• Published 12th Apr 2021
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Good Morning Equestria - Quoterific

Equestria's newest chat show to all creatures

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Chapter 38- The Mane Mystery

"Welcome to our challenge of the day, The Mane Mystery!" Pinkie announced, the others were looking at each other with concerned faces. What has the party pony got in store for them this time?

"The game is simple, guess what's in my mane!" Pinkie simple instructed, "Each one of my hosts will reach into my wonderful fluffy mane and guess what's inside! Gabby will go first, followed by Autumn, Silverstream and Marble. They will describe what they feel, as anything can be in my mane, literally."

"I wonder what route this will go to?" Gabby wondered out loud. The others simply nodded with a mixture of fear and dread. Gabby took a step forward and dove right in with her right talon. What surprised her was how deep her mane actually was. It was so deep that her arm disappeared all together.

"So then," Pinkie said, "Describe what you feel first." Gabby dug in until she felt something.

"It has a very rough surface, almost like scales I think," Gabby described the best she could, "Then there is one part that seems to separate into two and, but one side is wet and the other is still scaly. There appears to be two bumps on one side and ends at a tip on the other. I wonder what it could-argh!"

Gabby pulled her arm out of Pinkie's mane and found a certain green alligator clamped onto her talon. She screamed, as did the others in the room.

"Gummy! That's where you've been. Come to Pinkie now, your scaring Gabby here," Pinkie cooed at her pet alligator. Gummy let go of Gabby's talons and walked over to Pinkie, his eyes slightly turning at awkward angles. Gabby, on the other hoof, was doing what she can to wipe off Gummy's drool.

"I took one for the team there," Gabby groaned. The others looked at her with sympathetic looks.

"Autumn, you're up next!" Pinkie beckoned. Autumn gulped, took a step forward and reached on.

"Whatever it is, it's smooth and round with what appears to be wheels at one end and a hole in the other. Wait, there appears to be a long piece of string that's very tight. It's as if I could-"

That was all Autumn could say as she pulled the trigger and a heavy load of confetti knocked her off her hooves. She got off, coughing confetti out of her mouth.

"Your party canon, I presume?" Autumn spluttered with a deadpan look.

"I wonder how in Equestria did you manage to figure that out?" Pinkie giggled innocently.

Silverstream was up next. with how one ended up with a wet talon, and the other with a mouth of confetti, she was nervous to what she would get. Taking a deep breath, she reached in and rummaged around.

"Something that appears to be smooth with several strings," she plucked a few, only to be deafened by the sound produced out of Pinkie's mane. She stumbled back with her ears still ringing, whilst the others managed to cover theirs.

"That as loud," Pinkie giggled.

"I weigh a pound?!" Silverstream shouted, "Are you calling me fat?!"

"No!" Pinkie shouted, "I said that was loud!"

"You bark like a hound?! But you're not a dog!" Silverstream shouted back. Gabby just got Silverstream back into place and pushed Marble into the game. By now, Pinkie's sister's hooves were trembling and she looked back to the others. Autumn and Gabby were encouraging her, but Silverstream was still trying to get the ringing out her her eyes. Marble sighed and reached on, but upon first contact, she felt something burst along with something soft and moist. She pulled her hoof out, to find it covered in cake and frosting. At least it wasn't something too nasty.

"Now I'm hungry!" Pinkie reached in and pulled out the cake Marble squashed. With one bite, she ate the cake whole.

"Yum! We are going to take a break here, creatures," Pinkie talked as she chewed, "Be sure to come back soon!"

"We are going to shake?!" Silverstream blushed, "I can't dance to save my life!"

"Be cool and stay tuned," Pinkie finished.

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