• Published 12th Apr 2021
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Good Morning Equestria - Quoterific

Equestria's newest chat show to all creatures

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Chapter 29- A Chance Of Chaos

"Hello every creature, and welcome to to daily weather report by yours truly, Discord the Lord of Chaos. I won't be reading the usual weather report from Cloudsdale as it is completely normal, and so predictable. So I thought that I would spice things up a bit, because why Celestia not?

Today will be sunny side up, and by that I mean expect scrambled showers and an eggy atmosphere. Today will be a cracker of a morning. By the afternoon, expect a sweet chance of some cotton cloud gathering eastwards, bringing in some chocolate rain showers. We are certainly in for a treat. By Luna's night, make sure you stay up to witness a once in a lifetime event, as flying pigs will shoot across the sky.

Tomorrow, it will start off with Celestia having her usual pancakes for breakfast, so she better get outside as there is a high chance of some Spring syrup showers coming in by the early morning rushhour. By that, I mean sugar rush hour. Expect to see the odd sprinkle rainbow once that has cleared. The afternoon will be followed by a glorious sunset with pies rising from the horizon. You certainly don't want to miss a slice of the action.

The following day will be a case of mist and fog with a strong gust of pepper in the wind as it is pepper-fever season. Make sure you have your handkerchiefs ready as we are expecting high levels of pepper dust in the air. It is enough to blow the houses down, literally. Then there will be a light drizzle of sugar powder, blanketing northern Equestria heavily, so bring out your cakes if you are too lazy to dust them up yourselves.

That concludes the weather report for the upcoming day. I have been your host, Discord, and it was a pleasure to be on the show. Back to you in the studio. So how did I do?"

Discord turned to the others who were sat at the studio table. He made a news reporter costume for himself, complete with professional glasses and holding several script papers.

The others on the desk looked at him with a mixture of fear (Autumn Blaze), horror (Marble), amusement (Silverstream), dreamy bliss (Gabby), or pure excitement (Pinkie Pie).

"Equestria is going to freak out," Autumn said as she looked at the Gabby and Pinkie's faces, "Why am I the only one who thinks this is going to far, and I was the one who got loopy in exile. It doesn't make any sense!"

"Dear kirin, what fun is there in making sense?" Discord wiggled his brow as he said his signature phrase. Autumn was about to say something, but paused.

"I give up," She muttered.

"Really? Can this happen? Can this really happen? That is the best weather report I have ever heard!" Silverstream flew to the air, waving her arms around, "Most of our reports in Seaquestria during the Storm King's rule was mostly boring current and tide changes."

"Dreams do come true," Gabby sighed in dreamy bliss, "I can finally know what it's like to eat a cotton-candy cloud and drink chocolate milk rain."

Marble sank down into her seat in pure horror. Equestria was doomed.

"I think that was the most delicious weather report I have ever heard!" Pinkie leapt out of her seat, "I will certainly prepare for that!"

Equestria was never the same during those days, and Celestia and Luna, along with a very angry Fluttershy, banned him from doing weather reports after that. Rarity had to design a new 'edible weather couture line' which she found horrendous. Applejack was mostly upset for her orchard trees having syrup being fed into its roots. Rainbow complained that sleeping on a cotton-candy cloud just wasn't the same as a normal cloud. Plus, it was super sticky and hard to get off her feathers. Twilight was there berating the Lord of Chaos for his weather.

"Truly a delicious report..." Pinkie said as she helped herself for more syrup for her pancakes.

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