• Published 12th Apr 2021
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Good Morning Equestria - Quoterific

Equestria's newest chat show to all creatures

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Chapter 114- Behind The Wheel Pt.1

“Welcome back to Good Morning Equestria and we are outside for a special event, organised by Ponyville’s Day School and the School of Friendship,” Gabby introduced every listener to today’s program.

“For those who don’t know, both schools of Ponyville have decided to join together for the annual Applewood Derby, where ponies, and creatures this time as well, build a cart with their family or siblings and race them around the town,” Autumn continued on.

“In addition, they are judged and awarded ribbons as well,” Silverstream continued, “There are three categories: traditionalist, creative and fastest.”

“We are outside each stand to see how every creature is doing in creating their masterpieces,” Pinkie added, “So let’s join some of our racers to let them show us their cart.” The group walked towards the first tent where Smolder was busy creating her cart.

“Hey, Smolder,” Silverstream waved at her school friend, “How is your cart coming along and tell our fellow listeners what your cart is about.” The young dragon turned to her cart before explaining what she was going for in her design.

“My cart is all about what makes the Dragonlands so great!” Smolder exclaimed excitedly, “I decided to use light volcanic stone for the wheels with a wooden body, just like what Applejack showed us with her bodged up shed teamwork lesson.”

“Twilight told me about that fieldtrip,” Pinkie giggled, Silverstream snickered at the memory.

“Next to Smolder we have Sweetie Belle,” Autumn moved onto the next stand where Sweetie Belle and Rarity were working on an extravagant cart, “No doubt you’ll be trying to get your hooves on most creative. Is this Rarity’s idea?” At that question, Rarity laughed sheepishly.

“Oh no, Darling,” Rarity waved a hoof, “After the last Derby, I have learned my lesson, and I must say, Sweetie Belle planned this beautiful. I can see my sister being a great designer and singer in the future.” Rarity rubber he little sister on the head affectionately.

“Thanks Rarity, though you helped me with some of the design,” Sweetie Belle cooed, “This is the best sister bonding moment after the Sisterhooves Social.”

“Onto the final cart as we move to the medals ceremony,” Gabby urged the others onto the final stand, “Here we have Diamond Tiara with a very traditional looking cart.”

“Why thank you,” Diamond Tiara thanked Gabby, “Based on my family’s business history in Ponyville, it combines elements of Ponyville’s architectural into one cart, all thanks to my dad’s idea.”

“Well I wish you, and all the other races the best of luck, as we let the judges to the judging,” Pinkie thanked their interviewees before the judges began inspecting each stand and cart. After careful scrutiny of each cart, they nodded their heads, wrote down the winners and put them in separate envelopes. They handed the over the G.M.E., who were eager to announce the winners.

“The winner for most creative cart goes too…” Every creature held their breath as Silverstream opened her envelope to reveal the winner, “…Sweetie Belle!”

“Yes!” Rarity cried out with joy, “I did it! I finally earned that ribbon!” It was then that Rarity noticed her sister’s displeased look on her face, and how every creature was staring at her. With a blush and a polite cough she patted her sister on the head again.

“I mean, well done Sweetie Belle, you truly deserved it for an amazing cart you have designed.” Marble chuckled quietly as she handed Autumn the next envelope.

“The winner for most traditional cart goes to…” Autumn opened it up and read out loud the name on the card, “Gallus, for representing a cart of true griffon culture and history.” Every creature turned to the stunned griffon and his cart, a beautiful lean design with red velvet and engraved drawings of warrior griffons and a wooden model of the coveted lost idol.

“Congratulations Gallus, the first every creature to win an award at the Applewood Derby!” Silverstream congratulated her other school friend, everypony and creature clapping for Gallus. Diamond Tiara accepted defeat with humility unlike the other times the CMC won something.

“Finally the award to what the judges thought was the fastest cart, but remember every creature, it could all change on the track,” Pinkie reassured as she opened the final envelope, “And the final winner to claim a ribbon is, Dinky!” Every creature turned to the unicorn filly from Ponyville’s Day School. The cart looked simply like it was meant to be for racing, slick with bold paintwork and flaps and side parts to give a really clean streamlined shape. The creatures began to applaud as all the blue ribbons were awarded to the winner of each category.

The G.M.E turned around and almost did a double take at Cheerilee’s cheerleader outfit. Silverstream tried her best to hold back her laughter.

“Alright every racer, please take your cart to the starting line to begin the Applewood Derby!” Cheerilee announced with equal passion. The group cheered as the racers began to tow their carts towards the line.

“The Applewood Derby is about to begin. Forget the ribbons, every creature will be having their eyes on the prize for the Applewood Derby trophy for the first cart intact to cross the finishing line,” Pinkie said with excitement.

“Four full laps around Ponyville will help decide who will make it across the line, and hopefully no big pile-ups like last time,” Silverstream said, “We wish every creature the best of luck!”


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