• Published 12th Apr 2021
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Good Morning Equestria - Quoterific

Equestria's newest chat show to all creatures

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Chapter 113- On Skates

“Welcome back, fellow listeners,” Gabby welcomed those tuning in for another edition of Good Morning Equestria, “We are away from the studio today to try something new and different today, thanks to Pinkie’s idea.”

“We are at Ponyville’s roller-skating rink to get our hooves, talons and claws rolling,” Pinkie announced, “This is going to be so much fun! The only time I wore roller skates when it was Nightmare Night, but I mainly wear ice skates for Winter Wrap Up or that time I went to Manehattan with Rarity and Maud.”

“Great to know,” Autumn said with a strained smile, “So I presume you are going to teach us how to skate?”

“Absolutely,” Pinkie smiled, “This is going to be great! Are you excited because I’m excited!” The others just looked at each other with uneasy looks. This was going to be an interesting day. Pinkie was already at the counter ordering the correct skates for every creature. The pony behind the counter nodded and handed over the correct skates for them, along with pads and helmets in case of any accidents.

Silverstream found the claw-fitted skates interesting, her big smile telling every creature just how amazing wheels are since swimming was the only thing a seapony can do underwater. Gabby sighed and put her skates on with her helmet and pads. At least if she did have an accident, it was better to be a fool in front of those who are your friends. Marble slid her hoof ones one and clicked the helmet comfortably on her head. Autumn had smile that could rival Pinkie and Silverstream as she pur her skates on.

“Now the way to work on wheels is totally different from walking without wheels,” Pinkie explained as if it was the most obvious thing in all of Equestria.

“I didn’t notice,” Gabby huffed sarcastically.

“You just keep your balance and kick off each wheel to push yourself forward. Like this,” Pinkie sat up and stood straight to balance herself. She then kicked up the front wheel to drifted forward. The others nodded in understanding before trying it for themselves.

To say they were graceful on their first attempt is something they were not. There were like baby deer slipping around, or a duck on ice. Marble’s hoof scrambled around in a frantic motion, deciding to stay rigid so she wouldn’t fall over. Gabby had to use her wings to help keep herself balanced as she did small pushed forward. Autumn tried on push, only to fall flat on her face, the others wincing as she came into contact with the rink’s concrete floor. A small burst of nirik fire came out, signifying her angry cry in pain. Silverstream also used her wings to help keep herself balanced, before slipping as if she stepped on a banana peel and fell on her back.

“Is every creature okay?” Pinkie asked as she looked at her fallen hosts.

“Define okay,” Came the muffled voice of the kirin.

“You’re just beginners, think of it that way,” Pinkie encouraged, “One roll at a time! You can do it.” The others steadily rose, Gabby gently folding her wings back as they did things one kick and roll at a time. It was baby steps at first for them, with some of the hosts falling back.

Of all the creatures to get the hang of it quickly, it was Silverstream. The hippogriff had a smile on her face as she began to pick up the pace steadily as she neared her first full complete circuit of the skating rink. She rambled on how wheels are so amazing and maybe combining wheels with stairs, much to, except Pinkie, the hosts’ horror at the idea.

Autumn, after taken a stumble, tackled it with determination, saying it was something just like fire-surfing at the kirin festival. She howled in laughter and delight as she picked the speed up and raced around the track faster and faster. She even took to her nirik form, much to the staff of the rink’s horror, leaving streaks of fire behind her as if going at super-speed.

Marble kept close to her sister, watching her moves and trying to mimic her action. Pinkie, being the supporting sister, stuck by her side knowing how hesitant and daunting Marble was and feeling. When Marble grew more confident, Pinkie took a good distance behind her, like a mother behind her foal, watching and encouraging her to keep going.

“You’re got this Marble!” Pinkie cheered, “You’re a natural.” Marble blushed at her sister’s compliments of encouragement as she grew more bolder and taking long steps on her skates.

Gabby was close behind, grumbling that flying beats rolling around in these ‘shoes with wheels basically’, as she called them. However, she was beginning to warm up to the new activity with her co-hosts. Soon, she was smiling along with the others as they continued to skate around the rink and completed several laps. Pinkie skated ahead of them and showed them some of her fancy tricks, like circles, hoof-stands and skate-dance moves.

However, all good things must come to an end as their time at the rink had come to an end. They were exhausted, slightly sore and bruised, but they all had a good time together. The slowly skated their way to the exit and handed back the skates and protective gear. Autumn was given a strict talking about setting the rink on fire, but the other creatures there said it was a great display.

“Well, I hope you all had a great time and learned something new as well today,” Pinkie looked at the others with a permanent smile.

“We sure did,” Silverstream clapped her claws together, “It was the most fun I had since I discovered plumbing!”

“Thank you for organising this, Pinkie,” Autumn thanked, “It was definitely an experience I won’t be forgetting.” She rubbed her muzzle and chuckled.

“Well,” Gabby wrapped up, “That is all we have time for today, and thank you again to Pinkie for planning this day out away from the studio. We will be back soon for more talks and fun!”

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