• Published 12th Apr 2021
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Good Morning Equestria - Quoterific

Equestria's newest chat show to all creatures

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Chapter 78- Your Royal Pranskter Pt.2

It was Princess Celestia’s favourite time of day, dessert time. her extra punishment for teleporting into Sugarcube Corner was over, and now she was about to be tuck into her prized cake that she had been waiting all day to consume and let her royal taste-buds be satisfied. No more sitting at her desk singing her signatures more times than she could count, no more sitting on her throne listening to petty complaints from the nobility and no more grand outings where she had to have the best smile as she could muster. It was a special time of the day where she can be Celestia, instead from being Princess Celestia.

Turning to her chambers to a special compartment, she opened to reveal her favourite sweet treat, a black forest gateau cake, a traditional cake from the far off lands of Germareny. Her mouth were salivating at the sight of it in the small fridge. Glazed cherries sat upon swirls of whipped cream at the edge. The cake was covered in chocolate shavings and smelt strong with a mixture of berries and chocolate. Celestia couldn’t help but salivate at the site of it. She lifted her cake knife and took a slice. It was tougher than she remembered, but she presumed it was from being in the fridge for too long. She looked at the slice before taking a bite.


A horrible flavour took over Celestia’s mouth, causing her to spit the cake in an unladylike fashion, the plate with the rest of the slice clattering to the floor along with the spoon. She had just ate a fake wax version!

“Who could have-“ She said out loud, only to pause at the sound of laughter coming from behind her. She whipped her head round to see her beloved sister, Luna, happily eating her black forest gateau. She had that smirk that told Celestia she was behind this very prank. It must have been after that particular talk on G.M.E.

“That should teach you, dear sister, on the importance of retaining your royal image,” Luna quipped proudly, helping herself to another bite. Celestia could only die inside as more and more of her precious cake went into Luna’s mouth. Luna triumphantly walked off, the cake held in her blue magical aura.

“May the second Battle of the Two Sisters begin,” Celestia said coldly.

Princess Luna woke up groggily from a hard night defending the Dream Realm from nightmares. She wanted nothing more than go down to the dining hall and eat her breakfast, Celestia’s castle hoof-made pancakes. She got out of bed, stretching her wings on the process. There was suddenly a knock from the other side of her bedchambers. Walking over and opening the doors with her magic, she found Raven Inkwell at the door.

“Good morning, Princess,” She bowed, “Here is a list of today’s-“ She then jammed a hoof in her mouth, preventing her form laughing. Luna quirked an eyebrow at her antics.

“Is there something you would like to share with us?” Luna asked with her authoritative tone. Raven could only nod in fear of losing control. However, Luna shrugged it off and made her way towards the dining hall.

Passing down the corridor on her way to meet her sister for the morning, she noticed various maids looking at her with looks like Raven, trying to hold back their laughter. The same could be said to her Lunar Guards, all trying to have their typical stoic army look, but Luna can see the mirth in their eyes, as well as the puffy cheeks and wavering smiles.

What is it about me that the guards and maid find so amusing this morning?, Luna thought, I will have to discuss this matter with my sister when I share breakfast with her, she shook her head to clear these troubles as she approached she is dining room doors and opened them. Celestia was there, but for some reason, she was averting eye contact from her.

“Good morning, sister,” Celestia said, avoiding her sister’s gaze, “Care to join me?”

“Of course sister,” Princess Luna sat down and a maid, also holding back her laughter, placed a plate, teacup and cutlery in neat order. Luna poured herself some tea from a teacup, was about to add her preferred amount of sugar when she paused to stare at her reflection from the well-polished silverware.

Her face featured a moustache with monocle on the right eye, with bold eyebrows to match some fairy-tale detective look, drawn in black marker. Luna could only stare in horror to the reason of her maids’ and guards’ laughter. There was only one pony in the entire castle who had the audacity to do this to her. Slowly she placed the teaspoon onto the table, glaring at her sister.

“I always thought you looked good as a detective,” Celestia teased in an nonchalantly tone.

"Dear maids and guards of Canterlot Castle,” Princess Celestia began as she addressed her and Luna’s audience, “You may have all been aware of the show Good Morning Equestria.” Every maid and guard nodded.

“Recently there have been a talk about how to be a good prank by the Element of Loyalty, Rainbow Dash,” Luna continued, “Hence why you have been witnessing some of me and my siter’s pranking.”

“From re-sending scrolls, to misdirecting meetings, fake foods and sneaking surprises,” Celestia chuckled, “But the reason why we have assembled you all here today is that we know that me and my dear sister has been pranking up a storm, as the Element of Laughter would have put it.”

“However,” Luna carried on, “We want a second opinion from multiple pairs of eyes. So we would like to ask in a final decision from you ponies, who is the best prankster?”

There was silence as the group of maids and guards mumbled back and forth between each other, reliable Raven Inkwell tallying up the votes. Finally, they have reached a decision, Raven stepping forward to reveal the scores.

“After careful consideration from the guards and maids, as well as additional members of staff accounting their stories, we have decided to award the Royal Prankster to…”

Raven gave a pause for suspense.

“Celestia, with her drawing Prank,” Raven read from the scroll.

“I am the Royal Prankster!” Celestia jumped for joy, “I’m afraid you will be handling next week’s paperwork, Luna.”

“But next week is Delegates’ Day!” Luna whined, “Do you know how much official documents there are and how long it takes to sign!”

“I know,” Celestia rolled her eyes, “And I wish you luck with that. In the meantime, I’m off to enjoy a real Germareny black forest gateau. I wish you a good day, Luna.” With that, she happily skipped off out from the throne room, the guards and maids deciding to carry on with their own duties, leaving a trembling Luna at the throne.

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