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Good Morning Equestria - Quoterific

Equestria's newest chat show to all creatures

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Chapter 103- Weighing Up The Competition Pt.5

“Welcome to your daily coverage of the Equestria Games, coming to you live from the host city of Manehattan, with partnering commentary with the Reformed Unicorn Group!” Gabby welcomed every listener, “Joining me from the R.U.G is the one and only, Trixie!”

“The Great and Powerful Trixie is honoured to be partnered with you today, as we are in for a heavy-loaded competition!” Trixie introduced herself and what they are watching today.

“Indeed we are, specifically weightlifting,” Gabby explained, “The rules are simple. Each competitor starts off with a five-kilos on each side, plus the bar with an extra tewnty-kilos, giving a total thirty-five kilos. Each time a player successfully manages to life the weights, they progress onto the next round with an extra ten-kilos added on. The competition continues until one can lift the final weight successfully.”

“Sounds simple enough,” Trixie mused, “And with the weights becoming increasing heavy, I think that each nation will have different strategies for tackling this. No doubt all the pony athletes will be earthponies since strength is in their nature. As for the other creatures, they will have different tactics to take on each weight. Why don’t we see the list of competitors?”

Gabby reached from behind her and pulled out a scroll, rolling it out, she read out the list of competitors hoping to snatch that coveted gold medal.

1. Griffonstone
2. Yakyakistan
3. Baltimare
4. Fillydelphia
5. Crystal Empire
6. Vanhoover

“A strong list of competitors for the medal,” Gabby smiled, “I’ll be rooting for Griffonstone of course, but Yakyakistan is wanting to get their first gold at the Games.”

“Well, we wish them all the best of luck as we watch down onto the area for the first round. Remember, a total of thirty-five kilos needs to be successfully lifted above the head, being held for ten seconds,” Trixie said as the first weightlifter from Griffonstone took to the stage.

“He’s readying himself as he bends down with his talons to lift it,” Gabby watched, “And lifts it up and holds it in a strong posture. Ten seconds are being counted down, and he has done it!” There as an applause around the arena.

“Next up is Yakyakistan, who takes it in his hoof with confidence and, well, he made it look easy there!” Trixie watched in awe, “Yona will be proud of that.”

“Baltimare is up next, and he looks like a strong earthpony,” Gabby complimented the stallion as he takes his position behind the weights, “He readies himself, wiggling his flank and getting his hooves at the ready. He lifts it up and holds it in a strong position. However, he is struggling and… He drops the weights at the seventh second. I’m afraid Baltimare won’t be progressing if the others successfully do it.”

“Up next is Fillydelphia, and he is stepping up to the stage with confidence. He lifts it and holds it well. Ten seconds are being counted down and he successfully manages to lift it with ease,” Trixie clapped her hooves together.

“The Crystal Empire is up next,” Gabby took over, “He is eyeing the weights and places his hooves in a comfortable position and lifts it well. He holds it strongly with a firm stance on his hind legs and does the ten seconds with ease.”

“Finally, it’s time for Vanhoover to take to the weights. He approaches it and readies himself for the stand. He lifts it and holds it well,” Trixie watched, “Ten seconds are being counted down and he nails it. Unfortunately Baltimare won’t be progressing to the next round and is eliminated.”

The assistants went up to place another ten kilo weight on each side of the bar, and a bell rang out for the athletes to prepare themselves for round two. Griffonstone and Yakyakistan proved themselves to be formidable competition against the pony nations. This being a new thing to invite other kingdoms meant that the Equestria Games Committee did an enchantment to the bar so that no bias between creatures were made. This time it was Vanhoover who couldn’t hold the weights, dropping it at the eighth second.

At the third round, every creature was felling the weights more, their faces contorting into one of strain and focus, like a unicorn performing a hard spell. Sweet rolled down there forehead, faces turning red through their fur. It was Fillydelphia that gave in, dropping the weights in defeat at only the sixth second.

“And now we are down to the final three,” Gabby explained, “The competition is getting more and more intense! You really have to give it to them for making it through this far, even through the qualification heats.”

“Yakyakistan takes to the weight and pulls it off like it was nothing!” Trixie watched with her jaw hanging slightly open. Gabby chuckled and moved to close it. Trixie shook herself out of her stupor.

“Griffonstone does it with ease too,” Trixie managed to regain composure, “But at the fifth second, the strength of the Crystal Empire hopeful is no match for the two. The Crystal Empire will have to accept bronze.”

“And now we are down to two, it’s Griffonestone versus Yakyakistan,” Trixie was on the edge of her seat, “Yakyakistan takes to the final weights. He’s struggling to lift it, but he pulls it off, digging his hindlegs onto the stage. Ten seconds on the clock are being counted down and… oh no! he dropped it at the ninth second! So close!” A gasp could be heard around the stadium.

“All eyes will be on Griffonstone now! The griffon takes his place as the weights are being moved back to him. He readies himself, his face red as he just struggles to lift it. He lifts it up and now it all comes down to the final ten seconds. He’s holding it well and… He’s done it! By the sun, he’s only gone and done it!” Gabby flapped her wings in joy.

"That has truly blown the competition! Just go to show anything can happen these games," Trixie said before rounding up the show.

“Well, there you go every creature! Griffonstone takes their first gold of the Games!” Trixie smiled at Gabby’s reaction, “And he’s not the only happy griffon in the stadium. We will be back for more coverage of the Games, but for now, live from Manehattan, it’s goodbye from G.M.E and the R.U.G.”

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