• Published 12th Apr 2021
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Good Morning Equestria - Quoterific

Equestria's newest chat show to all creatures

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Chapter 110- Art Of Water Pt.11

“Welcome every creature to the final day of the Equestria Games, brought to you by Good Morning Equestria and the Reformed Unicorn Group,” Pinkie welcomed their fellow listeners back, with Marble by her side, “From the R.U.G. is the one and only Tempest, but I still love Fizzlepop Berrytwist.” Marble giggled, earning a small glare and a blush from the unicorn in the booth.

“We have seen many events, with creatures far and wide participating in the Games, and we come to the final part of the games, with a few events left to go through. We are back at Manehattan’s Swimming Centre to watch the synchronised swimming,” Tempest quickly said to change the subject, “And it’s Tempest, Pinkie.”

“But you have the coolest name in all of Equestria,” Pinkie huffed, “You’re a real party pooper and you should keep it. Anyway, the rules of synchronised swimming are easy to get your head around. There are eight swimmers in the group, and are scored by execution, synchronicity and difficulty. Any synchronicity errors will be penalised and touching the bottom of the pool will also be scrutinized. This is no walk in the park, but technically it will be swim around the pool.” Pinkie giggled to herself at that joke, causing Marble and Tempest to roll their eyes at Pinkie’s small pun.

“Anyway,” Tempest shook herself in concentration, “Let’s see who is competing to claim that gold medal shall we?” Marble nodded quickly before Pinkie did any of her shenanigans and pulled out a list of names.

1. Peaks of Peril
2. Griffonstone
3. Mustangia
4. Crystal Empire
5. Stratusburg

“And we have a list of ponies, crystal ponies, kirins and griffons,” Pinkie looked down the list beside her sister, “Let’s see who will make a splash for that gold medal!”

“Pinkie, please stop with the water and swimming puns,” Tempest groaned.

“Fine,” Pinkie huffed and crossed her forelegs, “It will be my final lap.” Tempest and Marble facehoofed at that.

“Let’s turn our attention back to the pool as she watch the synchronised swimming now and first to take to the water is the Peaks of Peril. They must walk in synchronicity towards the pool, which they are doing well. The music has now started as they even take synchronised dives into the pool,” Tempest observed. “Beautiful hindleg stretches upside down now and now move to a circle with forelegs in the air. Uniformity is on point as they get ready for the first launch and execute it well. More leg stretches in a diamond formation now as their routine comes to an end. Not once they have touched the bottom as the finish with a flourish whilst still afloat!”

“This is going to be a huge score for our opening act,” Pinkie was on the edge of her seat, “And it is with 87.5! What a way to start the event!”

“Onto the griffons of Griffonstone next as they march to the pool, showcasing that their routine will be one reflecting the toughness of being a griffon, but they’re not allowed to use their wings as balance or strokes in the water,” Tempest watched down onto the pool, “ They take the dive together and the music as started up. What a strong sense of toughness and strength from the griffons as their start with hind-paw strokes upside down and go into the lift with such confidence! Into the circle formation that shifts into two lines with their own routine. They now join back into lovely front talon movements, slight miss in synchronicity which will be penalised. Onto the final move as they give a flourish with their talons and give a final salute like the warriors of old. What a routine!”

“And it is a score of… 86.4 due to the synchronicity error. That puts them in second place!” Pinkie exclaimed loudly, scaring Marble who was entranced by the whole routine, “Now we have to town of Mustangia competing as they walk together in uniformity as the music starts. They take the dive in and start their routine right away with some amazing shapes with their hindlegs. Onto the launch with two of their swimmers, which will score them big on difficulty. Onto their great line routine and their synchronicity is amazing! Onto the final part with a final underwater leg twirl and finish in a circle.”

“Okay,” Tempest spoke next, “The scores are in… And we have a new leader! 87.8 is the new score to beat! Up next is the Crystal Empire as they take to the pool in a diamond formation, resembling a crystal. They dive straight in and do a beautiful heart formation in honour of the Crystal Heart. They split into a line formation and do a double launch of their swimmers now. Onto the underwater segment with strong hindleg action, uniformity strong and solid. Final one last finishing formation and that is time for the Crystal Empire!”

“88.3! That is a huge score from the Crystal Empire!” Pinkie said, “I’m so excited, I can just get my party canon out!” Marble shrank down into her seat.

“Don’t even think about it,” Tempest pleaded, “We are onto the final city of Stratusberg and we have a troupe of pegasi taking to the pool. They dive right in and start the formation of a circle and shifts into a diamond now. Lovely foreleg action and down into the hindlegs. They now are onto the launch and down into a line routine with controlled moments. This is going to be close as their routine is nearing the end as they finish strongly in a last line formation.”

“The scores are in, and it’s not enough! 87.9, that means the Crystal Empire takes the gold, Stratusberg with silver and the Mustangia in bronze,” Pinkie announced, “That is all from the pool and we hope you enjoyed the synchronised swimming with us! See you all again soon!”

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