invention from her world. The video game player, if I recall correctly. If I would send a picture of that incident you played all night to the press, would out subjects see you as a game addict?" Celestia teased back, which Luna whipped her head round in pure horror.

"You wouldn't dare!" Luna answered in pure horror. Celestia teleported a picture of a very exhausted Lunar Princess, with bags under her eyes and headphones in her ears from that night she stayed up to play a game that Sunset brought from her world.

"I may consider it as payback for this morning," Celestia hinted before turning back to the radio.

"You should see the look Celestia made when I ate all of the Marzipan Mascarpone Meringue Madness, or what's left of it. She really wanted a slice of that big cake. Her face was like 'My precious cake!'" Pinkie told her story, along with a manic Celestia expression.

"And I wanted a piece of it, and more," Celestia sighed. Luna just snickered.

"She still has a fun side though," Pinkie countered, "She made fun at Mr and Mrs Cake for tea, that time when we saved Celestia's play and Twilight told me about the time she joked about being a good teacher with Sunset Shimmer. She likes a good joke as much as the next pony, or creature."

"Nice to see that your princess has a fun side, despite being a ruler. It have been hard ruling for so long, yet finding time to relieve the stress of it all," Gabby wondered.

"Indeed, the paperwork is something less to be desired, but now I have a sister back and I do find some time from being away from ruling a kingdom. In the end, I'm just a pony wearing a crown, doing my own job in the world," Celestia said to Luna, who nodded.

"We are old, but our spirits are young," Luna said, "And that is something we can do all the time. Sisters or rulers, we define who we are by taking a step in the right direction. No matter what our past have been."

Both sisters hugged each other, laughing in remembrance of the good times, and thinking less of the bad.

"Well, I hope the Princesses are listening," Pinkie smiled, "Though I think we have flustered Celestia enough for one day. Hope to see you all again soon!"

I will have to think of something to get back at them for this morning, Celestia thought. Time to write a letter to her most faithful student and Princess of Friendship for a plan.

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