• Published 12th Apr 2021
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Good Morning Equestria - Quoterific

Equestria's newest chat show to all creatures

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Chapter 59- Daring Reveal

"Creatures far and wide, we have a very special guest with us today, one who is willing to reveal her true-self, live on this very show!" Pinkie Pie gave a large squee at the news.

"She has agreed to come onto the show after her series of books, which are critically acclaimed, is over and is looking for something beyond seeking artefacts and temples," Silverstream announced.

"So without further ado, writer and real-life temple explorer," Gabby paused, allowing Autumn to finish the sentence.

"Please welcome to our show, Daring Do!"

The explorer give a welcoming gesture on her hat whilst all the other creatures clapped for her.

"I think Rainbow Dash will be broken after this show," Daring rubbed her chin, chuckling at the thought.

"I can imagine," Silverstream laughed as well.

"Anyways, let's start at the beginning-" She was interrupted when the studio door flew open and they a blue and rainbow blur came in.

"Woah, woah, woah!" The afore mentioned pegasus waved her hooves, "The most awesome pony, besides me of course, is on Good Morning Equestria, and didn't think of inviting me along as well?!" Rainbow gaped at the hosts with annoyance. Daring smiled and rolled her eyes.

"What happened to no interruptions during live broadcasting?" Autumn huffed, smoke coming out of her horn.

"Now, hold your fire, Autumn," Rainbow waved her hooves frantically, "But please let me be on the show with Daring Do. You can't deny me of that now?!" Rainbow gave the hosts a pleading look. They looked towards Daring with a look, asking for her permission. Daring sighed, shook her head and smiled.

"Since she's already here, you might as well," Daring shrugged, causing Rainbow to punch the air.

"This day just got even more awesome!" Rainbow gave a fangirl-ish scream, catching every creature off guard.

"Presenting the most awesome pony in Equestria," Gabby sarcastically mocked.

"Wait? Is this still on air?" Rainbow asked.

"Eeyup," Pinkie replied with her smile. Rainbow knew where this was going.

"And every creature heard my scream?"

"Eeyup," Pinkie answered again. Rainbow crashed to the ground.

"Should I also tell our listeners that you like to visit Ponyville's local day-"

"Anyways," Gabby thought it was best to save some of Rainbow's reputation, "Where did Daring Do start with you, Rainbow?"

"That's easy. I was in hospital after a accidental crash. I going to be there for a Few days, but it might as well be a few months, or a few years!"

"Hey, I wrote that in one of my books as well. I was with a broken wing in a thick jungle," Daring pointed out loud.

"I realised at that time that it was okay to like reading, and it doesn't mean that you are an egghead through and through. Twilight offered the chance for me to borrow Daring's series from her old library. I read them every night to Tank!" Rainbow continued with excitement.

"And how did you and Daring meet exactly?" Autumn asked the duo.

"I delayed my next book for a few months due to a new incident involving Ahuizotl and the so-called Ring of Destiny that he would use to create a heatwave with over rings," Daring explained her predicament, "At the time, I believed that I had to do this alone, but Rainbow showed me that a little help can go a long way." She smiled at Rainbow, who gave another fangirl-like squee.

"Together, we managed to bring down the temple and defeat Ahuizotl," Rainbow finished off.

"Was this the only encounter you two had?" Silverstream asked.

"No, but many," Daring smiled, "Another time was when she and this strange talkative stallion helped me secure another artefact from Doctor Caballeron. Using Rainbow's action skills, my tomb skills and his knowledge of puzzles, we managed to secure the artefact first. We thwarted Doctor Caballeron's plans by releasing the temple beast onto them," Daring chuckled.

"Their faces were priceless!" Rainbow laughed.

"When was another encounter?" Gabby pushed them on, but Pinkie took over.

"There was this one time when Daring thought of retiring because of her actions at Somnambula's Village, but it was just Doctor Caballeron using her name to get what he wanted with the town's jewels. He damaged her reputation, but we learnt that you should never give up hope and to fight a good fight, but be responsible for your own actions. We manged to reveal his plans to the town and they ran with no jewels to take!" Pinkie told her story without a breath, causing every creature in the room to be stunned. Daring gaped and whispered to Rainbow.


"It's Pinkie," Rainbow rolled her eyes. Daring simply nodded and continued from way Pinkie left off.

"My reputation was again on the line when Doctor Caballeron published his own book, exposing my mistakes and secrets. When Fluttershy is recruited by Doctor Caballeron to find the Truth Talisman of Tonatiuh, I helped Rainbow Dash save her. What we didn't expect was for her to and Caballeron to become friends. Ahuizotl was there, and we all learnt that we were in the wrong by taking artefacts that he was supposed to be guarding from us. We made promises to each other to never take anything from the Basin again."

"Wow, you guys had a lot of adventures," Silverstream admired, which Pinkie, Rainbow and Daring nodded and laughed together.

"It had been quite a journey," Daring contemplated, "But fun nonetheless."

"Absolutely!" Rainbow laughed as well.

"That's all we have time for today," Silverstream smiled, "Hope to see you all again soon!"

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