• Published 12th Apr 2021
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Good Morning Equestria - Quoterific

Equestria's newest chat show to all creatures

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Chapter 116- Cider Season

“Autumn, not a certain kirin,” Pinkie started, much to Autumn Blaze’s annoyance, “Is one of the most beautiful seasons to spread its seasonal magic across Equestria. The leaves change to their dazzling colours of golden yellow, burning orange and passionate red. The changing of that colour is the cue for the annual Running of the Leaves. Later on in the season, Nightmare Night treats foals to friendship, games and lots and lots of candy! But Autumn is a time that blesses us with the earth ponies’ fruits of their labour!”

“That was poetic,” Silverstream said in awe.

“Thank you!” Pinkie smiled, “Maud taught me how to use descriptive words during her poetry writing time. Anyway, one of the best things to come from autumn happens on Sweet Apple Acres, which is where we are today! Apples are one thing, but cider season is one of the busiest times for the Apple Family and the whole of Ponyville.”

“That is right, Pinkie,” Gabby nodded, “We are down on the farm, bright and early as we are helping the Apple Family get ready for their most productive time of the year, apart from zap apple season.”

“And don’t worry your rainbow mane, Rainbow Dash,” Pinkie smirked knowingly, “I Pinkie Promised myself to save you a few mugs of cider.”

“You better, Pinkie Pie,” Rainbow glared at the radio, as if Pinkie Pie was standing right in front of her, “Every single year you carry huge amount of cider and leave none left for your loyal friend. You’re lucky you’re not the element of generosity.”

Meanwhile, the group had made it to the barn where Applejack was waiting for them outside. Upon seeing the hosts of the morning show, she waved them over to start prepping for cider season.

“Welcome y’all back to Sweet Apple Acres,” Applejack said proudly, “Hope y’all are mornin’ folk, ‘cause we have a whole lot of work to do before the lines start buildin’ up.”

“Just lead us in and we will get ready,” Silverstream hovered in the air, flaying her arms around in excitement.

“Then just follow me,” Applejack opened the barn down and introduced them to what they were doing for the morning, “And this is where all the magic happens, except unicorn and other fancy-dandy sparkly things. First we load the apples down this slide to the compressing wheel, which will require some creature to run on the treadmill to get it going. We will also need some creature on quality control. Finally we need a creature to fill barrels at the end there with every last, precious drop of cider.”

The hosts had a determined look on their faces as they stood in a line like newbies waiting for command. Applejack inspected each creature and then nodded to herself as she decided which role would fit them.

“Gabby, you’re on loading, Marble’s on quality check, Pinkie and Silverstream take to the treadmill and Autumn can use her magic to fill the barrels,” Applejack gave her orders quickly, “Is every creature clear about their station?”

“Yes, Applejack!” They chanted back.

“Are we not going to let a single drop go to waste?” Applejack answered

“Are you going to see nothin’ but apples by the end of the morning?”

“Do apples come in other colours than red?” Silverstream asked hesitantly.

“Every creature, to your stations!” Applejack yelled in a way that would make Spitfire proud.

Every creature got to it quickly, Gabby taking a basket of apples in her talons and dropping them down for compression. Silverstream and Pinkie got their goggles on and began running at a steady pace to start off with. Once they found their rhythm, they sped up, causing the compressing wheel to spin faster. Soon the first drops of cider started to fall from the tap. Autumn was ready, not wanting to waste a single drop of cider formed. Levitating a barrel as a trickle formed.

Applejack nodded as they worked, holding a clipboard as she checked the number of barrels coming out to see if it would feed the entire town. The group were taking up the challenge in their stride. Gabby was flying back and forth to make sure the apples were ready for compressing. Marble as at Gabby’s side, checking them when they fall and taking away any that were rotten or bruised.

Silverstream and Pinkie were running on the treadmill like their lives depended on it, Silverstream whooping with joy as she worked her legs with every step. Pinkie was on a roll with the treadmill, but then again, Pinkie was always rapid with things like this. Autumn paid close attention with the tap, making sure every barrel was filled to the top and closed. Applejack kept close eye on the stock.

“Keep up the good work every creature,” Applejack complimented the team’s effort, “We are almost at the right amount to feed those dry mouths in Ponyville.” The group simply nodded as they worked right until Celestia’s sun rose over the orchard.

“Alright every creature, that’s time up!” Applejack smiled as every creature collapsed from exhaustion, “Why don’t I treat you all with some traditional Family Apple Cider?” The group listed their heads as Applejack carried a tray of mugs, filled with the liquid gold. They instantly grabbed a mug each in their appendages and raised it into the air.

“To the Apple Family, who founded this farm and town, and may they continue harvesting these apples,” Autumn thanked.

“Thank you kindly,” Applejack tipped her hat, “Now Gabby, Autumn and Silverstream, what do you think of your first taste of cider?” The three creatures had a small sip, had huge smiles on their faces and downed their mug.

“This is amazing!” Silverstream licked her beak.

“Truly is something different,” Autumn nodded in agreement.

“Best thing I’ve ever drank,” Gabby confirmed.

“Well,” Pinkie rounded off, “That is all we have time for on G.M.E! Thank you to Applejack for allowing us to help work in her barn. However, we have some thirsty mouths to feed now, so we will be back very soon!”

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