• Published 12th Apr 2021
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Good Morning Equestria - Quoterific

Equestria's newest chat show to all creatures

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Chapter 51- How Does Your Garden Grow?

"We are outside today with some very special guests with us on the show, giving us a demonstration into some gardening tips," Pinkie welcomed every creature to the show, "They are Ponyville's local flower experts with the in-bteween knowledge of how to grow the perfect flowers. Please welcome Roseluck, Daisy and Lily Valley!" The three 'flower ponies' smiled as the creatures clapped.

"Today we are going to give you a simple guide to create your perfect garden," Lily started the group off. In front of them were some flowers to plant, compost and flowerpots. Pinkie, true to her random nature, so brought chocolate buttons, sweets and cupcakes. The reason to bring them to the show was something not to be questioned, as every creature and resident Ponyville ponies have come to accept.

"We are going to start simple with how to plant your favourite flowers into a plant pot," Roseluck continued, "Firstly, be sure to make sure it has drainage holes at the bottom. You don't want to drown your flowers." Gabby and Silverstream found that their pots were without holes. Thinking quickly, they decided to make some with their claws and talons. The flower ponies watched their work with a smile.

"This is super exciting," Gabby chuckled as she worked, "With Griffonstone being so dull these days, I think this is the best way to spread some colour and cheer."

"The only thing we can grow underwater was seaweed for harvest and coral. Seaweed is easy, but coral takes ages to grow with specific requirements, like the correct position of light, current nutrients and growing space," Silverstream mused as she poked some more holes.

"Next, to help with water circulation and spread when watering your plant, place some terracotta fragments at the bottom and layer some compost on top. Repeat this until you are around three-quarters full," Daisy instructed next. The creatures got to it with theirs.

"Now we are at the point of planting your desired flowers," Rose pointed out, "We have chosen an array of flowers for you all to choose from." She pointed to their cart of potted plants of varying height and colours.

"When arranging your flowers, it's best to place the tall ones to the back, medium in the middle and small ones to the front. Play with the position to get a good idea where they should be. The creatures rushed to the flower cart to select their flowers. After some close inspection, they rushed back to their pots.

Silverstream, with her love of colours, chose an array of common wild meadow flowers, with spots of orange, yellow and deep purples. Autumn chose a collection of deep reds, connecting her nirik side. Marble chose flowers that reflected her soft side. as went with soft pinks and purples. Gabby with with bright pinks and reds, saying that she wanted to spread some cheer in Griffonstone. Pinkie, true to her name, went for every shade of pink flower she could find.

"Gently wiggle the flowers out of their own pots and place them in the desired position. Get the compost until level and water them to help the adjust to their new home," Daisy instructed them in the next step. The others did so and soon, each creature had their own pot of colourful, refreshing flowers.

It was then that Pinkie reached into a mane and got some smaller pots, causing the others to look at her curiously. She reached did what the flower ponies had instructed her to do, but then planted the chocolate buttons, sweets and a cupcake into individual pots. The flower ponies collapsed onto the floor.

"The horror! The horror!" Roseluck shouted in disgust and shock, "That's a waste of a good cupcake!"

"Think of the fillies! Will somepony please think of the fillies!" Daisy begged Pinkie.

"What are you doing?" Autumn asked with a bemused look.

"I was wondering, if you plant seeds and they grow into flowers and trees, why not chocolate and cupcakes to make a cupcake tree? I've had dreams of them before, you know? Just ask Luna." This just caused the others to laugh.

"You know that doesn't work right?" Silverstream said, but this caused Pinkie to grab Silverstream by both hooves, pulling her in.

"It will work! And when it grows, it will produce the best sweet, chocolate and cupcake trees to rival even Sweet Apple Acres. It will be Sweet Sugar Acres. Imagine an entire crop of harvested cakes and candy!"

"I think that would be a sugar rushed nightmare." Gabby shivered at the idea.

"The horror! The horror!" Lily called from the ground where she lay.

"And I thought Professor Rarity was dramatic," Silverstream scratched her head. Marble just groaned and did a silent facehoof off to the side.

"We are going to take a break to tell Pinkie why a cupcake tree is impossible and a Sweet Sugar Acres isn't happening," Autumn groaned, causing Pinkie to pout in sadness, "But we will see you all soon. Happy planting every creature."

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