• Published 12th Apr 2021
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Good Morning Equestria - Quoterific

Equestria's newest chat show to all creatures

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Chapter 28- In Your Dreams

"What is the weirdest dream you ever had?" Pinkie turned to her colleagues, who looked at her with slight trepidation over what might be coming for them.

"You're not going to bring Princess Luna into this are you?" Gabby asked warily.

"Nope, but I'm sure she has some tales to tell us of what she encounters in the dream realm," Pinkie reassured.

"I had this strange dream once where all the pumpkins and blankets that I drew faces on came to life and we became besties. It was probably because of my isolation making me loopy. Applejack will know. We sang songs and played games together. It was the best time ever!" Autumn gushed over her strange dream, causing three of the members to look at her with disturbed faces, whilst Pinkie gave her her usual smile.

"I think it's the isolation taking its toll," Gabby said slowly.

"Definitely so," Silverstream added, whilst Marble gave a small nod and hum.

"Pinkie Pie introduced me to jelly, since we don't have it in Seaquestria for obvious reasons reasons. I mean, we do have jellyfish, but they're completely different and you don't want to mess with a jellyfish. Anyway, I dreamed that the whole of Seaquestria was turned into jelly and we were all swimming in the stuff! It was delicious and fun," Silverstream gave her usual giggle, but this time the others gave her a strange look.

"That sounds kinda gross," Autumn chuckled, "Do you know how thick jelly can be?"

"I think it sounds fun!" Pinkie, "Imagine the whole ocean as a giant edible pink trampoline!" She licked her lips at that.

"Yeah, imagine that," Gabby rolled her eyes before giving her weird dream, "Mine was flying with cotton-candy clouds and-"

"Wait?" Pinkie stopped her, "Could it be cotton-candy clouds that rained chocolate milk?"

"Yes," Gabby said with surprise "How did you know?"

"Because that was what Discord did when he turned Ponyville into the chaos capital of the world and-"

"WHAT?!" Gabby shouted and latched onto Pinkie's face, "You mean I missed my chance to see cotton-candy clouds that rained chocolate milk?"

"You should have been there," Pinkie sighed as she went into sugary bliss, "Who knew weather could taste for delicious."

"Oh come on!" Gabby sighed, "I wanted to fly and drink the milk rain like in my dream and dance with a giant candy cane about how and singing in the chocolate rain and what a glorious feeling that I'm happy again and-" Gabby was pulled right up into Pinkie's face.

"I do the references here, thank you very much. This studio only has room for one reference creature, got it?" Pinkie gave the griffon a stern look. Gabby just nodded, not knowing what would happen if she did continue. Actually, it was better if she didn't know.

"Good," Pinkie tossed the clueless griffon aside and then grabbed Marble by the cheeks again, "Marble isn't much of a talker, but I bet it has something to do with rocks and everything that sparkles right, along with the family?"

Marble looked at her with a blush, before nodding and sighing. Her sister was truly something.

"My dreams are super-duper crazy!" Pinkie did, doing her best impression of having dizzy eyes, "I mean they all have cakes! Duh! But also all my friends stuffing the sugary goodness like there's no tomorrow! I mean Spike had this crush dream where he presented Rarity with a house made up of ice-cream, but don't worry Gabby, Spike with dream of something nice for you."

"My life is ruined," Spike groaned in his bed, causing Twilight to roll her eyes with a chuckle.

"I once had this dream of covering myself with whipped cream," Pinkie said out loud, causing Autumn, who was sipping her forest tea, to spit it out, "And Princess Luna came and asked me I was okay. She had a look that said that I needed psychiatric treatment. I mean what's wrong with covering yourself with whipped cream?"

"I can think of a few meanings," Autumn choked as Gabby patted her back.

"What weird dreams have you creatures had? Be sure to send them in by dragonfire! Good Morning Equestria is coming back soon!"

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