• Published 12th Apr 2021
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Good Morning Equestria - Quoterific

Equestria's newest chat show to all creatures

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Chapter 53- Yak Business

"As official Friendship Ambassador to the Yaks of Yakyakistan, thank you Twilight for that position by the way, I have used this status to invite a very special yak to our studio," Pinkie puffed her chest in pride at her achievement. The others were unsure of this.

"That would explain why everything in the studio is covered in bubble-wrap," Gabby sighed as she looked around the studio. Almost every square of the studio, from the tables, chairs and everything that is classified as furniture, was covered in safety wrapping material. Even their seats were covered in bubble-wrap.

"Seriously," Gabby continued to look at the new studio decorations, "This makes safety delivery at the post office look inefficient in comparison."

"I haven't seen bubble-wrap before!" Silverstream sad as she popped a few bubbles from her seat, "This is amazing! It's like, super satisfying when you pop them with a claw!" She gave her usual giggle of excitement when she finds something new. Autumn and Marble shifted in their seat, obviously uncomfortable with the seats' new layer of protection.

"This is obvious something I will not enjoy," Autumn muttered. Marble sighed. It was going to be a long day.

"So without further ado, let me introduce Prince Rutherford!" As Pinkie said that, the door smashed wide open, revealing the Prince of the yaks on the other side. The other creatures stare wide-eyed at the sight, Silverstream less so. Knowing what Yona was like, she had a faint idea where this was going.

"Prince Rutherford!" Pinkie cried out in sheer joy, but the others had the looks of sheer terror.

"Pink Pony!" Rutherford called out, "When yak received letter, yak was happy to come and talk. Yak proud of yak traditions and yak is happy to share them with other creatures here." He pulled a bit of his hair out to reveal an eye to look at the other creatures in the room.

"Yak is going to like this. Yak is going to show creatures what it means to be a yak!"

"So tell us, what it means to be a yak?" Autumn asked with her strained smile.

"lion pony asked a good question," Rutherford answered, causing Autumn to look somewhat offended.

"I am a kirin, not a lion pony," She huffed, but Rutherford moved on.

"Being a yak means to be strong. Yickslurbertfest is a festival to celebrate what it means to be a yak," Rutherford told his tale.

"I know. I've been there," Pinkie giggled.

"Let me guess," Silverstream rubber her chin in thought, "It involves a lot of smashing?"

"Yes! Yaks love to smash. It is the first part of holidays," Rutherford smiled in pride, "We sit round fire and tell stories. We have huts to sleep, listen to music and eat yak cakes." He brought some for the others to try some. The cakes towered over the hosts.

"Try some in one bite," The prince said, "Is yak tradition."

"One bite? How are you meant to eat that in one bite?" Autumn asked in fear.

"Like this silly," Pinkie opened her mouth wide and swallowed the cake whole. The other looked at her in shock, but they really should have gotten used to this by now.

"Impressive," Rutherford commented, "Yak impressed."

"It's nothing," Pinkie waved a hoof and smiled, "I once ate the Marzipan Mascarpone Meringue Madness whole, ribbon and all. Although eating the ribbon may not have been a good idea. Mr and Mrs Cake were thrilled to hear that they won, but when they asked where the ribbon was, I simply said that they will get it after I went to the little filly's room."

Every creature's, including the yak's, faces turned green at that image.

"Yak music is best music."

"Do you want me to play the-"

"NO!!!" Every creature stopped her from saying the very instrument. Ruther then but on an angry face.


This caused the group to be torn. Either let the studio become a scene of destruction that would make Tirek's rampage look weak in comparison, or listen to Pinkie's playing on that instrument that they can't say for Celestia's sake. In the end, to save them the damage costs, they opted for Pinkie's playing. Pinkie squeed loudly. and got out her Yakyakistan instrument. Luckily, the group came prepared, ordering DJ PON-3's special sound-cancelling headphones.

"And a-one, and a-two, and a-I-know-what-to-do!" Pinkie counted in before letting out her deafly playing. Luckily Silverstream lowered the sound so listeners can have their eardrums spared.

"We are going to take a break there to save our ears," Gabby sighed, "We will be back once this torture is over."

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