• Published 12th Apr 2021
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Good Morning Equestria - Quoterific

Equestria's newest chat show to all creatures

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Chapter 20- Caffeinated Pie

Gabby, Silverstream, Autumn and Marble were at the table, waiting for a certain pink pony to join them. Usually, Pinkie would arrive on time, but was later than usual, which was something of a concern to the group waiting. They were about to go on air any moment.

"Do you know where your sister is? Usually she would wait for you at the station then walk with you to the studio," Gabby asked Marble, who simply shrugged and shook her head. This was very unlike her sister.

"Wonder what's taking her so long?" Autumn pondered, "She loves the show, and it her show that she set up with us. Where could she even-"

Before she could even finish the sentence, A party canon exploded through the door, followed by confetti falling around them and the appearance of the pony they were waiting for. Pinkie however, was a lot different today. Her mane and tail were frazzled, much like when she was freaked with Applejack didn't know who Countess Coloratura was. Bit of odd things were poking out of her mane in weird angles, including a rubber duck, an apple core and several drank cups. Her legs were doing strange jitters that looked like she needed to use the little filly's room.

It was her eyes that disturbed the group. Both were bloodshot with shrunk pupils that darted around like a madpony, but this was a different kind of madness that they had been accustomed to. Her left eye seemed to have developed a nasty twitch. To top off the creepiness, her smile was as wide enough to break her face. The group looked at each other, daring one of them to ask the question. Gabby sighed and turned to the manic pink pony.

"Pinkie, are you okay?" Gabby asked slowly. Pinkie took a step forward to the table and gave her answer rapidly.

"Never better. I had the most productive night ever. Not only did I update my files in my Party Cave, but I manged to sort out the next topics for our show. You see, Spike introduced me to this wonderful drink called coffee the other day-"

"Wait," Silverstream stopped her by pressing a talon on her lips, "Spike gave you a coffee?" Marble shrunk down in her seat at the horror Equestria was about to witness. A day that will put it in the history books.

"You betcha!" Pinkie blurted out, "I feel awesome, and now I sound like Rainbow Dash, because everything is twenty percent cooler! I can't feel my legs, my tail, my everything!" She gave a giggle that matched her appearance. Autumn asked the next dreaded question.

"And may I dare ask how many you had since the last time we met?" Pinkie turned her head round, like a cross between an owl and a smiling clown doll.

"No idea! I lost count on the forty-third!" The others looked at her with great concern. Yep, Equestria is doomed. Silverstream then asked the final question.

"And how to you feel?" Silverstream asked slowly.

"How do I feel?" Pinkie repeated the question quickly "I feel like I can do anything! This is way better than when I took Discord's magic for the bell! I am the Party Queen!"

Correction. Equestria isn't just doomed. There isn't even a word to describe how bad this is going to be. Pinkie then gave a burst of laughs and crashed into the wall instead of leaving by the door. The others decided to carry their microphone equipment and chase after the crazed mare. This was no time to sit around the table and have a chat. This was something far worse than some bad guy from the dawn of Equestrian history coming back.

"Breaking news!" Silverstream shouted down the microphone, flying as fast as her wings could flap, "This is a Code Pink! I repeat! This is a Code Pink!"

"Pinkie Pie has gone full Pinkamena Diane Pie. Do not approach at any circumstances. Failure to do so will result in sugar overdose, confetti manes and a forever-questioning sanity."

"We will give you up to date coverage of her whereabouts, but do send them by dragonfire for any updates of where she may be. You are advised to hide at home, although it may be insufficient as Pinkie is known to break walls. Literally and figuratively," Autumn warned their listeners.

By now, every pony with a radio had triple-locked their doors, shut ever window, or put out a magic forcefield if they were a unicorn. In Canterlot Castle, a certain Princess of the Sun and Moon were counting up the party damage reparations if this continued. Yes, there was such thing as party damage, designed for a Code Pink.

The remaining hosts rounded a corner to Ponyville's main street, but they were in for a sight. The whole street was filled with party colours that would make a carnival seem dull in comparison. Desserts of every kind were sprawled across the walls of every building. Pinatas hung from every tree branch and instead of clouds, balloons filled the sky.

"I heard there was a time Spike gave Rarity a certain book that made her glamorise Ponyville," Silverstream explained whilst looking around, "This, takes it by a good country mile." The others nodded with horror.

"How did they stop it?" Gabby asked.

"Spike told the truth the Rarity and broke the spell, but there is no spell to break here. It's Pinkie. Just Pinkie." Marble sloughed onto the floor.

"How long will it last?" Autumn sighed.

"I guess until the coffee causes her to crash. It shouldn't be far from-"


The grouped followed the sound to see Pinkie in a pile of rubber chickens, fast asleep. The whole of Ponyville heard the sound of the rubber toys and came out to check if the storm was over. Thankfully, it was shorter than anticipated, shorter than when Pinkie cloned herself.

"We have found Pinkie Pie and she is out. Code Pink is over," Silverstream along with the whole of Equestria, breathed a sigh of relief.

Everyone turned to a certain dragon who was the cause of this very situation.

Spike turned to Twilight, who wore a strong glare directed at her Number One Assistant.

"I'll write a letter to Princess Celestia, saying the disaster is over, along with a very special report. Never, ever, ever, give Pinkie Pie coffee."

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