• Published 12th Apr 2021
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Good Morning Equestria - Quoterific

Equestria's newest chat show to all creatures

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Chapter 94- Purrfect Companion

“Oh my goodness! This is the best news ever!” Fluttershy practically squeed down her microphone. Every creature was sure that only dogs could hear the sound coming from the show pegasus’ mouth. “All these wonderful hosts on the Good Morning Equestria show has just asked me to see if I can help them find the perfect pet. I've got so many wonderful choices at my house! Oh, and I know you'll just love them! And they'll love you! Oh, and you'll be best friends forever and ever!”

The others, except a smiling Pinkie Pie were surprised at the usually shy pegasus’ attitude.

“Is she like this at the mention of animals?” Autumn asked Pinkie.

“She’s like Rarity when she hears about fashion, or Twilight at the sound of something about books. I already have a pet though with gummy.” Pinkie explained. The rest nodded in understanding. Silverstream sighed.

“Technically, I used to have a pet,” Silverstream explained, “I managed to make friends with a cockatrice called Edith. I used her for my spring project on the cockatrices’ migration. I had to release her so that she can re-join the migration, but it did cause some problems for Counsellor Starlight, thinking she lost me.” Silverstream chuckled sheepishly at the memory.

“Well that’s so sweet, and slightly frightening that you managed to make friends with a cockatrice,” Fluttershy chuckled, “I had to stare down one.”

“Wait, you used…The Stare?!” Pinkie gasped.

“Yep, he turned Twilight to stone,” Fluttershy squeaked an answer.

“Wow, and I thought that meanie dragon was bad enough,” Pinkie giggled.

“Anyway, let’s talk about animals!” Fluttershy changed to her cheery tone, “I have everything! So take your pick.” The group separated out and looked around Fluttershy’s garden at the different critters of all shapes, sizes and colour.

Autumn was the first to find her forever pet. Wanting something that represented a forest theme, like the woods around the Peaks of Peril, she looked around the tress. There were various woodpeckers, chipmunks and geckos, but then her eyes landed on a lightly browned squirred. Autumn felt an instant connection and offered a hoof to it. The squirrel sniffed her hoof, looked into Autumn’s kind eyes and hopped on. It quickly found a place to hide, choosing Autumn’s mane.

“Hey, that tickles!” Autumn giggled and turned to Fluttershy, “She’s perfect.” Fluttershy beamed, always happy when animals find a new place to call home.

“Whare are you going to call her?” Autumn studied her new squirrel pet closely before nodding confidently.

“I think I’m going to called you hazel, after its coat colour and the tree.” The squirrel chirped happily.

Silverstream was looking for a new pet that could be ideal for both the land and sea. Seabirds were her first option, but they can only go down so far after a sharp dive. Seals were cool too, though they do get bigger and the family will have a problem accommodating one. Ultimately, she found the perfect pet with an otter. Wandering down to a small stream where a family of otters reside beneath a small bridge to Fluttershy’s cottage, she came across the group. One single otter came forward with the offer of being a pet for Silverstream, which she happily took into her claws.

“He’s perfect, and I think Oscar the Otter has a perfect ring to it, don’t you?” Silverstream tickled the otter with a claw, which it giggled with short barks.

Gabby was definitely looking for a pet that could fly and a ferocious bird of prey was something she was interested in. Owls were more a symbol of wisdom, Twilight’s owl being an example, but she wanted something that represented bravery or loyalty, like the griffon warriors of old. After picking between falcons, ospreys and eagles, she chose a kite as her bird of prey pet. He puffed his chest proudly after Gabby chose him, the other birds giving him the stink-eye.

“I’m going to call you Valiant,” Gabby quickly decided, “Noble watcher in the air.” The kite gave a squawk of pride.

Pinkie was less than helpful with Marble. She pointed out various animals at random, from a butterfly, cricket, owl, iguana, turtle, a snake (much to Marble’s horror) and even an elephant. Marble then came and whispered into Pinkie’s ear.

“Oh, so you want an animal that represents to quiet and hidden nature, wanting to blend in yet feel special at the same time. I think Fluttershy can help you with that.” Pinkie turned to Fluttershy, who nodded and began fluttering around the field. Scooping up something in the bushes, she revealed a chameleon.

“Chameleons may be strange, but they are perfect for hiding and blending in,” Fluttershy said, the chameleon giving an example by disappearing completely, “This one is a very good listener and is always there to comfort you if you need. Having a chameleon will be easy to make friends with Gummy as well.”

Marble thought hard and carefully at Fluttershy’s recommendation before, slowly, reaching out a hoof to the chameleon. The chameleon looked at Marble’s hoof before slowly crawling over to it. As a sign of gratitude, it turned grey as the same shade of Marbles coat. Marble giggled quietly before whispering into Pinkie’s ear again.

“She wants to call him Jasper,” Pinkie smiled. Fluttershy smiled.

“I am so pleased that every creature had found their special pet,” Fluttershy congratulated the G.M.E., “Come play with me and my friends on our pet play dates where I’m sure we will have fun! But now,” She took out a camera and told them to get in position for a adoption photo with their new pets.

“Now say, best critters forever!” Fluttershy commanded.

“Best Critters Forever!” They said out loud, which Fluttershy snapped a picture.

“Thank you Fluttershy for helping us choose our forever pet, and that is all we have time for,” Autumn finished off, “We will see you all again soon. What pet do you, or would like to have yourself? Let us know soon.”

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