• Published 12th Apr 2021
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Good Morning Equestria - Quoterific

Equestria's newest chat show to all creatures

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Chapter 7- Let's Talk About Romance

It was break time and the hosts were currently having their break time with their drinks and favourite foods. It was a nice and peaceful affair. Well, as nice and as peaceful as it can be, until Pinkie Pie decided to drop an unexpected question.

"Do you have a crush on some creature?" Pinkie asked as if it was the most innocent thing to ask.

Silverstream spat out her orange juice into Gabby's face with equal shock, Autumn Blaze began choking on her sandwich and Marble just stared at her sister with mortified horror. This break time was going to be far from peaceful.

"Oh, I haven't found any creature special yet," Autumn tried to explain simply, "I just had the view for company during my exile and pumpkins with faces painted on them." She laughed at how ridiculous it is.

"What do you mean? I once had a party with a pile of rocks, a dust ball, bad of flour, a bad of flour and a bucket of turnips with my pet alligator Gummy."

The group looked at her with disturbed faces. Marble just rolled her eyes.

"Gabby, didn't you have this thing between Spike and Rarity?"

It was Gabby's turn to do a spit take, this time on her tea. Meanwhile, a certain white unicorn felt a strange disturbance whilst making her latest fashion line.

"Nope, me and Spike are just good pen pals," Gabby laughed nervously, "Rarity was just starting to get jealous because he was spending more time with me at the Ponyville post office. She then took away more time with Spike from me."

"So definitely not some strange love tug-of-war with Spikey-Wikey in the middle," Pinkie flashed her eyebrows at Gabby.

"It is definitely not!" Gabby shouted with horror, "Me and Spike are simply good friends in the delivery service that enjoy each other's company whenever we are available from or services."

"Right," Pinkie hinted devilishly, "Definitely not."
Gabby huffed as a blush was forming across her face.

"What about you and a certain blue griffon at the School Of Friendship...Silverstream?" Pinkie smirked as she turned to the now red hippogriff, "Is he your school crush?"

"Absolutely no idea what you are talking about," Silverstream quickly quipped, "Sure, we and our friends see each other all the time and we are great flying buddies. Gallus isn't even the romantic sort and has that griffon streak to him that is most brutish at times. By Novo, he barely focuses in class except for the scavenger hunt!"

Silverstream delivered her salvo breathlessly as she tried to explain her this to Pinkie. Pinkie just pulled off her usual smiling poker face. It's lucky Twilight didn't destroy the Love Poison books.

"Now Marble," As she turned to her sister, who was silently praying that it wouldn't go where she hoped it wouldn't go.

"I know you had this small crush on Big Macintosh when he came over one Hearth's Warming Eve, but you must move on now. Big Mac's has his own marefriend now. But as your big sister, it is my job to help you find your forever happily ever after. I will encourage to you come out of your shell and take that timid nature that you have brought yourself in. You must come out of your shell and embrace your true feelings if you have any chance to meet your special some pony!"

Whilst Pinkie was preaching her speech, Marble wanted nothing more than let the very earth beneath her hooves to swallow her whole.

"What about you Pinkie?" Gabby asked, "Is there anypony that you have interest in?" She finished with a brow wiggle.

"What do you mean?" Pinkie tilted her head in confusion.

"Reading the Friendship Journal, you've met another party planner. Cheese Sandwich right?"

Pinkie's right eye twitched every so slightly.

"By the way, why were you asking that question anyway?" Silverstream asked. Pinkie mentally breathed a sigh of relief.

"Because we're back live on air and the whole of Equestria and beyond just heard our conversation." Pinkie breathed a mental sigh of relief. She didn't want to be the cause of her own humiliation.

Dead silence.

"WHAT?!" Four voice screamed out through the radio, with Marble looking horrified.

A lot of creatures had some explaining to do once this morning was over.

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