• Published 12th Apr 2021
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Good Morning Equestria - Quoterific

Equestria's newest chat show to all creatures

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Chapter 84- Nesting Wrap Up

"So here we are every creature," Silverstream welcomed every creature to a special day on the show, "To those who do not know much about Ponyville. It was founded by earth ponies, meaning that they have to do things the super-tough way. One of those super-tough ways is a ending of Winter and the coming of Spring.”

“We call it Winter Wrap Up,” Pinkie Pie bounced in excitement, “Where the whole town comes together to, well, wrap up Winter of course!”

“Why don’t you tell us what these roles involve, Pinkie?” Gabby encouraged, which Pinkie nodded with excitement.

“Rainbow Dash is in charge of rounding up the birds from their southern migration. Fluttershy is involved in waking up all the animals from hibernation. Rainbow will be super happy to see Tank after a long cold winter! Anyway, Applejack is head of snow clearance and planting the seeds for next harvest in the autumn, and Twilight is in charge of this whole operation!” Pinkie listed each of her friends roles.

“What are you usually in charge of, Pinkie?” Autumn asked.

“I, with my awesome ice skating skills, is usually in charge with cutting the ice to help the lake melt easier. It’s a busy job, but Twilight is in charge of making sure the skating division is doing it while I’m with all you guys,” Pinkie explained.

“And why isn’t Twilight doing the actual skating?” Gabby asked next, which Pinkie chuckled sheepishly.

“The first time she tried, she was like a baby deer trying to find its legs,” Pinkie answered, which caused the group to try and hold back their laughter at the images in their heads.

“Speaking of jobs, we are going to take part in one of them with Professor Rarity, aren’t we?” Silverstream asked in giddiness.

“Today, we are going to help Rarity nest building for when the birds come back from their migration,” Pinkie jumped around, “And speaking of Rarity, there she is!” She pointed to the fashion pony, who waved back and beckoned them over.

“Pinkie, darling!” Rarity, “And the rest of the lovely show! So glad that you can all join me. Now these nests aren’t going to build themselves, so let’s get started. You know what Twilight is like in keeping a schedule on things.” The G.M.E. group helped themselves to the material in the right amount. Once every creature was stationed at the table Rarity began her lesson.

“Building a nest is the same as stitching together a dress. You need a good strong foundation stitch, and then build from it in layers until you get a beautiful, finished product,” Rarity explained the fine art of nest building, “First, get those large sticks and weave them around a centre point. This will be the base were we can started to build.”

The G.M.E. group started with the thickest stick, tying large, but flexible ones until they formed a star-shaped base, like the spokes of a wheel.

“Now that you have made your base, weave the small flexible sticks in and out. You can do it in any random way and order because you don’t want it to look like a basket. What you are focusing for is something that blends into the natural background so the birds can feel comfortable.” The group gave a nod of acknowledgement, and began weaving.

“So what does Winter Wrap Up mean to you Rarity?” Gabby asked, although she had a hint in the back of her mind.

“For me, Winter Wrap Up is the signal for me to stop with my winter line of clothes and start planning my new spring line for the year!” Rarity gave a flourish with her hooves, “Spring gives me so much inspiration! The blossoming of trees, the birds enjoying the warming sun and just the freshness that it all brings!”

“What does Spring mean to all of you creatures?” Pinkie asked the others in the chat show.

“For me, Spring means the start of something new,” Silverstream smiled, “The Harmonising Heights are in their most beautiful, and I would fly with the birds and shake the blossom petals from their branches.”

“I would say that Spring means the start of preparing and wishing the best for the new year,” Gabby smiled, “Griffonstone is tough, and friendship is just being explored. However, it is something new and fresh and opening like a flower. Spring means so much as I think it connects that way to friendship!” Pinkie clapped her hooves together whilst Rarity wiped a tear from her eye.

“That was poetic, Gabby,” Rarity complimented, earning a small blush from the griffon.

“I just love watching the flowers bloom in spring at the Peaks of Peril,” Autumn smiled, “During my exile, I wrote poetry on the opening of cherry blossom, the tweeting of birds and their chicks and the lush green grass,” Autumn explained with passion.

“Marble likes spring because that’s when the flowers appears through the cracks of rocks and the whole rock farm turns from a brown to a lush green for one season only, right Marble?” Pinkie asked her sister, who nodded in confirmation.

“Spring means looking forward to this years holidays whilst remembering the fun I had last year,” Pinkie jumped up and down in her place, “I always look forward to planning the next birthdays, Nightmare Nights and Hearth’s Warming Eves!”

The group were almost finished with their nest, weaving ribbons and tying bows for added decoration, as well as adding some flowers for extra natural fashion flare.

“They all look simply stunning!” Rarity complimented as she looked at their works, “Now we can all hung them in the trees so the birds can nest!” They went to the nearby tress and placed their nests in the branches.

“Thank you for letting us join you in the nest-building section for Winter Wrap Up, Professor Rarity,” Silverstream thanked.

“Think nothing of it, darlings,” Rarity waved a hoof, “The more the merrier and you saved me from doing more at the same time. It’s a win in my books.”

“Thank you for tuning in for today, here at Ponyville’s Winter Wrap Up,” Gabby concluded the program, “We all hope to see you all again soon. What does Spring mean to all of you? Don’t be afraid to send in your thought by dragonfire.”

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