• Published 12th Apr 2021
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Good Morning Equestria - Quoterific

Equestria's newest chat show to all creatures

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Chapter 37- Harmony Talking

The show was going well, with every creature talking about certain topics over drinks at the table, whilst listeners were giggling and smiling at the content. Suddenly there was a flash of light from outside the studio door, and a ball of white light descended into the room. When the ball disappeared, there stood the Princess of Friendship, but yet it wasn't like Twilight Sparkle that the others knew of. This Twilight was sparkling and shining all over, and had a face of serenity and calm, unlike Twilight's usual manic and bubbly self whenever something is overdue. Whilst the others looked on in confusion, Silverstream made a happy squee and leapt from her spot at the table.

"I don't believe it!" Silverstream shouted in excitement, "The Tree of Harmony! The actual Tree of Harmony is here!"

"What?!" every other creature in room exclaimed before turning to the glowing figure of Twilight.

"But I thought that the Tree of Harmony was, well, a tree!" Gabby scratched her head in obvious confusion, "Can the tree turn into Twilight""

"And it was destroyed by King Sombra and then regrew as a treehouse!" Pinkie was visibly confused, which is something very rare, "If the real Twilight was here, she would be Twilighting hard about what is going on right now!" The others shivered at the idea before looking at the strange mysterious figure that showed up. Eventually it decided to talk.

"I am the Tree of Harmony, but only in spirit. You can call me the Spirit of Harmony if you would like," It said in a monotone and plain voice. The others looked at each other and shrugged.

"And why are you here, Spirit?" Gabby asked with nervousness, "Is Equestria in peril?"

"Is there some new bad guy from the dawn of Equestria that has returned?" Autumn asked next.

"Did I leave the oven on?!" Pinkie gasped. The others looked at her with deadpanned looks.

"What?" Pinkie shrugged, "It happened before."

"You have spread friendship and laughter very well with this show you have put," Spirit said with honesty, "I wanted to see it for myself and share my story as I watched Equestria grow and prosper into a great land for all creatures to share harmony together."

"Well come and tell your story. I bet somewhere right now, Twilight is in the library with her radio, getting a long scroll reading to take notes," Autumn half-joked.

"How did she figure that out?" Twilight said as she sat on her sofa, with all the things she needed.

"It's a mystery, " Spike sighed as Spirit began to tell her tail.

"The Pillars of Equestria infused their magic into a single seed from which I grew, deep in the Everfree Forest. There I grew, stronger as each generation passed, until I had the power to keep Everfree's dark powers at bay. It was then that the Lord of Chaos came, turning the land into his plaything. Ponies suffered under his rule of eternal chaos. That was when the Princesses of Day and Night found me and saw used the Elements of Harmony that I bore fruit from to defeat him."

"This is like an epic story in the making, because it was one!" Silverstream listened intently.

"Stories are where memories go when they are forgotten, young one," Spirit smiled, "Otherwise where did the idea come from in the first place? They built the Castle of the Two Sisters where I lay to mark where the Elements of Harmony lay. However peace something fragile as the Princess of the Night turned into the Nightmare Moon. The Princess of the Sun used the Elements on her sister, but with the Castle of the Two Sisters destroyed, Canterlot rose into existence, and I, along with the elements, remained dormant and forgotten for a millennia, gone to the winds of time to nothing but stories."

"Then Twilight came?" Autumn asked, which Spirit nodded.

"With Nightmare Moon's returned, Twilight and her friends managed to find the Elements and defeat Nightmare Moon again, restoring her to the Princess of the Night and reuniting her with her sister. The elements were brought back into the present, with defeating Discord, unlocking the Power to defeat Tirek and help the Pillars of Old Equestria the value of friendship when used against the Pony of Shadows," Spirit continued on when Silverstream piped up.

"This is where I come in!" Silverstream said with super-charged energy.

"I showed you and your friends that friendship is in all creatures. I came into this form because of grew and adapted, like how friendship adapted between different creatures. Even when the evil filly drained magic, she forget just how powerful the magic of friendship was, and I used it to help free you to save Equestria again. Even destroyed, the spirit of friendship remains. Because of you and your friends selfless deeds, I still live in my own way, as the power of friendship does, with or without the elements."

There was silence as Spirit concluded her tale. Autumn wiped a tear away.

"That was beautiful," She whispered.

"Amazing," Gabby gaped.

"I was a part of it!" Silverstream smiled.

"I was there first!" Pinkie shot back jokingly. Marble sighed happily with tears with her eyes.

"Remember, all of you. Friendship is powerful, no matter where it is. Hold it with all your heart and you will shine. When your adventure ends, another will begin. Friendship grows like a tree. It may take time and troubles, but it will be the most satisfying fruits. Not fruits for the stomach, but of the soul and shared."

With that, she vanished into thin air, leaving speckles of magic dust in the air.

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