• Published 12th Apr 2021
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Good Morning Equestria - Quoterific

Equestria's newest chat show to all creatures

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Chapter 107- Wheel-ly Good Pt.8

“We are welcoming a new sport to the Equestria Games,” Silverstream welcomed their listeners back, “We are in Manehattan Skate and Track Stadium for the track wheeling event, and a very special young pegasus filly is in the race as we speak. Joining me from the Reformed Unicorn Group is nonother than Starlight Glimmer!”

“Hello, every creature, and we are of course, talking about the Ponyville representative, Scootaloo. Skating is a youth sport and a new addition, so it includes all young ponies and creatures” Starlight continued, “We will be whishing her the best of luck as we watch her, along with every creature involved.”

“The track event is split into two parts, a run and a trick section,” Silverstream explained, “The track part is when each individual, either on scooter, bike or skateboard of their choice to balance varying creatures, have a certain amount of time to perform as many tricks as possible whilst still on their preferred transport. They will be scored on difficulty and execution of the trick to give a combined total.”

“Scootaloo, no doubt, will be on her trusty scooter as she is hoping to go for gold,” Starlight continued on, “However, let’s see who she will be up against.” Silverstream opened up her the list to reveal the competitors.

1. Dragonlands
2. Ponyville
3. Mount Aris
4. Chicoltgo
5. Appleloosa

“The Dragonland’s and Mount Aris’ hopefuls are going for skateboard, Ponyville’s Scootaloo choosing scooter, whilst Appleloosa and Chicoltgo having chosen adapted pony-bikes,” Starlight announced, “This is going to be an interesting performance from all creatures involved.”

“And we may not have to wait long,” Silverstream looked down across the area, “The skate rink is ready and we are going to watch the track part of the freestyle wheeling event!”

“And the Dragonlands are up first with their skateboarder,” Starlight watched from down below in their commentary booth, “The whistle has blown and she makes her way down the rink with her board. She approaches the curve and does a strong flip of the board beneath her, and lands well. She goes across now to do a one-eighty spin. It’s looking good so far and does another board spin beneath her.”

“The final seconds are ticking down as she goes into one last board flip and that is time” Silverstream clapped her claws together along with the audience, “78.52 for that routine will eb the score to beat.”

“Onto Ponyville and good luck to Scootaloo,” Starlight announced, “We have seen her break an Equestria record, and now she’s hoping to go for gold. This is it as she goes heads towards the first curve into a three-sixty spin, and lands it beautifully. She goes into…No way! That was beautiful front flip and lands clearly as well! The judges will be scoring hight on difficulty and execution! She goes into her final trick of a scooter sweep beneath her and that is it! What a smashing routine from Scootaloo for Ponyville!”

“The scores are coming in,” Silverstream said on the edge of her seat, “And it’s a massive score! 80.79! The gives a strong start for the event! Bravo, Scootaloo!” Sivlerstream clapped.

“Onto Mount Aris with their use of the skateboard,” Starlight said, “The whistle has been blown, and Mount Aris starts with their routine. He goes into a board flip with a little wobble on the landing that will be penalised. He goes into a side skid on the railing, onto a flip of the board and lands confidently this time. Into the 3-sixty spin and that is time! I fear that won’t be a high scorer though.”

“And it shows with 77.57,” Silverstream sighed for her home kingdom, “Tough luck for Mount Aris as we move now to Chicoltgo with the pony-bike. She goes down the slope at full speed with a beautiful bike three-sixty spin and lands gracefully. Now around the corner and used the wall which will earn her credit. Into a beautiful flip and also clears the landing. Ponyville will have a rival now as she makes into onto the final trick with a one-eighty bike spin.”

“And that is time!” Starlight announced, “And with a score of 79.83, Ponyville has to do well with the trick to still be in the chance of getting that gold.”

“Finally Appleloosa on the run part now,” Silverstream looked at the final contestant, “She takes good speed down the slope and into a strong one-eighty bike spin, landing solidly. Into the bend as she does another spin. Into the final seconds for one last trick as she does a flip and that is time!”

“She finishes the run with 78.47,” Starlight gave the score, “And now it’s time for the tricks part, scored on difficulty, execution and a clear landing. They can use either the slope, railing or steps for their trick. The Dragonlands are up first as their choose the railing. They take a strong kick off the ground and goes skids down it with ease with a landing!”

“25.65 for that trick as we move onto Ponyville! Come on, Scootaloo!” Starlight shouted from the booth, hoping the pegasus could hear her, “She has chose the slope and races down their and onto the climb. A beautiful backflip with the scooter and she nails it! Yes!”

“What a score! 28.96, surely that is untouchable!” Silverstream flapped her wings in excitement.

“Onto Mount Aris with the railing for their skateboard trick,” Starlight continued commentating, “She takes a good kick off the ground, jumps up for a good front skid and lands well!”

“26.75 for Mount Aris as we move onto rival Chicoltgo on bike,” Silverstream watched, “She charges down the slope and does a strong front flip, landing beautifully!”

“And it’s not enough for the gold! Chicoltgo has a score of 27.49!” Starlight said excitedly, “And finally it’s Appleloosa. she goes down the slope, leaps into the air and performs a three-six spin on the bike, landing perfectly as well. All creatures have landed safely and scored!”

“And it’s 25.79!” Silverstream announced as the crowd went wild of Scootaloo and Ponyville, “Congratulations to Ponyville for winning another gold medal, with Chicoltgo in second and Mount Aris in third. Hope you enjoyed the track wheeling event and we will see you all again soon for more coverage of the Games!” Starlight rounded up the event.

Author's Note:

A tribute to the new sports of BMX racing and freestyle at the Olympics 2020

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