• Published 12th Apr 2021
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Good Morning Equestria - Quoterific

Equestria's newest chat show to all creatures

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Chapter 43- Vow Of Pinkie

"So Pinkie," Gabby wondered to the pink mare in front of her, "I've seen you going around Ponyville sometimes where you do this strange thing and then you touch your eye with a hoof. Care to explain what it is?" Marble looked at her with a pleading look. She didn't know what she was getting herself involved in. Pinkie gasped theatrically. rivalling Rarity's dramatic nature, then grabbed the poor griffon by both faces until her beak was touch her nose.

"You don't know what a Pinkie Promise? How could you not know what a Pinkie Promise is? A Pinkie Promise is a promise you must keep at all times. Losing a friend's trust is the fastest way to lose a friend! A Pinkie Promise is something you must keep," Pinkie explained quickly and then shoved Gabby's face closer to hers until both faces were squished, "Break a Pinkie Promise and you will regret it. Understand?"

Gabby gave a deep gulp, sweat running down her brow. She quickly gave a silent nod of understanding. The others quivered in their seats. Marble, knowing all about the dreaded Pinkie Promise, just sighed.

"And what happens in you do break a Pinkie Promise?" Silverstream hesitated. This caused Pinkie to turn her head robotically to Silverstream, revealing a frazzled mane, pupils reduced to pinpricks and a smile that could threaten to tear her face in two. She leaned forward and whispered in her ear, but loud enough for the group.

"Just ask Applejack when today is over. I'm sure she will be more than happy to tell you the whole story," Pinkie said softly. It was calm, but it hid a slither of ice that could freeze one's very soul. Silverstream shrank back into her seat, a nervous smile on her face.

"What happened?" Autumn dared asked. Marble crouched lower and lower into her chair.

Pinkamena Diane Pie has arrived. Her mane had gone down, flat and lifeless. Her colour slowly darkened and her eyes began to move into the opposite direction. A manic laugh echoed around the room, causing the creatures to flinch.

"You want me to tell you what happens if you break a Pinkie Promise? Do you? Do you? Okay, I will tell you what happens if you do decide to break a Pinkie Promise," Pinkie giggled manically.

"Is it me or has the room suddenly gone dark?" Gabby whispered to Autumn.

"First, I discover that some creature has broken the sacred Pinkie Promise," Pinkie grinded her teeth together, "Then I EXPLODE IN ANGER!" Pinkie let out a fiery anger that could rival Celestia's celestial body. She leapt into the air, smoke bellowing out of her ears like the Friendship Express.

"NOPONY BREAKS A PINKIE PROMISE!" She raged out. Then the sirens sounded around the whole studio.

"That would be the smoke detectors," Autumn muttered under her breath.

"I will make that creature regret breaking that promise? I will make cupcakes-" She paused at that, "Not actual cupcakes because I don't want to poison the town again, but I will make something out of them until they are nothing but a pile of jittering mess! Applejack may have gotten lucky with her good persuasive techniques, but if I find out any creature who dare cross the Pinkie Promise when I'm around, they are gonna have it big time!" Pinkie roared. The others were in pure horror and fascination at where she was going.

"Is it that bad?" Silverstream asked Marble. Pinkie's sister just nodded with pure horror on her face.

And just like that, Pinkie's hair puffed up, the colour game back to her and her eyes dilated back to normal.

"And that is what happens if you do decide to break a Pinkie Promise," She smiled, as if her whole drama didn't happen at all, "Now to you understand?"

Every creature just decided to nod and get that out of the way.

"Do you have an identity crisis sometimes?" Autumn hesitated.

"That would be Fluttershy with the whole sassy-goth-posh thing that happened when she was doing at Rarity's Manehattan Boutique once, but I'm pretty stable."

"Stable for you perhaps," Gabby said quietly.

"That is all for today's show every creature. And remember, break a pinkie promise, and I will find you, I will hunt you down, and when I do, you're gonna swear to never break another Pinkie Promise again!" Pinkie said in her cool, but warning voice.

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